Should I Have 2 Cats In An Apartment? : (Is It Cruel?)

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

You may own a small apartment or even a studio flat and you are asking the question ”Should I have two cats in my apartment?”

You may have heard people say it is cruel to have more than one cat in a small space but is it really? I did some research and studied what the experts say to answer your question.

In general, it is better to have more than one cat in an apartment especially if their indoor cats and you are going to be out a lot. Contrary to what some say, cats are sociable animals and multiple cats can keep each other company while your away which can prevent loneliness and behavioural issues.

There are factors to take into consideration when you have more than one cat and below we look into exactly what these are so you can be sure you are making the right decision. We will also look at how to keep cats happy in a small apartment and exactly how many cats are too many.

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Is it cruel to keep two cats in a studio apartment?

As a cat owner, you may have come across several people in your life who have told you that cats should be outdoors, they are meant for the wild and having more than one cat is cruel.

I think this is an opinion that will always divide cat lovers for eternity and yes people are entitled to their opinions but I also believe they should respect your opinion on the matter as well.

Keeping one cat alone in an apartment all day while you are at work is crueller than keeping two cats. I mean just imagine how you would feel if you were inside on your own all day seeing nobody at all with no interaction? Eventually, you may start to feel depressed and you would be more prone to boredom than if you had a companion to share your time with.

This is not to say that you cant have one cat especially if you’re going to be home a lot and you work remotely from time to time and you take the time each day to engage in interactive play and give plenty of love and affection to your cat when you are at home.

Would you not feel better in yourself though knowing that your cat has a companion that they are playing games with, cuddling up next to on the bed and engaging in their day to day cat behaviour with?

In the end, doing what is right for you and your cat is the most important aspect but it is not cruel to have more than one cat in an apartment and please don’t let anyone tell you that it is.

Should i get a second cat?

In my opinion, it’s a solid yes from me!

There are however factors you need to consider and the last thing you want is to get another cat and realise you made the wrong decision and cannot look after more than one.

According to the ASPCA, 3.4 million cats per year in the USA alone enter a cat shelter and you don’t want one of your cats to be one of those statistics. They also go on to say approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes.

How very sad! So please only take on board a cat that you know you can provide a forever home for.

Having a second cat around the home can make sure our cats have a playmate at all times and when they are not playing you can find them snuggled up together on the bed which is so cute.

They can also spend time grooming each other and keeping each others coats in good condition, the play they engage in also provides much-needed exercise that is super important for indoor cats living in small spaces.

Historically cats are seen as solitary animals and solitary hunters, there is some truth to that but as time has changed cats are very sociable creatures now and some breeds are more sociable than others, two cats together can prevent boredom.

We love to cuddle up next to each other while our daddy is away at work!

Boredom in cats can lead to destructive behaviour such as chewing furniture and chewing items they are not supposed to around the home.

”3.4 million cats per year enter a cat shelter and 2.7 million cats and dogs are killed each year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes”


Factors to consider when getting more than one cat?

1) Price

This is a big important factor that you need to take into consideration. I did some research and found out the average startup cost of adopting a cat was around $520 and the average monthly cost per cat was $79.

Is this something you can afford each month to make sure your new cat has the best life they possibly can do? It is always important to consider your budget when thinking of adopting more than one cat.

To read more of my in-depth blog post on how much a cat costs then click here to have a read.

2) The breed of your cat

Some cat breeds need interaction and sociable play more than others, take the ragdoll and the Siamese cat for example.

These breeds are known to follow their owners around the house all day and they are known to rely heavily on human interaction. So it’s important to study the breed of your cat to find out if they would be more suited to living in a home with more than one cat.

3) The history of your cat

Is your cat used to living with other animals? Did you adopt your cat and their previous home had others cats? Is your cat already well socialised?

If your cat has been used to living with other animals, a sudden change to being alone may cause separation anxiety and other issues within the home.

So this may be the right time to decide to get more than one cat.

4) Can you ”Catify” your space?

”Catification” is a term that was invented by the great cat daddy himself Mr Jackson Galaxy and if you don’t know who this guy is it’s worth finding out!

It is very important when you have cats living in an apartment to make their space as interesting and stimulating as possible with a wide array of toys, areas that they can climb onto and spaces they can retreat to if they need to be alone for a short time.

In the next section, we look at ways in which you can do this regardless of your budget!

How to keep a cat happy in a small apartment?

Keeping cats happy in a small apartment doesn’t need to cause you to become in debt or bankrupt there are lots of things we can do to make sure our space is cat friendly but also friendly for humans at the same time!

Remember it is your living space too!

I mentioned Jackson Galaxy before, he is the original cat daddy, a cat expert and a feline behavioural specialist. If you haven’t read his book about how to design your home so your cats will love it then it’s a must-read for you.

You can buy the book on Amazon here!

Cats need to feel confident in their environment, they need to feel like they own space in their territory so it’s important with multiple cats to provide lots of hiding spaces in case they need to get away from other cats and also places where they can jump to if they need to be up high observing their surroundings.

You also need to provide lots of toys for your cats to play with. I wrote a full article that contains some inventive ways in which you can keep your cats entertained. If you enjoy reading my blog then this article is a ”Must read” – Click here to take a look. (Don’t worry the link opens in a separate window so you won’t lose this post)

I love to play whether it’s with my daddy and mummy or by myself!

Here are some example ways you can design your home, so cats will love their space and be happy!


Cats love to look out of the windows and observe their territory so it is a good idea to make sure the cats can get up to the window and look outside.

Jackson galaxy calls this cat TV!

Cats do need to stalk and hunt prey whether that’s real prey or a toy but they can also engage in hunting behaviour in their minds so looking out the window at birds and also people passing by can provide them with a lot of stimulation and fun, Its called passive play!

Why not attract birds to the window with a bird feeder that sticks to your window! – Not only is it good to feed the birds but it will cause your cats to go crazy which can be fun to watch and keep them entertained for hours!

You can buy a window bird feeder on amazon, take a look and see what you think!

You can also use cat window hammocks so your cat can lay around all day long while having a look out the window! Take a look here!

Re-arrange furniture

When designing your home so it’s a fun environment for your cats sometimes all we need to do is move around some furniture to give our cats access to spaces they may not have previously been able to get to.

I did this in my kitchen, I have a cupboard top inside my kitchen that I used as storage for items such as pans, plants etc…

I removed all the pots and pans and my cats were then able to jump onto the kitchen counter, then on top of the fridge and onto the cupboards.

I also recently bought a bookcase that fits perfectly at the side of my rather large wardrobe which again gave my cats access to the top of the wardrobe and they were then able to jump down onto my bed.

You can also position a cat tree in a place that enables your cats to jump to other areas or to be able to look out of the window.

What items of furniture can you move in your home to make it a fun environment for your cats?

If you have a pen and paper with you it might be a good idea to take a look around your home and come up with some inventive ways in which you can move around your furniture and make a plan!

Fit some shelves and create a cat superhighway!

You can easily pick up wall brackets and spare wood at your local hardware store.

When creating what’s called a cat superhighway you want to be able to create different levels and a connection so your cat can move from one place to another around the home.

You could move the cat tree next to a wall and then place a shelf next to the cat tree and then another shelf taking them higher up the wall and then a resting area where they can lounge around which could be an actual cat bed on the wall!

You must remember to create various exit points for your cats along the highway for when they want to get down as the last thing you want is for a cat to be stuck on the wall all day when you are out of the house!

Take a look at the youtube video below and see how these guys made their home super cat friendly!

What if I am not very handy with wood and creating my own cat furniture?

You can buy various cat furniture online from Amazon, take a look at some of these items.

Open your divan base on the bed and create a cat bed!

If you have a bed with a divan base then why not open the draw, place a nice cushion or blanket in there and let your cat use the draw as a bed when you are out during the day?

Cats love to sneak into small tiny spaces but just make sure you don’t close the drawer with your cat still inside!

Some other things you can do to make your space fun for cats

  • Buy cat grass which is great for your cats digestive system.
  • Get a fish tank but make sure it is cat proof.
  • Buy automated cat toys such has laser toys.
  • Make sure there are lots of scratching posts.

These are just some ideas for making your space fun for your cats, I do recommend Jackson galaxies book for lots of cool ideas but also to find out what your cat will like based on their personality and their preferences.

Please let me know of any ideas you have or send me pictures of your wonderful creations!

How many cats are too many for a small apartment?

There are no solid rules for how many cats can be kept inside an apartment. It is best to use common sense when deciding how many cats to have and take into consideration the space and also the affordability of having more than one cat. It is also important to provide stimulation for each cat through play.

If you are a crazy cat person like me then you would happily have multiple cats living with you inside your home. They bring so much happiness into our lives as well as lots of love, cuddles and fun!

You obviously do have to draw the line somewhere depending on the size of your living space, what you have to ask yourself is, how many humans would feel comfortable in your space?

If 10 humans were not able to share your space then 10 cats may not be the best idea especially if yours is a one-bedroom apartment?

When deciding how many cats to have ask yourself the following questions?

  • Can you meet the basic needs for all cats? Litter trays, feeding etc..
  • Do you have time to interact with all your cats?
  • Are you able to ”catify” your home with wall mounted ledges, cat trees and high places as well as spaces where they can retreat to and hide if they need some time out?
  • Will multiple cats affect your sleep at night?
  • More cats mean more smells, are you able to cope with more cat smells?
  • How do your cats feel about other cats? Are they socialised? Introducing more cats to a home with cats who dont interact well with others, could cause problems.
  • Does your landlord allow multiple cats in your home?

As well as making your space cat friendly with multiple toys and means of interaction and play you also need to consider how much time you will be spending at home. More than one cat at home can indeed be beneficial especially if you’re away a lot but they also need alone time with you. If you work at home then multiple cats can be perfect as you will have lots of time to dedicate to your little fur babies!

What you DO NOT want to do is become a cat hoarder!

When I adopted my two cats they came from a home with 11 cats and they shared two litter trays and the lady just could not look after them,11 cats can be very hard work!

Key takeaways: Should I have 2 cats in an apartment?

  • Make sure you can afford multiple cats
  • Consider your cat’s personality and if both cats will get along with each other
  • Make your space interesting for your cats and provide lots of stimulation
  • Read Jackosn Galaxies book
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune, just re-arrange your furniture
  • Provide hiding places and also places cats can easily jump up to in the home

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies! 🙂

Mark (The Crazy Cat Man)


Mark loves Cats, he is the Daddy to two little cats who you will see throughout his blog. He has a passion for Cat care and enjoys everything cat-related. You could call him the crazy cat man.

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