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Siamese cats are a truly beautiful and affectionate breed of cat and a pleasure to share your life with but like all beings, they have different traits and each cats personality is different but ”Are Siamese cats generally stubborn?”

I know quite a lot about this particular breed so I used my knowledge to answer your question below as well as some other related questions you may have.

As a general rule,  Siamese cats tend to be more stubborn than other breeds. They’re very vocal, intelligent and persistent, so aren’t afraid to let you know what they want and when they want it. They hate to be left alone for too long and will let you know about it.

Let’s now look at stubbornness in a bit more detail and some more aspects of a Siamese cats personality such as if they are a demanding breed and what their general day to day attitude is like!

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Why are cats stubborn?: Learn more!

So if we look at cats in general let’s say compared to dogs, there are some clear differences in behaviour and stubbornness. A dog is a pack animal that is often subservient to there owners with a need to impress there leader.

Cats on the other hand are historically solitary hunters who like to do as they please when they please. They simply don’t feel the need to impress you or gain your approval in the same way that a dog does.

They are very loving and affectionate, especially the Siamese but when it comes to your demands and commands they are optional and because of this nature and personality trait they can appear to be stubborn.

The Siamese cat is loyal, affectionate but very persistent in getting what they want.

Even though cats can be trained to come to you when needed and when you call their name, they won’t just blindly come to you as a trained dog would, they may only decide to come to you if there is an incentive to do so like when you shake the bag of treats and they come running.

Their stubbornness can also show in their refusal to accept change easily, this can be perceived as stubbornness but generally, cats thrive on routine so what may appear to be stubbornness could be stress and fear so make sure any changes in their environment or routine are carried out slowly and over time.

In my experience, the Siamese is also very demanding and stubborn and when they want affection they will let you know about it. You can try pushing them away but if they want to be on your lap at that precise moment they will not just obey like a dog but they will be persistent and repeatedly try to get what they want.

Some say they can even be possessive but I think it’s just because of how attached they get to their fellow humans.

Being a very vocal breed they will also meow, purr and sometimes yowl. If your Siamese is behaving like this then there are things you can do to keep this under control and you can find out more about that later in this post.

Do Siamese Cats Have Attitude?

The Siamese cat has an individual and quirky attitude. They’re fun-loving, playful, and very affectionate. They’re also very vocal and will hold a conversation with you all day. They can be very sassy and full of attitude when they want to be and insistent on getting what they want.

In other words, they do have an attitude but it’s a very friendly attitude, that is until they are left alone which is not something you want to do with a Siamese cat because they generally hate it.

It is always good with a Siamese cat to have a companion for them, read more about suitable companions for them and how to introduce them to other cats and dogs in my blog post which you can read by clicking here.

Their attitude is generally sassy, talkative and affectionate so if you have the time and energy for this active loving breed they may make a perfect pet for you and your family!

Are Siamese Cats Demanding?

As a general rule, the Siamese cat is more people-focused and socially demanding than some other breeds. They will require lots more of your time and demand more play, cuddles, and generally want more affection than some other breeds which may be more independent and aloof.

One of the ways your cat will show their demanding nature is through their talking and they will talk, talk and talk some more so if you are looking for a quiet cat then the Siamese may not be for you.

The below youtube video will give you an idea of how chatty and demanding they could be – how could anyone not give in to that cute loud meow though 🙂

Why is my Siamese cat so annoying?

Sometimes your cat may be trying to tell you something. A happy Siamese is a Siamese cat who has regular playtime and an environment that is enriching for him/her.

When it comes to enriching your environment for your cat it’s not necessarily about creating more space but its ”Quality over quantity” according to this article I found on google scholar.

The book/article goes on to say that cats prefer to have lots of resting places and ideally resting places that have two sides where they can observe the space around them ideally in the corners of rooms where they are not going to fear being attacked by any other animals.

So lots of beds are important and if you have more than one cat they will need multiple resting places because it’s important for your cat to feel like they have their own space that they can mark with their scent.

This is where a cat cave comes in handy!

Check out this super cat cave on amazon that fulfils more than one purpose!

Not only does it have a cave where they can rest but it also has to scratch sisal on the side and your other cat can easily rest on top while the other cat is inside! Genius!

Vertical elevated space is also very important for cats as they need to feel like they can observe their environment and look down on people from above. You could go for just a simple yet engaging cat tree like this one.

You could also go for some cool wall mounted cat furniture like these and create a cat superhighway going all around your living room.

The choice is yours when it comes to enriching their environment, make sure they have lots of playtimes and also a variety of toys and your Siamese cat may not be as annoying! Lots of behavioural issues can be solved by making your environment an entertaining haven for your cats.

It’s important to burn up some of that play energy that they have stored and fulfil their instinctive need to stalk and hunt with toys.

Key takeaways: Are Siamese cats stubborn?

  • Cats in general are more stubborn than other pets. They will do what they want and will follow commands when they choose.
  • The Siamese demands more attention than other breeds so can appear stubborn when they want something.
  • If your Siamese cat is too needy play with them more and design their environment so it is more stimulating.
  • Bookmark one of my other posts to read when you have the time ”13 ways to keep your cat entertained”

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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