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Let’s inject some cuteness here before we begin.

Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

There is so much variety out there when it comes to cat toys that it can be hard to decide which toys to buy for our little Kitty Cats.

This post is for people in the UK who are asking themselves, what are the best cat toys?

There are Automated cat toys that are super convenient for when we don’t have much time. These cat toys are often battery operated and we can leave cats alone to play with these toys for hours upon end even while we’re at work.

There are also cat toys that allow us to interact with our cats while playing such as feathers, shoelaces, and catnip-filled socks on a piece of string.

The possibilities are endless.

In this post, we look at some of the best cat toys in the UK and their features, we look at the top 3 toys and I also let you into a little secret regarding the best cat toy which is free!

Keep reading to find out more.

Why is play important for cats?

On Average, you should be spending 20-30 minutes a day playing with your cat. Regular play helps keep indoor cats active, maintains a healthy weight, and can help to prevent behaviour problems caused by boredom. Regular play also helps build a strong bond between you and your cat.

There are so many ways in which we can play with our feline friends to make their life more enjoyable and to spend quality time with your pet.

Cats can provide hours of entertainment for us humans just as much as we can entertain them and it helps build a strong bond. Cats have an instinct to hunt their prey and as we know cats in the wild tend to play with their prey before they kill.

I think as cat owners this is something we try not to think about but it is part of nature and a happy house cat is a cat who can engage in these same behaviours while indoors.

I love to play with my humans

When we play with our cats it is important to let your cat stalk the toy for a while, let them chase the toy, and then to make them feel like they have caught their prey and maybe reward them afterwards with a treat or two. This helps to replicate their natural feline instincts.

Do cats get bored with the same toys?

Cats can get easily bored with the same toys, so it is important to vary the cat’s toys on a rotational basis every few days. Use a variety of toys such as automated electronic toys, catnip-filled toys, and even shoelaces which can provide hours of fun and prevent boredom and behavioural issues.

The 10 Best Cat Toys in the UK

So without further delay, let us have a look at the best cat toys to keep your cats entertained and happy.

I have created a table below which looks at some popular cat toys sold on Amazon, the table shows if the cat toys need batteries and if it is an automated cat toy. We also look at the dimensions and the weight of each toy and the price.

Please note prices do vary so I have used £ signs to indicate if the toy is cheap or if it is higher in price.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are reading the table below on a mobile device, please turn your phone horizontal so you can see all sections of the table.

ProductAutomatedBatteriesDimensionsWeightPrice (£–££–£)Catnip infused
X cheng 7 in 1 interactive cat toyYesYes 18 x 4 x 2 cm72 grams£No
Catit Senses Play Circuit NoYes
24.38 x 24.38 x 7.87 cm
454 grams££No
Pet safe Frolicat Stimulating multi-laser cat toyYesYes21 x 10 x 10 cm300 grams££No
Floppy fish cat toy Yes Yes27.3 x 11.5 x 4.6 cm100 grams£Yes
Bojafa Catnip Toys 3 Pack NoNo20.1 x 17.3 x 4.1 cm50 grams£Yes
Home winner cat toys feather wandNoNo27.2 x 22.8 x 2 cm20 grams£No
Oouer interactive cat toy 2in1YesYes 18 x 18 x 9 cm650 grams£££No
Phyles Cat Tunnel – 3 ways collapsible NoNo31.5 x 26.42 x 4.83 cm340 grams££No
Vealind cat indoor interactive teaser toy YesYes 23.6 x 19.99 x 6.81 cm480 grams ££No
The cardboard box the toy arrives in NoNoSome are big and some are small Varies£0No

Top 3 Cat Toys

The Winner!! –

1) Pet safe Frolicat Stimulating multi-laser cat toy

You can get this fab toy at Amazon, click here to take a look!

Why? – If you have ever used a Laser pen with a cat you will know why this toy is the winner. Cats love laser pens and this simple toy can provide hours of fun.

My cats love to chase after the laser and this helps them replicate that instinctive nature of chasing their prey.

Frolicat multi-laser cat toy goes one step further though, you can turn on the cat toy which is battery operated and automated and two lasers will shine around the room in a 360-degree rotation. Turn the device on and watch your cats go crazy as they chase the laser around the room.

Believe me when I say that this toy is not only entertaining for the cats but also for humans too.

One cool feature is that it automatically switches off after 15 minutes so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on for too long and exhausting kitty. As shown in the table above it is also only 300 grams so it is super lightweight too.

Cons – Some said it was noisy but for 15 minutes, I am sure it is worth the hours of fun you can have!

The Runner up!

2) Catit Senses Play Circuit

Find this super cool runner up toy by clicking here

Why? – This toy is designed to stimulate all your cat’s senses and my cats love it. This is a plastic tubed track that contains a ball that lights up – the cat can easily reach inside the track and once they swat the ball it lights up and moves along the track.

Sit back and watch as the kitty tries to catch the ball and knocks it from side to side and around the track.

This was one of the best cat toys I bought and you can leave it out for hours on end.

Cons – When the lights run out on the ball I couldn’t work out how to get the ball open to change the battery. Maybe someone else may be able to work this out but I ended up having to purchase another ball which when it arrived didn’t work. I wouldn’t let this put you off though. Cats still love the toy and still play with the ball after the light goes out.

One more thing, I needed to hide the toy at night time as it was pretty noisy and I value my restful sleep.

And in third place we have…

3) The Floppy fish cat toy

Take a look and check out this flippy, floppy fish!

Why? – Why not! These are the latest cat toy and it seems every feline owner now has one. You probably have one already but if you don’t then you don’t know what you are missing out on.

This is a fish made out of material with a plastic tail that moves when the batteries are charged.

It appears to whip around and move on the floor and the best part is, mine came with a tea bag inside filled with catnip.

You will see from the chart above that this toy is super light and is very low priced.

Just charge it up and when the kitty pounces on it then it will begin to move. They come in a variety of designs too such as Bright orange Nemo fish and your standard carp-looking fish.

It keeps cats entertained all day long and the batteries last for quite a while before it needs a charge.

Cons – I couldn’t find any to be honest apart from I can imagine a fairly eager cat could rip the material and get to the catnip teabag inside.

The Best Cheap Cat Toy – The cardboard box

So you have spent some money on your cat’s new toys and to your absolute horror, your cat seems more interested in the cardboard box than the toy itself.

How very rude!

Mummy and Daddy bought me new toys but this cardboard box is my favourite

You know what cats are like though, they are so unpredictable and they love anything unusual. There is a reason why your feline friends love cardboard boxes though and we shall examine those reasons below.

  • Provides a hiding place – Cats love places to hide and they love climbing into small spaces, they can be very private animals, and providing hiding places gives them their own little places that they need for time out.
  • Cats love the smell and texture of cardboard – Cats will often chew the cardboard and scratch at it, they seem to just love the texture of it. (The weirdos) 🙂
  • Helps to preserve body temperature – According to Pet-MD – Boxes can help keep cats warm. Cats’ normal body temperatures can range from 99.5°F to 102.5°F. Cardboard can provide insulation that helps them retain their body heat.
  • Cats feel safe in cardboard boxes – Cats naturally hide from prey and also other cats who may want to fight, this is part of their natural instincts and behavior.

So there we go, the best free toy for your cats. I like to cut holes in the box for them to climb through and make it even more fun and sprinkle a little catnip inside.

So whatever toy you choose to buy for your cat I hope my guide above has helped you choose, there is so much variety out there, let’s not forget you can always make your own to and there will be a future blog post on that so watch out for it.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies

Mark (The Crazy Cat Man)


Mark loves Cats, he is the Daddy to two little cats who you will see throughout his blog. He has a passion for Cat care and enjoys everything cat-related. You could call him the crazy cat man.

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