Can Cats See Ghosts? (The Spooky Feline Secrets)

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

You may have discovered this blog post because your cat has been acting strangely and maybe they are staring at something you cannot see and you are wondering ”Can my cat see ghosts?”

I have used my knowledge of cats combined with some research I did on the topic to answer your question and some other related questions around the subject.

A large number of cat owners believe that their cats can see ghosts and detect energies that most humans cannot. Cats are crepuscular, which means they are more active during the twilight period and have evolved with highly developed senses. So if anyone can detect subtle energies, it’s the cat.

Later in this post, we explore the signs to look out for when your cat may be looking at a ghost or detecting subtle energies, we also explore a cat’s senses and why they are so highly attuned.

We will also look at Oscar the cat and if you haven’t heard of Oscar and his talented psychic abilities you will want to keep reading to find out more!

Let the spookiness begin!

Can Cats See Spirits and Angels?

Whether you are a believer in the spirit realm or a die-hard sceptic one thing we will agree on is that cats have extremely heightened senses compared to humans so if anyone is going to detect supernatural energies in whatever form they appear in then its the cat.

Most cat owners have had strange experiences with their cats and caught them staring into a corner or hissing and meowing at something that they cannot detect.

Is this a spirit, ghost or angel or is this just a sound that your cat can hear from next door or a sound frequency that you cannot hear? This is something we will never truly know or truly understand. There are however thousands of stories of strange happenings around cats that can leave sceptics unable to disprove what is really going on.

One of those stories is from my friends who have multiple cats, one evening they were both sat down watching TV and all of the cats in the home starting hissing and meowing and following what seemed to be invisible objects around the room.

Being very open-minded to the spirit world they decided to take out a camera and record the cats but here’s where the scary part is! When they watched the video back afterwards the cats were chasing balls of light called orbs that were caught on camera.

Now some sceptics would say that those orbs are just specs of dust but seriously I saw them on the video recording and they were large coloured balls of energy that could not be mistaken for specs of dust on the lense. The two girls later discovered their house was haunted and they went on to take more disturbing pictures before having a spiritualist medium coming into their home to perform a blessing to try to help the trapped spirit move on.

”When they watched the video back afterwards the cats were chasing balls of light called orbs that were caught on camera”

There was also a psychic called Keith Harary who did an experiment where he used what’s called astral projection which is where someone enters into a deep state of meditation to allow their spirit body to leave their physical body temporarily to explore the astral realm. Details of the experiment can be found in the journal of parapsychology in the 1982 edition according to this article I found.

Keith wanted to see if he could astral project and visit his cat who was in a different location and cause behavioural changes in the cat that could be recorded.

Keith began the experiment and the people who took part in the experiment said the cat changed behaviour and began to meow 37 times apparently, some of the other humans who were with the cat could also detect a change in energy in the room while Keith’s spirit was around.

Keith then did an experiment where rather than astral projecting he just thought about doing it and thought of the cat to see if it was the power of thought and the cat responded by doing absolutely nothing.

Is this a fluke or did the cat detect the presence of his owner even though his owner was miles away?

I’ll let you decide!

Signs your cat can see ghosts

So what are the signs to look out for to see if your cat can see ghosts?

Don’t get too scared now will you 🙂

1) Your cat looks at the wall or into open space

We have all witnessed this as cat owners and wondered what the hell are they looking at? It’s even worse if they do it when you are mid-way through watching a scary horror movie and afterwards you run to the bed and pull the covers over you in case you wake in the night to a bloodthirsty monster waiting to get you!

Go on admit it we have all done it!

Can your cat see a ghost and detect something that you can’t physically see?

2) Your cat looks over your shoulder and seems to be staring at something behind you!

What on earth are you looking at Kitty? – ”It’s behind you”!

Have you ever experienced your cat looking at you but not at you? It’s always scary when they do this because you are left puzzled as to what has caught their attention.

Is it a spooky apparition standing behind you waiting to scare you to death or is it just a spider they have seen crawling on the wall? Either way, it’s scary!

P.S if it’s a spider then let your cat go away and chomp on that spider, they are full of protein! – In case you want to find out if it’s okay for cats to eat spiders, I wrote a blog post on that too, take a read here when you get the chance.

3) Your cat growls and hisses at nothing

This can be super scary especially if it happens in the middle of the night! Your cat seems to be going crazy at nothing with their fur standing on end with a scared and angry look.

That’s enough to freak anyone out!

Is it a ghostly presence teasing your little bundle of joy or have they just gone mad? Cats are little loveable weirdos after all.

Have you ever heard of Oscar the hospice cat?

This cat knows when people are going to pass over and provides them comfort in the nursing home. He was responsible for predicting the death of over 60 patients.

See the youtube video below to find out more!

Can Cats Sense Bad Energy?

I am a big believer in cats sensing negative energy and also negative people. We know that cats have highly attuned senses so this makes sense but I also believe they have senses that we cannot scientifically explain too.

To give you an example of this, I once knew a girl who I considered to be a good friend. We hadn’t known each other very long and we met on a night out. I liked her but my cats did not like her in the slightest. I had never seen my cats not like anyone as they are the most caring, loving little creatures I have ever met.

They wouldn’t go near her and one of them even hissed at her and this was unusual because every other guest who came into the home would walk over to them do a little scent investigation and then want hours of attention from them.

It turned out that a month or so later this girl stole from me and I found out she had been using me and she began to show her true colours and was not a very nice person at all. Did my cats sense that this girl was indeed a bad egg and they knew before me or did they just not like her scent?

To be fair her hygiene wasn’t great but that’s another story I shall not go into 🙂 – Moving on…

Cats have highly developed senses

Cats are one of natures best hunters! Seriously there whole body is designed for the hunt and this makes their senses super sharp!

Cats do the majority of their hunting just before dawn and just before dusk which means they are what is called crepuscular animals. To hunt in low light conditions cats have something in their eyes called a tapetum layer of tissue behind the retina and this allows cats to take in as much light as they possibly can to allow them to be able to turn it into something that they can see.

This is what is responsible for the big bright eyes you often see when you take a picture of a cat and use a flash. – In fact, this can sometimes look scary, like demon eyes!

Cats also have a great sense of hearing and they can hear sounds and frequencies that we cannot hear, apparently they can hear at about 1.6 octaves higher than we can and 1 octave more than a dog according to Wikipedia. They have access to ultrasound noises that we humans can not detect.

They can also hear frequencies up to 64 Khz compared to humans that can hear up to 20Khz. Not only that but their ears are like little radars and can move in different directions to detect sound around them.

Cats can also smell a lot better than we can they have up to 200 million odour senses in their nose and their sense of smell is said to be 14 times stronger than a human. Let’s not forget a cats Jacobson’s organ which is located on the roof of their mouth.

Ever seen your cat pull what’s called the ”Stink face” where they open their mouth and raise their upper lip? They are taking in the new smells and they use the Jacobson organ in their mouth to make sense of this new smell.

Let’s not forget their whiskers which can detect what’s around them and in front of them at all times.

Cats can detect a lot of things that humans cannot and maybe this is why cats can see and detect ghosts and spiritual entities? Or do they have other senses that we don’t know about? The mystery will contain forever!

Black cats and spirits?

I love black cats and I own a black cat and she is the most loving little cherub I’ve ever met. There is however a lot of superstition surrounding black cats and some people believe they are evil!

In my opinion, that is utter nonsense but where do these superstitions come from and what are they?

Black cats have been associated with witchcraft for hundreds of years!

The fear first came about in the middle ages in Europe where cats were seen as dark creatures full of mystery and evil. If a woman alone had a black cat she most certainly would have at one point been accused of being a witch and was said to curse someone who upset her and use the help of an animal as her familiar which was a pet said to be given to her by the devil.

They even blamed the deaths of people on cats if the cat walked into a room and then the person later died.

Some of the superstitions surrounding black cats were not all negative though, in Britain and other areas of Europe it can be seen as good luck if you own a black cat and you feed them well and look after them or if a black cat crosses your path.

Some people even believe that you can cure a stye on the eyelid by rubbing it with the tail of a black cat, so remember what to do next time you have a stye on the eye 🙂

This is why black cats are seen as spiritual animals due to all those superstitions. My black cat is very special to me and not bad luck at all. She is the opposite and brings me love, cuddles and laughter every day.

Key takeaways – Can cats see spirits and detect presences?

  • Cats have super developed senses which allow them to see, hear and smell things that mere humans cannot.
  • Lots of owners report strange goings-on with cats such as chasing invisible orbs and having a knowing when things are about to happen (See Oscar the cat youtube video above)
  • Cats can sense bad energy and a bad person!
  • Black cats are not evil, let me repeat black cats are not evil.

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