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The Bengal cat is a stunningly beautiful pet and they have some really good character traits but do Bengals have a tendency to suffer from Jealousy?

I used my knowledge of this breed and did a little research to answer your question.

Bengal Cats can sometimes experience Jealousy. They are a very social breed and are known to develop a close bond with their owners. If the Bengal feels like another person or pet is getting more attention than them they may feel left out so it’s important to divide your time between all your pets.

Bengal cat hiding in a paper bag spying on you
Peek a Boo! I am watching you!

So now let’s explore the reasons why Bengals may get Jealous and look at how to stop jealous behaviour. I’ll also look at some related topics and explore the answers to some other questions you may have on the subject.

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Why do Bengal cats get Jealous?

Bengal cats are very energetic and often require more attention than more docile breeds and because of these personality traits they often require at least an hours worth of play every day.

They are very friendly but are known to get very attached to their owners to the point of being protective. They are also very territorial so the way your Bengal may see it is anything that they perceive as threatening their territory may stir up feelings of envy.

Your Bengal may get Jealous if you are introducing a new pet into the home such as another cat or dog and they may even get Jealous if you introduce a new addition to the family such as a new partner or baby.

While we’re on that subject, I wrote a very informative article on how to introduce a baby to a cat and this is worth a read if you want to learn some super cool tricks for a happy cat home!

It’s not only people and pets that may be the problem, your cat may also get envious of inanimate objects such as books or mobile phones!

If your cat is not getting the same amount of attention as it used to get or there is a big change in routine then this may upset your cat and she may become clingy and start to act out.

Cat love routine and if you are suddenly out of the house more or your change their feeding schedule this can cause stress and behavioural issues if the changes are not implemented slowly and correctly.

I am sorry if I get Jealous it’s only because I love you!

Another big reason why your Bengal can be experiencing envy is due to poor socialisation as a kitten, it is so very important for a kitten to be with their mum and siblings for at least 12 weeks after being born. This crucial period will teach your cat what is right from wrong and give them all the skills they will need to be a balanced adult cat.

Signs of Jealousy to watch out for

  • Aggression towards the social rival
  • Growling and hissing
  • Urinating around the home
  • Chewing furniture and other items
  • Urinating on the social rivals items such as their bed
  • They try to disturb whatever you’re doing

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How do I stop my Bengal Cat from being Jealous?

Even though your Bengal cat should not be malicious and bitter in any way if they do start to show these signs towards you or other members of the home then it’s time to act. Your Bengal cat is very intelligent and may be able to pick up on any subtle changes.

The first thing we need to look at is to determine the reasons why your cat is behaving in this way?

Getting a clear picture of why your Bengal may be acting out will help you solve the problem in the best way that you can.

  • Have you recently introduced a new companion for your bengal?
  • Do you have a new partner or someone new moved in?
  • Has your cat’s favourite spot in the home been disturbed in any way?
  • Are you spending more time doing something that you were not doing before?

Creating a cat superhighway could keep them occupied

One of the biggest reasons why a Bengal may act out and appear to be jealous could be boredom. They are one of the most energetic breeds of cats. Not only do they need a lot of playtimes but it’s also super important for them to have lots of places they can hide and places they can jump up onto.

Bengals are big jumpers and they like to observe their territory.

If you have ruled out any health issues with a qualified vet and you haven’t yet adapted your home to suit your Bengals needs then this is the first place you need to look to solve any behavioural issues.

This is where I would recommend getting some wall mounted cat furniture, cats love vertical spaces in the home and you could even create what is commonly known as a cat superhighway which would be a track of different shelves and cat furniture that connect all around the home!

By making your home a cat haven, they can then observe their territory from above and the more entertained they are the less they will be likely to bother you for constant attention. This can also stop any territorial issues and envy between other cats in the home as it’s very important for them to have individual space and places they can claim as their own.

Check out this super cool wall mounted cat furniture that contains 4 cat shelves, 2 cat houses and 2 ladders!

Check out this video by the cat daddy Jackson Galaxy! – To find some tips on how to catify your home!

Spaying / Neutering may help reduce envy

This is always a personal choice but if you intend on your cat not having any kittens then it can be a good choice, according to the animal health centre neutering your cat can reduce unwanted behaviour.

You see cats that have all those sex hormones coursing throughout their body will be more prone to territorial behaviour, fights for territory and Jealousy between other pets.

It will also prevent your cat from wanting to roam and escape!

If your Bengal is still young get another kitten!

Now, this may sound counterproductive because if your cat is behaving in a jealous way how can introducing another cat help to reduce the envy they are experiencing?

Introducing another cat may help to keep your Bengal occupied and happy thus reducing the need for attention from you when the social rival is around especially if the social rival is a partner or baby.

They will keep each other occupied all day long, just remember to introduce two cats correctly and do this slowly! Just make sure it’s another Bengal cat or a at least a breed that is just as energetic. Bengals have a lot of energy so a docile lap cat may be too laid back to keep up with them.

Associate the social rival with positive experiences

Sometimes jealousy can stem from the fact that your Bengal cat has not yet built up a connection with the object of their frustrations.

When you introduce a new partner or housemate into the home it’s important for them both to build up a bond. Now, this is not going to happen overnight but there are some steps you can take.

  • Get the social rival to feed your Bengal
  • When they enter the room get them to feed your cat some treats
  • Make sure that the rival does not approach your cat but allow your Bengal to come to them when they are ready
  • Spray pheromone spray on them to help the cat become relaxed around them and associate them with nice things
  • Bengals love to play so get them to engage in interactive play with your cat
  • Leave an item of their clothing in one of their beds to get you Bengal used to their scent

Spend time with your cat and make sure they do not feel left out

It’s very important to never let your Bengal cat feel left out or they will certainly let you know about it!

When there is a new pet in the home or person you will end up having to split your time between your cat and the social rival.

Just remember your cat has feelings too so stick to the same routines and feeding schedules. If your cat shows signs of jealousy then sometimes just a 5-minute play and cuddle session is all you may need to remind him/her that they are still your favourite and you still love them.

Do Bengal cats hold grudges?

A Bengal cat will not hold grudges, even though cats share similar emotions to us they are slightly different to humans. Cats learn to associate behaviours, actions and people with negative or positive experiences. So make sure the experiences your Bengal has are positive ones.

Key takeaways: Are Bengals Cats Jealous cats?

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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