The Difference Between Male and Female Siamese Cats

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The personality of a Siamese cat is generally friendly, affectionate and very vocal. They are loyal pets and are also very active compared to some breeds. There are very few differences between the male and female Siamese.

Some of these differences are subtle but hopefully, by answering your questions below you can get a good understanding of those differences to help you make an informed decision about which sex of Siamese is right for you.

The personality of a male or female Siamese cat can vary depending on their background and socialisation at a young age. Another factor to consider is if your cat has been neutered. Non-Neutered female cats may be a lot needier and affectionate whereas males can be territorial and more aggressive.

*One thing I must point out is that these are just general characteristics and each individual cat will have their own unique personality just like humans.

Later in this post, I go into a lot more detail and answer some other questions such as how you can tell the difference between a male and female cat, which sex of Siamese cat is more vocal and which sex has the tendency to be more aggressive.

Keep reading to find out more!

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Differences between male and female Siamese cats – Learn more!

As we have already discussed the personality differences vary so much depending on a number of factors and it’s important to realise that un-neutered cats are a whole different ball game.

When a cat whether male or female is un-neutered they will have a lot of sex hormones coursing throughout their body which is responsible for the behavioural differences you may see. Generally, cats who have been neutered/spayed will mellow out a lot and become much more friendly and less stressed in general.

When your Siamese cat reaches sexual maturity they will have urges. Without sounding too vulgar just imagine how you would feel if you had the need for close time and you were never allowed any form of sexual release? You would probably become frustrated and not in the best of moods and potentially angry at the world.

That’s why most cat owners choose to get their cats spayed/neutered at a young age as this will alter their behaviour patterns for good and reduce unnecessary stress for your cat.

I came across an article on hills pet where Chrissie Klinger a cat behavioural specialist said –

”Behavioral differences between male and female cats are most obvious in pets that are not neutered or spayed, since the behavioral differences usually are related to the cat’s sex drive”.

Chrissie Klinger {Hillspet)

I have put together a handy table below which should help you understand the differences between a male and female Siamese un-neutered cat.

Male Cat (Un-neutered)Female Cat (Un-neutered)
BoisterousMore affectionate and homely
Independent Protective
Competitive for females Need for physical contact
Territorial Less likely to tolerate change in the home
A lot more Aggressive Loveable
More likely to spray urine in the home Needy
Strong urge to escape to find a female Defensive when in heat
Very moody when in heat
Extremely vocal when in heat

So now we have covered how cats behave when they are un-neutered let’s have a look at how their personalities are different when they no longer have their bits intact.

Once a male cat has been neutered you will notice that they become a lot more friendly and able to socialize a lot better. According to, ”castration reduces roaming in up to 90% of cases” so your male siamese will be less likely to run away.

They will also be less likely to spray as their territorial instincts will lessen and also the smell of their urine, in general, will lessen, which is always a good thing around the home.

While we’re on the subject of urine smells, I wrote a whole blog post with 26 ways to keep that cat smell out of your home. It is defiantly worth a read and you can do this by clicking here!

They’re also less likely to fight with other cats and levels of aggression will naturally begin to lower, resulting in a more affectionate cat.

Males are said to be more affectionate while females are more reserved but this is not always the case as we will discover later in this post!

A siamese kitten looking up at the camera
When a Siamese cat is neutered, they have fewer sex hormones which will reduce any undesirable personality traits

Female Siamese cats when ”spayed” will become noticeably less vocal, she will still be somewhat vocal as are all Siamese cats but you will notice that she will be a lot more quiet than usual.

There will again be less aggression and stress due to no more fluctuating hormones. This will mean their personality will be more passive. In general Siamese cats are more friendly than some breeds anyway and should be generally pleasant regardless of being neutered or not.

They will just be a lot more laid back with less anxiety and stress to deal with but still have that loving personality that most Siamese cats have.

Should your Siamese cat be mean then there is normally a reason and you may want to have a read of my other blog post ”Are Siamese cats mean?” to learn more and to discover how you can help a cat who is acting aggressively.

So there we go, now you know some of the main differences between the male and female Siamese cat, let’s now look at some other common questions you may have.

How Can I tell if my Siamese is male or female?

The best way to find out the sex of your Siamese cat is by lifting the tail. The opening just under the tail is the kitten’s anus. If you look below the anus you will see the genitals. In the female cat, the vulva is a vertical slit and in the male cat, the penile opening looks like a little circle.

If you are finding it hard to get your cat to raise their tail then it may be a good idea to tickle their back slightly which should encourage them to raise their tail so you can inspect. Also, it may be worth noting that a male will have a much larger gap between their anus and genitals.

Are Male or Female Siamese cats more vocal?

As a general rule most Siamese cats are very talkative regardless of sex. When cats of either sex are intact, they tend to be more vocal, especially the female cat who can make a variety of noises while she is in heat, such as crying and yowling for a potential mate.

With a Siamese cat one thing, you must accept if you are thinking of taking on board this breed of cat is that they will talk, talk and talk some more.

They will let you know when they want your love and affection and they will demand it and they will let you know when they want to feed.

So regardless of the sex of your pet, they are both as vocal as each other apart from when the queen is in heat! Then you will know just how very noisy they can be!

Do Male Siamese cats get bigger than females?

Generally, While both sexes are of a slender build the male Siamese cat is slightly taller and heavier than the female. Male Siamese cats weigh between 7-12 pounds, and their height is between 29-36cm tall while the female Siamese cat weighs between 6-9 pounds, and the average height is 27-32cm tall.

Are Male Siamese cats aggressive?

As a general rule, male Siamese cats are not any more aggressive than females. Siamese cats have the tendency to be a little more territorial and protective, so in certain situations, they may show aggressive tendencies to protect their space.

The Siamese breed is popular because of their personality, as long as they are given enough attention, love and care and they have enough toys to play with and plenty of space in the home that they can claim as their territory, this should reduce any behavioural issues such as aggression.

A dark faces Siamese cat sitting down and looking cute
Don’t worry I am generally not aggressive, I love cuddles too much!

If you are looking for some super cool tips and ways you can keep your cat entertained through the day then it is worth taking a look at this post I made with 13 ways to keep your indoor cat entertained while you are away!

As stated above the Siamese can be territorial and they get deeply attached to their owners, they tend to pick a favourite in the household and if they feel neglected when another pet arrives or you bring home a new baby to introduce to your cat then they may get jealous so it’s important for any changes to be implemented slowly and always remember to include your Siamese and give them the same amount of attention as before.

They may only act aggressively if they feel you are under threat of being attacked by someone else, they have natural protective instincts towards the ones they love and it’s only because they care about you so deeply!

Are male cats more affectionate than female cats?

This is an argument that will go on for a long time!

Personally, I think there are more factors at play than gender when it comes to levels of affection such as breed tendencies, early socialisation and the general personality of your cat.

I have two cats, one boy and one girl, my girl is half Siamese and she is more affectionate than the male cat. Some people do say that male cats are more affectionate and loving but I have personally not found this to be true.

I took a look through some online forums and most people agree that it is cat dependant. It just seems to be a common theme that people, in general, say they have found males to be more affectionate and females to be more distant.

Maybe females just take a little longer to win over and trust the person they are interacting with?

At the end of the day if you give your cat lots of love, cuddles and affection then they will return this back to you 100 fold!

Key takeaways: Differences between male and female Siamese cats!

  • Behavioral differences are more likely to show up in un-neutered cats.
  • The male Siamese cat is generally larger than the female.
  • The Siamese generally are affectionate regardless of sex.
  • Neutered male cats are 90% less likely to stray and dissapear for days at a time!
  • Female cats are more vocal when in heat, although both sexes are very talkative and will remain that way.

So as you can see there really isn’t that much difference between males vs females. They can be a really great pet either way. I hope this article has given you food for thought and has helped you decide if the Siamese cat is the right breed for you!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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