Are Ragdoll Cats Aggressive? : All You Need To Know

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Welcome crazy cat people!

Ragdoll cats are super beautiful with the most alluring blue eyes and are known for their amazing gentle personalities. If this is your first time considering adopting a doll then you may have questions regarding their temperament and personality traits.

In this post, I did some research about this particular breed to answer your questions.

In general, ragdoll cats are not an aggressive breed. They are known for being friendly, affectionate and often demand lots of attention and are known to follow their owners around everywhere. They can make a very good companion for a family home. If they become aggressive there is often a valid reason.

In the rest of this post, we look into detail at the reasons why your ragdoll may be experiencing anger and why they might be acting mean to you, a family member or another pet.

We also look at some other related questions on temperament and integrating your ragdoll into the family home.

Keep reading my fellow crazy cat people!


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Why is my ragdoll cat so mean?

Ragdoll cats are one of the friendliest breeds of feline to walk this planet!

They are well known for being one of the most laidback cats you can ever come across. They really are super affectionate towards their humans.

If you own a ragdoll you will know just how much they demand attention from anyone that comes into their territory. With a ragdoll cat, you cant even use the bathroom in peace most of the time because they will be peeking their little head around the door having a nosey at what you are doing.

They are also a very intelligent breed and often greet their owners at the door upon arrival home with a loud vocal meow!

Check out this Youtube video by living the life you love to see a day in the life of a Ragdoll

I’m so upset though, my ragdoll cat is acting so mean towards me and my family? Why?

This can be heartbreaking to see when your cat is acting out or being aggressive to members of their household but there is often a valid reason why and these issues can often be dealt with.

Some of the reasons why your ragdoll may be acting aggressively

  • She may just be using up play energy
  • What was the previous home like, was your cat mistreated in any way?
  • Have there been any big changes to their routine?
  • Is your cat ill or suffering from a medical condition?
  • Has your cat been Spayed /Neutered?

How to deal with an aggressive cat

So now we have looked at some of the reasons your ragdoll cat may be acting mean let’s have a look at some of the solutions to find out what we can do to rectify these problems for a happy cat home.

  1. Using up play energy

Play is super important for our cats especially if your cat is an indoor cat. This tends to be easy when you have two cats in the home as they can generally keep each other company but what about if you have just one ragdoll cat?

Make sure you play with your cat in short bursts periodically throughout the day to make sure they are entertained and happy and so they can use up all that pent up frustration.

Cats have a natural need to hunt and stalk their prey and to get their daily exercise. You may wish to view my blog post ”13 fun ways to keep a cat entertained for hours” for some super cool tips and ways to keep your cat active!

If your cat is not stimulated they may take this aggression out on you or other pets in the home.

2. Cat has been mistreated in their previous home

You cant change your past in the same way that you cannot change the past of your little fur babies either but there are lots of things we can do to gain the trust of our cats.

Such as making sure they have all their physiological needs met, giving them lots of love (in their own time and when they are ready) and being very patient.

Depending on the level of past abuse it may take your cat some time to come around and learn to trust again.

To read some super useful tips on how to gain your cat’s trust I wrote a whole blog post with simple easy to follow steps and tips that is worth a read!

3. Routine changes

As a cat owner, you may already know the importance of a cats routine. Like clockwork, your cat will know when it’s time for feeding and also they get to learn when to expect you home.

Ragdolls are a very intelligent breed of cat and very dependant on their humans and demand so much attention so changes to their routine may really stress them out and cause anxiety so make sure changes are introduced slowly to their routine.

This applies to feeding, introducing new pets, people and anything else for that matter.

To rectify this try to keep to a set routine as much as you can, sometimes things happen that prevent us from keeping to that routine and these things cannot always be helped but please try to do your very best to keep a regular schedule.

4. Ill or suffering from a medical condition

It is very important that if your cat has a change of behaviour for no apparent reason to seek the attention of a vet to rule out any underlying health problems your cat may have.

Cats cannot speak to you and tell you when they are in pain but if you suspect there is an issue, get your cat carrier and take Kitty to the vet as soon as possible.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Has your cat been neutered or spayed?

Cats who have sex hormones flying around all over the place tend to be more territorial which can lead to behaviour problems when introducing new people or pets and the anger could be directed towards you as the owner so you may wish to consider getting kitty spayed.

This is if you are not planning on breeding your cats which is a decision that you must make and consider carefully.

I hope these tips help you to deal with any aggression within your home that may come from your furry little ragdoll.

Remember that they are generally well-behaved cats and very laid back so this type of behaviour in this breed is very rare but with a little patience, I am sure you can rectify this.

*If your cat does ever bite you one good tip is to make a really loud crying sound, make your eyes look really sad and then turn away from your cat and have no eye contact with her for 15 minutes or so, this will teach Kitty that she has hurt you and she may even give you a little sorry cuddle later on in the day*

You may wish to consider pheromone products or go down the herbal route to help reduce the stress levels of your cat and help to calm them down.

Always use a vet certified product like YAY pet calming spray which is sprayed on beds, cat carriers and surfaces around the home and works within 15 minutes. It is 100% natural and safe!

Are ragdoll cats aggressive to other cats?

In general, ragdoll cats get along really well with other cats. They are laidback and rarely hiss or bite and are less territorial than other breeds and don’t like confrontation. Introducing a new ragdoll cat to an already established cat home is generally quite easy if they’re carefully transitioned.

Ragdolls are very sociable animals, as with introducing any new cat to a home this needs to be done very slowly and with careful consideration in terms of cost and time.

It is a good idea to make sure you are at home through the transition process to watch out for any confrontation and to help all cats feel safe and secure.

It may still be a stressful time but the ragdoll cats laidback personality should make this process a lot easier.

If you need help introducing a new cat to your home then I recommend reading this article by PetMD.

Are ragdoll cats good with children?

In general, ragdoll cats are one of the best breeds to have when you have children. Their laidback, gentle personalities are perfect for a family home. They are often a docile breed who are very tolerant and demand a lot of attention so they are a perfect pet for your child to form a long-lasting bond with.

One thing I must stress though is cats are very much like people, these characteristics are general. All cats are different and your ragdoll may just not be the typical ragdoll cat.

However, they really do make a good addition to a family home! They are cuddly, cute looking and will keep your child entertained for a long time and you can watch the bond they develop and share for years to come.

If you notice your cat behaving in a jealous way when you are bringing a child into an already established cat home then I wrote a blog post that is perfect for you. Even though it is designed with introducing a baby in mind it may also be useful for just introducing your cat to an older child too!

One thing I must say when introducing a cat to a child is to make sure that the cat approaches your child first and that you teach your child how to interact with the cat in a loving caring way.

Some excitable children may scare your cat so it’s important for them to be calm throughout, first impressions count when it comes to cats.

Conclusion: Are ragdoll cats aggressive?

I think this post has answered your questions, ragdolls are lovely and one of my personal favourite breeds.

I am not the only one who shares my love for this chirpy, vocal species of feline. One look online and youtube will bring up hundreds if not thousands of pictures, videos and even stories of these little fur babies.

So if your ragdoll is acting out you now know the signs to look out for and hopefully, you can rectify these behaviours and live happily ever after in a purr-fect home!

Much love and remember to take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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