Are There Black Bengal Cats? : Is it Black Magic?

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Bengal cats are a recently evolved breed. They were only domesticated in the ’70s. They are a hybrid breed, a mix between a snow leopard and a domestic cat breed but are there black Bengal cats?

I did some research and used my knowledge of this breed to answer your question.

Bengal cats can be black; you may hear them referred to as a Melanistic Bengal. They have black spots on a black background and look like a small panther. They have rosettes and marble patterns, but these can be hard to distinguish due to the dark colour and can be seen more prominently in the sun.

Later in this post, I go into more detail about the black Bengal, what causes them to have their colour and I also include a little bonus section about the magic and mystery of black cats in general.

So keep reading crazy cat people to learn more!

Black Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat has grown to be a very popular breed and it’s not surprising, they have the most fantastic personalities and strikingly good looks.

They are energetic and playful and they have an amusing obsession with water. As a breed Bengals can also make a good pet for first time owners.

The Black Bengal is called a Melanistic Bengal cat and are a fairly recent version of the breed. They are truly like a panther they even have what’s called ghost rosettes which are circular colour markings and the reason they call them ghost rosettes is because they are often hard to distinguish because of how dark their general colour is.

The markings of the Bengal cat become a lot more prominent in the sun.

If you are a lover of black cats like me you will fall in love with how stunningly beautiful black Bengals are, your own little house panther.

The black Bengal looks just like a mini panther!

The Agouti gene is the gene that is responsible for the black on black markings of the melanistic Bengal and in a black Bengal they have what’s called the non-agouti gene.

To produce a melanistic Bengal breeders will mate two cats with the non-agouti gene and you are almost guaranteed to then get a black cat.

The eye colours of a black Bengal tend to be a striking green, gold or copper which adds to their mysterious good looks. There are also variations of the melanistic Bengal such as a silver smoke Bengal which is black with a pure white background they have the white gene and the melanistic one so they appear to have a chocolatey mocha colour.

Whichever breed you choose they are truly beautiful!

However, even though there is a growing demand for these cats they can be difficult to come by. This is because they are generally not accepted as show cats and by associations in charge of monitoring show cat breeds.

How sad is that?

I think as time goes on though we may see more of them around as demand for them continues to grow. Any Bengal is beautiful regardless of colour and I would always urge anyone to get a new pet from a shelter if and where possible, you never know you may be lucky enough to find a black little beauty while you are there.

How much are Black Bengal Cats?

If you are looking to get a Bengal from a breeder you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 in the USA. The price can vary so much depending on traits and the level of care given by the breeder. You may find Melanistic (Black) Bengals to be in the medium price range due to their rarity.

Again as already stated I would urge you to look at your local shelter first to rescue a cat who has been abandoned but let’s face it cats who are bred also need rescuing and also need a forever home.

The price can vary so much depending on what part of the world you live in and black Bengals are not generally being accepted as show breeds so they may be around the medium price range.

When taking on board a cat it is also a good idea to consider their individual living costs, I wrote a post called ”How much does a cat really cost” where I go into detail about the actual cost with some research to back it up! Click on the link to take a look

Are black cats bad luck?

Black cats are certainly not bad luck. Historically, they have been seen as a symbol of Halloween and magic and there are many superstitions around black cats. These are purely fictional and black cats generally make friendly, sociable pets regardless of breed.

You must have heard the superstitions around black cats. If they cross your path you will be cursed to an eternity of torment and bad luck.

What utter rubbish!

They used to believe that witches would shapeshift into cats and that the black cat is what is often referred to as a familiar to a witch or a companion to help them with their devilish work!

But did you know that superstitions change wherever you are in the world?

In the UK you are considered lucky if you own a black cat, in japan, it is seen as a sign that you will prosper in love, in Scotland you will have prosperity if a black cat comes to your door and in France, something magical is about to happen if you spot a black cat.

Is any of this true? I’ll let you decide!

In Conclusion: Are there black Bengal cats?

So now you know that there are black Bengal cats and they deserve a home just as much as any other Bengal and I hope that you have concluded that they certainly are not evil in any way.

Just remember that Bengals require a lot of care when it comes to playing and exercise. They are a super energetic breed of cat! They are also a friendly breed and full of life and will keep you entertained for hours.

Don’t let the wild nature of this breed put you off of sharing your life with them, they can make really good pets.

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