11 Cute Ways That Bengal Cats Show That They Love You

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Some of the signs that your Bengal cat loves you are very subtle and some of the signs are obvious! This post will help you understand a little bit more about Bengal cat behaviour and why they do the things that they do.

If your cat engages in all or even some of these behaviours then it’s certain that they love you as their forever mommy or daddy and love sharing their life with you!

Keep reading to find out more!

1. Your Bengal Cat will bring you ”Gifts”’

I don’t know about you but the thought of waking up to a dead mouse or even worse one that is still half alive scares the crap out of me!

If you have a cat enclosure in your garden and your Bengal comes back inside with a mouse, rat or even worse a dead or alive frog then don’t tell them off for it.

This is a true sign that they love you, you provide so much for them and feed them every day, you give them the love and attention they crave and they want to return the favour to you. In their little minds they think you are going to eat the remains of the animals they leave on your carpet. They would only ever share their food with the ones they care about the most.

So let them think you’re going to do that and carefully dispose of the dead rodent when they aren’t looking!

2. Your Bengal cat will knead and ”Make Bread”

Ever heard the term making bread or making biscuits?

Not in the literal sense but ever had your Bengal sit on your lap and start kneading your leg? This is another way your cat is letting you know that they care.

This is an instinctive behaviour not only to leave their scent on you from their scent glands located on their paw pads but also to let you know that they feel comfortable around you.

When your Bengal was a kitten he/she would have pawed like this at their mother’s teat to help the release of milk. This is a compliment to you, now their mother is no longer around they are letting you know that you are their new mommy or daddy!

How very cute!

3. Your Bengal will groom you like your a big cat

Grooming is a big part of your Bengals life. In fact, according to Cornell university cats spend up to 30% – 50% of their day grooming.

Wow! That’s a long time!

This is another sign of your Bengals devotion towards you, they will lick you to mark you as being part of their group. Cats groom each other and they copy what their mother did to them when they were kittens. Grooming helps to strengthen social bonds and they may do this to show how much they care.

4. Your Bengal will rub against you to show love

When a cat rubs up against you this is an affectionate behaviour often learned from their mother when they were young and is often used as a form of greeting you.

It is what is called an affiliate action, they are strengthening their social circle by leaving their scent on you. They are marking you as one of their own.

Cats release what are called pheromones or cat hormones from various parts of their body to leave their scent. So rest assured if your Bengal rubs against you then they love you and want to keep you forever, they chose you for a reason.

5. Your cat will roll over and show their belly

The stomach area on a cat is one of the most sensitive areas of its body and it’s also the area where prey will go in for the kill!

Remember in your Bengals eyes they are always aware of being hunted and you will never see a Bengal who feels under threat laid on their backs with their belly on display.

So if they roll over and show you their belly it’s to show you their fondness of you and how much they trust you. It is not always an invitation to jump right in and give them a little belly rub. Not all cats like a belly rub and you may end up with a scratch or two!

I dedicated a whole post to cats and belly rubs that you may want to check out by clicking here!

6. Your cat will blink slowly (Kitty Kisses)

Ever seen your Bengal relaxed and giving you what’s called a Kitty Kiss? This is a slow blink when they have their eyes half-closed.

This is a way to show their affection and trust towards you. They are letting you know that they feel safe around you and it’s an indicator of positive emotion. Unbroken starring is often threatening to a cat but if they close their eyes half shut they are letting you know they trust you to keep them safe.

There was a study conducted by scientific reports that show that a cat will often respond to a human doing a slow blink to them so next time you are with your Bengal let them know you love them by giving them a kitty kiss and they may just do it back.

7. Your Bengal tries to show you their bottom

This behaviour may be annoying but have you ever wondered why your Bengal suddenly decides to lift their tail and show you their bum bum?

When cats greet each other for the first time they rely a lot on Scent. They will usually greet each other with a sniff on the cheeks and face and then once they feel comfortable with each other they will move on to yes you guessed it. The butthole! A cats signature scent is found strongest in this area.

God imagine if we humans went around greeting each other in that way! Cats will be cats.

So when your cat greets you with her behind it’s because she loves you and she feels comfortable around you. It is kinda like a kitty version of a handshake and to show they are not a threat to you.

8. Your cats tail is curved like a question mark

A cats tail can tell you a lot about how they are feeling.

When the tail is down between their legs it can be a sign of anxiety, when it is twitching from side to side it can signal anger and frustration and when they make their tail go big and fluffy they may be preparing for a fight to make themselves look bigger than they are.

When your Bengal comes towards you with a tall tail, straight up in the air and hooked over like a question mark it means they are happy and content and if they do this when you walk in the room it’s a sure sign that your Bengal loves you.

9. Your cat gives you a nibble to show they care

Ever been greeted by your Bengal and they have given you a little bite?

You can tell the difference between a malicious bite and a benign one and when your cat gives you a gentle playful nibble believe it or not it’s a sign of love and affection.

So never tell them off for it, instead give them a little cuddle or get the toys out for being a good little Bengal!

10. Your Bengal bumps their head against you

This has to be one of the cutest things a cat can do.

When your Bengal cat comes over to you and gives you a little head bunt they are leaving their scent on you. Yes, they have a scent gland right on their forehead and by leaving their scent on you they are telling everyone. ”He/She is mine” it shows they feel comfortable around you and they are marking you as being part of their clan.

They want to let other Kitty Cats know to keep away because you belong to them. It can also be an indicator of trust and also they may want you to give them a little rub on the forehead too. Bengal cats can be subtle so listen to their body language.

11. A Purr is confirmation your cat loves you

Purring is one of the highest signs that your feline is content, relaxed and showing affection around you.

A purring cat is normally a happy cat and if they give you those cute little meows then you know your Bengal feels safe with you and loves you as their mommy/daddy!

Occasionally cats can purr for other reasons but it is mainly for contentment.

Cats purr at roughly 26HZ and some scientists believe that this vibration is healthy not just for cats but also for humans too. This frequency may help to reduce stress and some scientists have even said that it can help improve bone density and healing in humans according to scientific America.

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As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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