Are Bengal Cats Smart? (Intelligent Kitty Cats)

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So you’re wondering just how clever a Bengal cat is? This breed of cat has some great character traits but I bet you didn’t know that they are also one of the most quick-witted breeds you can choose to share your life with.

I used my knowledge of this breed to answer your questions.

The Bengal is known to be a highly intelligent breed of cat with a high IQ and some say they even outsmart the Siamese. Their excellent memory, mental sharpness, exceptional hunting skills and ability to learn tricks all add up to make them one of the most intelligent felines.

Later in this post, we find out if they are smarter than dogs and if they can learn to do cool tricks such as opening doors and playing fetch. As a Bengal owner, you may want to know just how smart they are or as a prospective owner you may want to do your homework and discover if this breed is right for you.

So keep reading to learn more!

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How Intelligent are Bengal Cats?

Bengal cats tend to be very intelligent cats. Some cats are very docile and prefer to just sit in your lap all day long but not the Bengal.

They are known to be a very sociable and friendly breed of cat but at times can be one of the most mischievous and that all boils down to their exceptionally High IQ!

If you are looking for a smart but active breed then they can be perfect for a first-time owner.

Bengal cat wearing a stripy hat - Funny cat picture
I might look silly but I am a clever puss!

So what makes Bengals so clever?

Bengal cats are known to have good memories

Ever heard the term ”An Elephant never forgets?” Well, I am changing that term to a Bengal never forgets!

They have really good memories and won’t forget something once they have seen it or felt it. They will remember where things have been hidden so if they know there is a packet of their favourite treats in an easily accessible place then you can bet your bottom dollar that they will seek it out and eat all the tasty treats inside!

The same goes for if they accidentally get stuck in a room all day long, they will make sure that they don’t go in there again for quite some time.

They are extremely good hunters

Most cats are built for hunting and Bengals are no exception. Maybe they are such good hunters due to their wild side?

Bengal cats are a hybrid breed or a mix between the Asian snow leopard and a domestic breed and have only really been domesticated since the 1970s so they maintain a lot of their wild traits. If you live in a house you can almost guarantee that you won’t need to worry about mice or even spiders!

Your Bengal will sniff out any prey in an instant and enjoy a tasty lunch! They are not a breed that is suited to a household with hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets and make sure that lid is secure on your aquarium too.

Bengal cats are great at learning tricks!

Bengal cats are known to have very high energy levels and they need a lot of play and stimulation compared to some more docile inactive breeds.

They will need regular play sessions and if you don’t interact with them then boy will you know about it! They may become destructive if they get bored and lonely and generally it is always better to get two Bengals rather than just one. You may wish to read more about Bengals and suitable companions for them by checking out one of my other posts.

Two Bengals together will keep each other company and keep each other out of trouble

So their intelligence allows them to easily learn tricks which is something we will touch on a little more later in this post. They will love learning tricks as it will keep their sharp minds stimulated and they will pick up the tricks fast!

What’s going on in your Bengals brain?

Cats have a smaller brain compared to dogs but as this article by PetMD shows ”surface structure and brain structure matter more than brain size. The brains of cats have a structure that is very similar to that of the human brain, about 90 per cent similar. Morphologically, both cat brains and human brains have cerebral cortices with similar lobes.

A cats brain is separated into different areas that perform its tasks and they are all interconnected. They also have twice as many brain cells in their cerebral cortex compared to canines, this part of the brain is responsible for the processing of information.

So this tells us that your Bengals brain is built for intelligence!

Are Bengal Cats Smarter than Normal Cats?

It is very hard to measure a cat intelligence when we are looking at how intelligent they are to other breeds but one look online will show you that most of the time Bengal cats rank quite high in the list of clever cat breeds!

One thing we have to bear in mind is that like humans all cats have the potential to be different in their personalities.

When assessing intelligence we look at if the breed is a good hunter, what their memory is like and their ability to learn tricks and Bengals tick all those boxes.

Some other breeds that are just as quick-witted and bright include

  • Scottish fold
  • Savannah
  • Burmese
  • Siamese
  • Abyssinian

Can Bengal Cats Learn Tricks?

As a general rule, Bengals are one of the easiest cats to train. They are a highly intelligent breed with a naturally inquisitive and energetic nature and should respond well to regular training sessions and be able to learn a variety of different tricks such as sitting down and giving their paw.

A lot of owners say that their Bengals are similar to dogs in the way that they love to learn new tricks. There is a general belief that cats are aloof and you can’t instruct them in the same way as a dog.

This is true to an extent, a dog is always looking to please their master where a cat will learn but it’s on their terms and when they feel like it. Luckily with a Bengal cat who needs regular play and stimulation the process of teaching them tricks should be a lot easier.

It’s important when teaching them tricks to have patience and never lose their trust by getting frustrated and NEVER discipline them when they don’t perform.

While we’re on the subject of discipline if you ever need to do this then make sure it is done in the correct way, you can learn more about this in one of my other blog posts by taking a look at this link.

Look at those super cute eyes, how could anyone not fall in love with them!

Cats learn through reward and association so make sure you have plenty of treats ready to give them throughout the process. As you teach your Bengal the tricks you will be building a strong bond with your pet and using up of their stored play energy which will ensure less destructive behaviour when you are not around.

Key Takeaways: Are Bengal Cats Smart?

  • Bengal cats are one of the most clever breeds of cat!
  • They are exceptionally good hunters.
  • They have high energy levels and need regular stimulation.
  • Learning tricks is a piece of cake for your quick-witted little Bengal cat.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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