Are Siamese Cats Friendly? (What You Need To Know)

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When thinking of adopting a new cat it is normal to have a lot of questions about the breed. You need to make sure you are picking the right breed to suit you and your family and one of the big questions you may be asking is ”Are Siamese cats friendly?”.

I did some research and used my own knowledge of this ancient, chatty breed to answer your questions.

In general Siamese cats have a friendly, social and affectionate nature. They are very trusting towards people and tend to pick their favourite person in a household. They are very loyal cats and will follow you everywhere you go and demand lots of attention in return.

Later in this post, we look at the personality of a siamese in a little more detail, we also look at if a Siamese cat is aggressive in any way and we also find out if Siamese cats like a nice cuddle and just why this beautiful sleek breed of cat is so popular with crazy cat people like you and me!

Carry on reading to find out more!

Are Siamese Cats Friendly: An in Depth look

The Siamese cat can make such a great companion in a home.

If you are looking for a breed of cat that is very affectionate then sharing your life with a Siamese is going to be a very good idea.

What makes Siamese cats so friendly?

Siamese cats are very social animals, they crave human companionship and they have a very trusting nature and are generally very easy going pets.

They love their humans that much that it is very common for them to follow you around wherever you go in the home, so if you adopt a siamese you can expect to never be able to use the toilet in peace and they will most likely want to watch you when you are in the bath or shower as well as jump in front of you when you are watching TV.

Their love of humans and companionship makes them perfect to have around the home.

All these traits are put together to make them one of the most friendly breeds of domestic cats you can share your life with.

In the media, Siamese cats are portrayed as being mean and aloof.

”We are Siamese if you please”

Bring back any memories? ( I bet you will be singing that song in your mind all day now, Sorry 🙂 ) If you have ever seen the Disney movie lady and the tramp then this is more than likely where you got this idea from.

As you will discover this couldn’t be further from the truth!

I did some independent research by spending a few hours looking through various forums to look at the personality of Siamese and what other people said about them being one of the most amiable breeds of cats!

I have put together the results from my study in the table below.

My Siamese is friendly My Siamese is not friendly

Wow! Well as you can see the proof is in the pudding! A Massive 90% of owners said that their Siamese cats were super friendly. One person even said –

”They’re friendly to a point where some would consider it irritating”


So if you are truly looking for an affectionate, loving cat but one who needs lots of attention then the siamese is perfect!

Do Siamese cats like to cuddle?

In general, Siamese cats are very affectionate and love to cuddle. Some breeds of cats do not like to cuddle up to their owners, however, Siamese cats will follow you around and snuggle up right next to you. They will be your little cuddly buddy on the bed and even on the couch while watching a movie.

Cuddling next to you is a sign that they love you and want to spend time with you and this breed will spoil you with affection and expect the same in return!

My little girl is half Siamese and she has all the personality traits of a pure breed apart from being very vocal which is one of the traits that Siamese cats are known for!

She loves it when I lay down to watch a movie and it’s her signal to come and lay right in front of me. Sometimes this is not always good when I want to actually watch the TV but she settles down and we end up cuddling on the sofa all night.

I love cuddling my Daddy and I love following him everywhere he goes.

Siamese cats really have the ability to make you feel loved and wanted and they build such a close bond with their owners. If you are wanting a cuddly breed to snuggle up to then Siamese is a very good choice!

Are Siamese cats aggressive?

In general Siamese cats are not aggressive by nature. If they are ever aggressive it could be towards another pet but this is also rare and could be a territorial issue. Aggression could be related to not being socialised by humans as a kitten or coming from a background of neglect or abuse.

As we have discovered already Siamese cats generally have very gregarious, kind and affable personalities. So aggression is very rare and is always for a reason.

Do you know the background of your new cat? Was the cat abused in any way? Did they have a bad experience with another animal that may have caused a fear reaction and learned behaviour?

If your Siamese cat has suddenly become aggressive it’s time to find out why and this can be for several reasons. One reason could be that your cat is ill or in pain.

Sudden changes in behaviour should always signal the owner to take a visit to the vets. Cats hide pain very well but if you touch an area that is painful your cat may react with aggression and this would be a natural response so get that cat carrier out and get them examined by a qualified vet.

Sometimes cats can become overstimulated by stroking and may give you a little swipe with their claws, even though Siamese cats are affectionate by nature they have their limits and occasionally they may not want to be stroked.

Learn to read your cats body language and become in tune with their moods and know when to back off a little.

How to deal with aggression in Siamese cats who are normally friendly

  • Give them plenty of space
  • Make sure they have lots of toys. Siamese cats are extremely active and love to play LOTS! Do they have too much play energy which is not being used up and coming across as aggression?
  • When your cat is relaxed spend time with them, at least 20 minutes, twice a day. It’s important to build up trust with a cat who may have had bad experiences in the past.
  • Use a pheromone plugin that mimics the hormones cats release to signal calm in their environment, this will really help to relax your Siamese cat.

I put together a whole blog post where I looked at 13 clever ways to build trust with your cat, there are some really cool ideas in this post that will help you build the strongest of bonds with your Siamese, check it out!

If you want to buy a pheromone plugin kit for your cat which should really help to relax them while you build a long-lasting bond then you can find these kits on Amazon.

Check them out here!

Why are Siamese cats so popular? (Friendly warm and loyal)

There are so many reasons why Siamese cats are a popular breed according to in 2018 they were voted the 13th most popular breed of cat!

So many people share a love for this breed and below we look at some of the reasons why

Siamese cats are very friendly

I don’t need to repeat this because if you have read the rest of this post you will know just how affectionate this breed of cat is!

Remember 90% of owners said their siamese are really loving kind and friendly pets!

They will follow you wherever you go, they will literally become your new shadow, they always want to be around their favourite human.

Siamese cats are very chatty and vocal

The most chatty breed of cat!

Siamese will talk your head off all day long. They will meow when they want attention when they want cuddles when they want to play when they want to wake you up when they want to feed and they will meow for the sake of meowing!

Look at this super chatty Siamese having a full conversation with its owner below!

Siamese cats are playful and intelligent

Siamese have a very playful nature and have lots of energy that will need to be used up otherwise they may get bored!

They are super intelligent and can easily learn how to do tricks and learn the meaning of various words. In fact, if you want to know how to train your cat I made an Ultimate guide to training your Siamese cat, check it out.

They are naturally very curious so will find their way into cupboards, closets and anywhere else they want to hide. A lot of owners say that they are very much in tune with their owner’s mood and are very sensitive to knowing when their owners are feeling sad, angry or depressed.

There need for stimulation and play is massive so be wary of this before taking home a siamese.

To find out some cool ways to keep your cats entertained I wrote a whole blog post where you can discover 13 ways to keep your cat entertained for hours, it is deffo worth a read!

Siamese cats look beautiful and have piercing blue sapphire eyes

They have the sleekest slender bodies of all cats!

They are the supermodels of the cat world, the ultimate divas and this is one reason why people tend to love them so much! They have off white fur with cute little chocolate coloured tips that are absolutely gorgeous!

What about those gorgeous eyes. Bright blue and deep eyes are a trait of a purebred siamese they can also be cross-eyed but this has been bred out of most modern siamese but when they do give the cross-eyed look it is super cute!

The Benevolent Siamese cat generally gets along really well with other pets

They generally get along really well with other pets and have a friendly tolerant nature. Maybe a playful dog or cat will help keep your Siamese cat entertained and provide a good playmate.

They are easy-going but you must remember to give your Siamese cat equal amounts of love if you introduce a new pet. As with any cat, their territorial nature could start to kick in!

Always remember when introducing pets to do this slowly over several days or weeks, introduce scent first and then let them visually see each other and always be aware of body language – to learn more about the siamese need for companionship and how to introduce correctly – see my blog post!

Siamese cats are low maintenance

Apart from needing lots of love and lots of play Siamese are low maintenance. They have short hair and can often groom themselves.

It is still a good idea to brush them once or twice a week to build a bond with them and to get rid of any stray hairs but unlike a long-haired cat breed, grooming will not need to be a daily routine.

The Sociable Siamese have a holy history

These cats originated in Siam (which is now known as Thailand) They are one of the oldest Asian cat breeds!

They spent a lot of time in Buddhist temples and were often adopted by the monks who they shared there life with.

They were guardians of the temples and legend says the reason they have crossed eyes is that they curled their tails around holy vases and stared at them with such intensity that their eyes become crossed!

Nobody knows when Siamese cats came to the west but early accounts say it could have been around the 1800s

Key takeaways: Are Siamese cats friendly?

Siamese cats will bring you hours of love, fun and companionship.

They will make you laugh a lot with their intelligent mischievous nature and they will cuddle up to you wherever you are and follow you around the house in the same way that a little puppy does!

I hope this blog post has answered your questions about these beautiful, elegant cats and helped you decide if they are the right breed for you!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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