Will Bengal Cats Sleep With You? – (Noisy at Night?)

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Bengal Cats have some very unique character traits and people often wonder if they differ from other breeds and one of the questions you may have is if they like to share your bed with you?

I did some research and used my knowledge of this breed to answer your question.

As a general rule, Bengal cats do like to sleep in bed with their owners. Bengal cats still maintain wild characteristics and for them to fall asleep they need to feel safe from any predators. If they see being next to you as a place of safety, they may well decide to share your bed with you.

Later in this post, we examine the sleeping habits of Bengals in a little more detail and look at where Bengals like to sleep the most and just how long they tend to sleep on an average day.

So stay tuned and keep reading to learn more about this fascinating breed!

Why Does My Bengal Cat Sleep On Me?

In a cats mind especially a cat like the Bengal who was only recently domesticated in the 1970’s they are either hunting or being hunted.

Cats are normally on high alert most of the time and safety is of prime importance for the Bengal cat. Ever heard of the phrase ”Cat Nap?” Well, it’s because cats even when they are asleep are normally ready to spring into action at any time of day or night to protect themselves and the ones they love.

Chances are if your Bengal cat is wanting to sleep next to you at night time it’s because they feel safe around you.

To be fair it makes sense, you provide their basic needs, you’re a lot larger than they are and they probably see you as a big cat so it makes sense that you would be able to protect them from any predators that may accidentally make their way into there domain.

Notice how I say ”Their” domain? Cats are kings and Queens of the castle and you mere human should be privileged they allow you to share this domain with them (from a cats perspective anyway)

Your cat sleeping on you is her way of saying ”I love you” please protect me while I sleep! How very cute!

Bengals are very friendly and very sociable hence why they want to be close to you!

Two beautiful Bengal cats next to each other looking at the camera
We would both like to share your bed Please! You are so warm at night and we love cuddles.

I did a Facebook poll and also collated information found on other online forums and I asked

A) Does your Bengal sleep with you at night in bed

B) Does your Bengal like to sleep elsewhere

The results are in the table below, I only had 27 responses on this one

My Bengal Sleeps with me My Bengal likes to sleep elsewhere

74% of Bengal’s sleep with their owners at night time!

Surprisingly there was only one reply that said their Bengal was banned from the bedroom at night due to keeping them awake.

You are warm at night time

Another reason why your Bengal cat may be wanting to sleep with you at night is because of the heat you give off and your temperature.

Cats are naturally attracted to warm spots. One of my little girls enjoys sleeping on top of the boiler at night and sunbathing on the window in the summer.

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So if your cat chooses to sleep with you they will find the warmest spot wherever that may be!

Bnegals like to be curled up next to other cats as well as humans

Bengal cats love attention and In the wild cats often snuggle up next to each other not only to keep warm but again to help protect themselves from being hunted by prey.

Again it comes down to the fact that they see you as one big cat and they are naturally social sleepers. If your Bengal sleeps next to you it means they love you and see you as part of their family. Be happy about it!

It is also a good idea to have two Bengals as they love to have a companion to snuggle with when you are not around. I put together a post you may want to read to find out what companion is going to be right for your cat and you can read this by clicking here!

WARNING! Bengals are very active at night time!

Bengals tend to do most of their sleeping in the daytime to save energy for their nightly hunts and Bengals being a little wilder than some breeds still have this instinctive nature.

What does that mean for you?

Their instinct to hunt in the evening mixed with their wild tendencies can mean that they want to play when it’s time for you to go to sleep. So if you do allow your Bengal to sleep with you then be prepared to hear them zooming around occasionally at 3 am.

A close up of a Bengal cats face while he / she is laid down
I may be a little cutie but if you don’t play with me then I will be very active at night!

I have found the best way to combat this is to play with them before you go to bed for at least 15 minutes to use up some of that stored play energy.

Where do Bengals like to Sleep?

As we have already discussed Bengal Cats like to feel safe while they sleep to shield themselves from prey.

They need to have several different places to sleep such as hooded cat beds on the floor, plush beds raised from the ground and even high up places like bookshelves.

With hooded cat beds, they often feel protected and safe from prey and the same goes for raised sleeping places. This may be another reason that you Bengal will want to sleep with you on your bed!

Not all Bengals will like the hooded cat beds as sometimes they like to have several exits points in case they are ever preyed upon, it’s good to give them the choice of several different potential sleeping places.

Why do they like to sleep in raised places?

Most predators hunt on the ground and cats have the advantage of being able to jump, when they are asleep in high places, they can observe their territory from up above and can see what is going on at all times and if they hear any noises down below they can quickly spring into action without fear of being preyed upon.

A Bengal cat on a countertop next to a pink rose quartz crystal
Just chillin’, watching everything!

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How much do Bengal Cats Sleep?

Bengals and cats generally tend to sleep a lot in fact according to Wikipedia they can sleep between 12 and 16 hours with 13 and 14 hours being the average!

Jeez, Louise! I wish I could catch that many Zzzz’s in a day! I am coming back as a cat in the next life! A papered house cat, what a life hey?

Bengal cats love to sleep! They are mainly nocturnal and what is called crepuscular which means that they do most of their hunting at dawn and dusk. So to conserve their energy for the hunt they will sleep a lot in the daytime.

Why does my Bengal Cat cry at night?

There are several reasons as to why your Bengal may be more vocal at night.

I know this behaviour can be frustrating especially when you have a lot planned the following day. Nobody wants to go through their day half asleep while needing 10 cups of coffee just to see them through.

This behaviour is not breed specific and can happen with any cat or pet but finding out the reason why can play a big part in finding out the solution.

So let’s have a look at some of the reasons why your Bengal may be so vocal in the early hours.

  1. Boredom – This is one of the most common reasons why your Bengal may meow a lot at night. Bengals are a very active breed of cats. They will accrue stored energy throughout the day and without an outlet for that energy they may be very restless throughout the night. Why not use up some of that play energy throughout the day? Also, make sure they have plenty of toys to play with when you are asleep to keep them entertained. Also a 15-30 minute interactive play session to use up some of that energy before you go to bed can go a long way in resolving these issues!
  2. Underlying medical issues or pain – Cats don’t have the ability to let us know when they are in pain or if there is something wrong with them so it’s a good idea to make sure they are in perfect health and the best way to do this is by visiting a vet to rule anything out especially if your Bengal was well behaved at night and suddenly starting yowling a lot.
  3. Are they mating? – If you have more than one Bengal they may be having a good time while you are sleeping and you know what that means? Kittens! If you are a breeder then this is something you may have to learn to live with but if you are not then maybe consider getting your cats neutered/spayed.
  4. If your cat is lonely think about a companion – Bengal cats are very sociable animals and they don’t like to be left alone, they can live alone but a companion is always a good idea. They get along well with some breeds of dogs and also other cats that match their personality so you want want to consider a suitable mate for them.
  5. Are they eager to get outside – If your Bengal is an outdoor cat and you are keeping them in overnight they may have the urge to go outside. Have you thought of a catflap so they can gain access to the outdoors? Bengals are normally fine as indoor cats and indoor cats generally live longer and face less danger but if they are used to the great outdoors then they will want to be out there a lot of the time especially at night.

Key points: Will Bengal Cats Sleep with you?

  • Bengal cats like to feel safe while they sleep so they may sleep next to you in bed
  • Cats like to sleep in elevated, protected places so your bed may be a perfect spot for them
  • Always provide a number of different cat beds and places to sleep
  • Cats sleep for an average of 13-14 hours a day!
  • Make sure you play with your Bengal just before bedtime to use up some stored play energy
  • Consider a companion to prevent behavioural issues

Are you considering sharing your life with a Bengal and are you wondering if they are the right breed for a first-time cat owner? – Check out my guide by clicking here!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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