Are Female Maine Coons Friendly? (Explained!)

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Female or Male, the Maine coon is growing in popularity as a domestic cat breed not only in the USA but all over the world. If you are deciding on which sex to get then you most probably have some questions you need answering such as are female Maine coons affectionate and are they more friendly than the males?

I have studied the Maine coon as well as other cat breeds for a long time and observed their behaviour.

So now let’s answer your question! Are female Maine coons friendly?

As a general rule, all Maine coons are friendly regardless of sex; however, there are some subtle differences between males and females. The female is affectionate; however, she can take longer to warm up to strangers and can be more aloof and demand less attention than the male.

One thing I must stress is that personality traits can vary and this is just a generalisation. Factors such as socialisation and past experience can have a big impact on your cat’s personality.

Later in this post, I answer some related questions to help you find out if the Maine coon is right for you and your family!

So keep reading crazy cat people to learn more!

I made an Ultimate guide on the differences between Male and Female Maine coons! Check it out by clicking here or bookmark it for a later read!

General Maine coon personality traits

Before we get into the subtle differences between sex. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick overview of the Miane coons traits.

The Maine coon is now one of the most popular cat breeds around the world, this breed is starting to win the hearts of cat lovers all across the globe and for good reasons!

Here are some of their common traits

  • Very playful
  • Often act like a puppy
  • Loyal to the core
  • Have a fascination with water
  • Sociable creatures
  • Very gentle with children
  • Docile
  • Intelligent
  • Can train them to do tricks

They are a breed of a cat who is often referred to as the dog of the cat world!

Their personality profile matches that of a puppy and this is what makes them attractive to families all over the world.

Some breeds can be more aloof, independent and very feline-like whereas these big friendly giants are big softies!

They enjoy being the centre of attention and they thrive on human companionship!

Are Female Maine Coons Affectionate?

The Maine Coon tends to be a loyal, loving and gentle cat breed regardless of sex and love to shower their owners with regular affection.

However, a lot of Maine coon owners say that there are subtle differences between the sexes. One of those differences is in the way they show affection.

Female Maine coons may be a little more subtle in the way they show their care and love to humans. They tend to not give it away so easily!

When it comes to the female Maine coon the level of affection she shows is on her terms and to whom she wishes to show that affection too. Females are more likely to want to spend time alone compared to the male of the species and often require slightly less attention.

Making them less needy and dependent.

The Male Maine coon however loves to be the centre of attention and needs lots of human attention, the male is often more dog-like than the female.

How Female Maine Coons Show Affection?

Cats show affection in a multitude of different ways, some of the ways they show their friendly nature are subtle and some are more obvious.

Here’s what to look out for

  • Follows you around the home
  • Giving you a slow blink while looking at you (Called a Kitty Kiss)
  • Your Maine coon will chat away and talk to you
  • Your Maine coon will greet you at the door when you get home
  • They will head butt you
  • They will roll on their back to show they trust you (Not an invitation to go in with a belly rub)
  • They will want to sit next to you or occasionally on your lap
  • They rub up against you to leave their scent on you

These are all common ways in which your female Maine coon will reveal its friendly and affectionate nature to you.

I must add that sitting on your lap may be a rare event as Maine coons, in general, are not always lap cats and prefer to just be next to their owners rather than sitting on your lap all day!

Probably a good thing when we take into account their large size!

Is The Female Maine Coon the Right Cat For My Family?

This is the burning question! Is a female Maine coon better for me and my family?

If you only plan on getting one cat then the female Maine coon, in general, would be better for a large family who spends time away from home.

The female of the species tends to bond better with a group of people but the affection is on her terms whereas the male even though they are sociable have tendencies to want to bond with that one special person and they can be a little needier.

Remember this is not always the case as all cats are different.

Regardless of sex, the Maine coon will make a loving friendly pet. Ideally, you would want two Maine coons to keep each other company while you are away so why not get a Male and Female Maine coon and have the best of both worlds?

Do Female Maine Coons Get Along With Strangers?

Maine coons in general can take a little while to warm up to strangers who come into their territory.

All cats are territorial and new people, new smells and new noises can sometimes startle them and initially cause fear.

The Male Maine coon being more dog-like than the female means the Male is more likely to warm to strangers whereas the female? Well, she doesn’t give her trust away so easily to just anyone. Even though she bonds with more people she often takes her time to do so.

Who is that human! What are its intentions!

So with a female Maine coon it is not uncommon to see her hideaway when strangers are around and act a little more aloof. Give her time as long as she trusts the people then she will eventually warm to them.

A good idea is to always let your Maine coon go to strangers in their own time and give them some treats to give to your cats.

If you get the treats out you can guarantee they will be friends in no time!

Key Takeaways: Are female Maine coon cats friendly?

  • Cats personality traits can vary depending on upbringing, background and socialisation
  • Generally most Maine coons are gentle giants
  • Females have a tendency to be warier of strangers
  • Females are affectionate but on their terms
  • Females are more likely to bond with the whole family whereas the males tend to pick that one special person

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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