13 Fun Ways To Keep Indoor Cats Entertained For Hours

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Welcome Crazy Cat People

So you live in an apartment or home where letting your cat’s out is not an option and you’re looking for ways to keep indoor cats entertained.

Keeping indoor cats happy is easy if you know how and there are so many imaginative ways we can do this.

Play is very important for the health of your cat, it keeps them happy, content and it helps prevent behavioural disorders and boredom.

So let’s examine some fun ways you can keep your indoor cat occupied all day, your cat will LOVE you for it, I promise.

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1) Use a variety of different toys so cats don’t get bored

This is very important as cats are just like us humans, they can get bored easily if there isn’t much variety in their life and with the sheer amount of fun toys that we can buy for them there is no excuse to not have a variety of different fun toys to keep your cats entertained.

The world is your oyster, you could consider –

  • Laser pen toys
  • Fishing rod with stuffed toys on the end
  • Circuits with flashing balls inside
  • Catnip filled toys
  • Floppy battery operated fish with waggling tails

The toy below is super cool, not only does it have two teasing balls on a track but it also is a food puzzle dispenser!

I love multi-purpose cat toys and so will your cat!

I like to rotate my toys every two days, putting away their toys in my wardrobe and then replacing them with new toys, it just keeps things fresh for them.

You could do catnip toys one day and the next day laser toys etc…

2) Cut holes in a cardboard box for lots of fun and hiding

The good old cardboard box!

Now we already know that cats love these. How many times did you purchase that toy for your cat and get so excited about it arriving just to realise that Kitty prefers the box more than the actual toy!

Cat inside cardboard box : keeping indoor cats entertained
Sorry, Mummy/Daddy! I know you spent lots of money but I’m happier about this lovely box.

Cats will be cats! There are reasons why your cat enjoys the cheapest toy ever, according to this article by Purina, cats love cardboard boxes because they give them a sense of security and comfort and they like the face they can hide away from any potential predators.

You may wish to cut holes in the cardboard box and then tape it shut from the top, making it into a little house for them to enjoy. Just make sure there are no sharp edges!

3) Let your cat watch fish on youtube and other apps

My cats love this! I often turn on the TV and put youtube on and let them have hours of fun by watching mice and fish race around the screen!

I didn’t think my cats would enjoy this but surprisingly they do and they will sit and watch TV for hours!

Perfect if you want a little peace from a demanding Kitty! Their little faces when they are trying to work out where the mouse disappears too is so funny 🙂

Try this one – put it on your big TV screen – it even has mouse noises too to keep your cat puzzled!

Cats also enjoy nature programs, some people will leave their TV on while at work with nature programs on all day to keep Kitty entertained.

It’s not just us humans that enjoy a bit of TV!

4) Keep curtains open so cats can watch the great outdoors

The great outdoors!

Cats are very curious as you already know from being a cat owner! They are so nosey and often we see cats just sitting in the window looking out upon their surroundings.

So make sure curtains are always open and your cat can look outside, where I live I am quite lucky as there is a huge tree outside my window where lots of birds visit daily but you can maybe get a bird feeder and place it outside your window to attract birds.

I bet that bird tastes lovely! Yum yum!

Watch your Cat go wild as the birds fly to the window to eat, just make sure the window is shut or you may end up with a dead bird and feathers all over your carpet!

5) Create lots of hiding places where cats can retreat to

Cats need hiding places, it makes them feel safe, secure and they enjoy fitting into small spaces.

Kitty must be able to do this, so doughnut-shaped cat beds, boxes, space under your bed are very important for when your cat wants a little bit of peace now and again.

Cats who don’t have hiding places to retreat to can become stressed and possibly anxious.

6) Invest in a tall cat tree, cats love to be in high places

Cat trees are amazing and I must say it is one of the best investments I made. Cats love to be high up, looking down on their territory.

Check out this one, it has some amazing reviews and is the right size to keep your cat’s happy and healthy!

They are the kings of the castle and the rulers of your house.

To a cat, you live in their territory and they like to look down at you from above.

Okay, maybe it’s not for that reason but I like to think it is!

”According to animal behaviour experts, most cats prefer to sleep and hang out in places with good vantage points. It comes from their instinct to protect themselves, and a high position for sleeping or resting gives them an aerial advantage for spotting any potential dangers around them”.


My cats play for hours on their tree and it’s good exercise for them to keep jumping up and down throughout the day. Most cat trees also come with quite a few scratching posts too so your cat can keep their nails sharp.

7) Food puzzles are great for mental & physical stimulation

Food puzzles can keep your little bundles of joys entertained for hours.

These toys stimulate your cats mentally and physically and the best part is that right at the very end there is a little tasty reward for Kitty! Yum Yum!

They come in all different sizes, I have some small ones that I hide treats in and then there are the large ones where they have to physically paw the treats through mazes to get them.

8) Fish tank fun, just make sure Kitty can’t get inside

This is a very good idea as long as you make sure the cat cannot get into the fish tank, we have all heard stories of people coming home from work and their fish were dead on the floor!

Cats are hunters and if they can get to the fish they will so bear this in mind.

Cats will however enjoy sitting by the tank for hours watching curiously as the fish swim by! A perfect way to keep your indoor cat entertained and happy!

If you don’t own fish then why not improvise with another video here from ”Handsome nature” on youtube.

9) Consider getting another cat

Indoor cats when alone may get lonely especially if you tend to be out of the house for a good portion of the day. So you may wish to consider getting a companion for your cat.

Okay so it’s not always easy to introduce a new cat into an already established feline household due to cats territorial nature but if done correctly then having two cats can make sure that they always have someone to play with, chase around and cuddle up next to on the bed.

I wrote a blog post that looks at whether it is cruel to have only one cat – this post is worth a read for those considering bringing more cats into the home.

10) Buy automated electronic toys for when your not home

There is so much choice now when it comes to cat toys and the automated toys are in my opinion one of the best.

You may wish to buy one of those fish with the wagging tails that every cat owner has nowadays or you may want to have a look at those cool laser toys which are set to go off for 15 minutes once every two hours.

11) Use catnip and make your own catnip filled toys

Catnip, some cats love it and some cats don’t react to it at all.

The ones that do react to catnip often look to be in a trance, where they get playful and hyper and are often seen darting from one room to the next at speed. In my experience going to stroke, a cat who is high on catnip isn’t a good idea, you may get your hand scratched so bear that in mind if you’re a first-time catnip user!

Yum Yum, what is that beautiful smell? some cats adore the smell of catnip.

Making your catnip toys is super easy, see my blog post which goes into more detail about catnip, its effects on cats and some imaginative ideas on how we can make super cool catnip toys and the classic catnip-filled sock!

12) Say hello to your cat on Skype while your at work

Whatever will they invent next! Who would have ever thought years ago we were going to be able to video call our cats!

There is a cool pet camera called WOpet smart camera that has two-way communication, so you can not only see your cat but you can also talk to them and the best part is you can feed them a treat and it is all remotely controlled by your smartphone while you’re away from home! Check it out here!

Check out this youtube video to find out more about these devices, the one below is by PetChatz!

13) Hide treats around the home for your cat to find

Cats love to hunt, it’s in their nature to hunt their food so why not stimulate a bit of this natural behaviour to keep your indoor cats happy and content.

I like to hide the little treats all around the home in various places and you can just about guarantee that Kitty will find them.

Remember cats have an amazing sense of smell and will smell their favourite treats a mile off!

Conclusion – Ways to keep indoor cats entertained

I hope you found these tips helpful and I hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can make your cats life as interesting and fun as possible.

Indoor cats do not get the same stimulation as outdoor cats so it’s important to make sure they have lots to do and engage in lots of regular exercises.

I know you are like me when it comes to your cats, you spoil your cats because we have so much love for them, they are our babies so make sure they are happy and content by using some of the tips above if you don’t do these things already.

Your cat will love you for it, I promise!


Mark loves Cats, he is the Daddy to two little cats who you will see throughout his blog. He has a passion for Cat care and enjoys everything cat-related. You could call him the crazy cat man.

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