Are There White Maine Coon Cats? (What you NEED to know)

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The Maine coon cats come in various colours, but one question many prospective Maine coon owners have is if there are White Maine Coon Cats.

I have studied various cat breeds now for several years and the Maine coon happens to be one of my favourite breeds so throughout this post I shall answer your questions surrounding white Maine Coons.

Maine coon cats come in lots of different colours including white. However, white is a scarce colour in the Maine coon, with only 1.5% of the population being true white. They are white because they have inherited the dominant marker gene which covers up their underlying markings.

Later in this post, I delve into a little more detail such as the cost of a white Maine coon and any specific health problems they may have. So if you are interested in this majestic and stunningly beautiful cat then keep reading to learn more!

”I think white is the most wonderful color of all because within it one can find every color of the rainbow”

Richard Meier

Are There White Maine Coon Cats?

The answer to your question is yes there are white Maine coon cats and yes they are stunningly beautiful.

When it comes to the Maine coon I am very biased though as they truly are one of my favourite cat breeds.

To a lot of people, white symbolises purity and perfection and these cats truly live up to that stereotype. I love the look of a pure white cat but I also love a pure black cat and yes Maine coons can be pure jet black too.

The white in the Maine coon is not a colour, they have inherited what we call the dominant marker gene which covers up their true colour.

What is interesting is when the cat is a kitten you can sometimes see its true colour before the white begins to develop however the White dominant gene will always shine through regardless of the cat’s genetic underlying colour.

Are White Maine Coon Cats Rare?

White Main coons are very rare as are most plain-coloured Maine coon’s.

The Maine coon comes in a variety of different colours and shades but mainly we tend to see tabby-looking Maine coons as the most popular.

For a Maine coon to be completely white and to possess the dominant marker gene or the ”W” gene they need to have at least one parent who is also pure white. If you begin your search for one of these cats you will see just how rare they are.

It’s very difficult to say just how rare they are but some sources say that only around 1.5% of the Maine coon population is white. However, the rarest colours tend to be silver and pure gold (Orange) colours.

If you find a pure white Maine coon then you are very lucky and feel free to send me some pics of them. Regardless of the colour with a Maine coon cat you are in for a treat. Their personality is so unique and they behave and act just like a puppy.

They truly are family pets, very playful and at the same time the most gentle friendly giants you could meet!

How Much is a White Maine Coon Cat?

White Maine Coon cats can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $2,200. The Maine coon cat is a pedigree breed so will always cost a little more than a mixed breed cat. The price can vary depending on where you decide to get your Maine coon cat.

If you are lucky then you may be able to find a white Maine coon from an adoption centre and pay much less and if you can adopt a white Maine coon cat then you are giving a home to an unwanted cat who could have been euthanised at some point.

However, cats from breeders also do need a home but always make sure that when you buy from a breeder that they are reputable and that the conditions the cat lives in are healthy and safe.

When you purchase from a breeder you will expect to pay more for your Maine coon cat especially if your cat is neutered and spayed and has had all its necessary vaccinations. The breeder will often pass these costs on to the new owner.

How Big Does a White Maine Coon Cat Get?

There are a few characteristics of the Maine coon that stick out and the first one is their size.

The Maine coon is one of the largest domesticated feline breeds and is fastly becoming one of the most popular cat breeds.

This larger-than-life cat breed also made it to the Guinness world book of records for its size. The average size of a white Maine coon cat is 10-16 inches with a weight of 8-12 pounds with the male being slightly heavier than the female due to its muscular and larger body structure.

So there you go!

The Maine coon is a very large cat breed with an even larger personality.

Do All White Maine Coon Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Don’t you just love it when you see a kitten who has blue piercing eyes!

They look so unbelievably cute and beautiful but do White Maine coons eyes stay blue throughout their entire life?

The truth is all cats are born with blue eyes regardless of the breed this is due to them not yet developing eye pigmentation which often happens when they reach about 6 weeks of age when their Melanin starts to develop.

White Maine coon sometimes retain their blue eyes throughout their life which is amazing quality. Pure white and blue eyes! Who would not just fall in love with that?

Do White Maine Coon’s Have Odd Eyes?

Odd-eyes or heterochromia is a condition in cats that is quite rare and if it is going to happen then it normally appears in white cats.

So there is a big chance that your Maine coon may have two different coloured eyes. This condition can also affect humans (approximately 6 out of 1,000 people) and other animals but when it affects a white cat one eye is normally a striking blue colour whereas the other eye will often be a yellow or green colour.

I am special not only am I white but my eyes are different colours. Take me home please and make me feel even more special by giving me lots of treats and cuddles

The cause of this condition according to Wikipedia is when the white spotting gene or the epistatic white gene prevents the melanin from developing in one of the cat’s eyes which leaves one of the eyes blue.

Are White Maine Coon Cats Friendly?

White Maine coon cats are super friendly!

Never mistake the size of the Maine coon and assume they are going to be aggressive in any way. The Maine coon is famous for its personality. They are big friendly giants with even bigger hearts. The White Maine coon will often behave very similar to a puppy.

They love cuddles but are not always lap dogs, they have a tendency to wait for their owners at the door when they arrive home and they love to play and are intelligent enough to learn multiple tricks.

If you are looking for a laid-back and friendly cat then the Maine coon may just be the breed for you and your family.

Check this out: If you want to read more about the Maine coon and its personality then visit one of my other articles called ”Personality of a Maine coon: Ultimate guide” to learn more!

What Health Problems Do White Maine Coon Cats Have?


White cats are more susceptible to sunburn, a little bit like humans with fair skin, especially on sensitive areas such as their ears, nose and around their eyelids.

Cats naturally know when they have had enough sun so make sure if your cat is in an outdoor enclosure that they have adequate places to lay in the shade.

With a higher risk of sunburn comes a higher risk of developing skin problems such as cancer, so bear this in mind.


There is a common misconception out there that all white cats are born deaf and this is not the case.

Yes, it is more common for a white cat to be deaf and the condition is called Congenital Sensorineural Deafness. This is a condition that is passed down through genetics and often occurs in white cats that have blue eyes or odd eyes.

According to some sources, 30-40% of cats with blue eyes are deaf while 60-80% of cats born with odd eyes are deaf.

It is normally the side where the cat has a blue eye where they will experience deafness and this is due to a lack of melanocytes on that side of the body.

Key Takeaways: White Maine Coon Cats

  • Maine coons come in all different colours with only 1.5% being truly pure white
  • You can expect to pay between $1500 – $2,200 for a white Maine coon cat
  • Regardless of the colour, all Maine coon cats are big friendly giants
  • They can be prone to deafness and burn more easily in the sun, so make sure if you live in a warm country that your Maine coon has ample shade.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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