Do Bengal Cats Need Companions? – Your Questions Answered

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If you are reading this you either have a Bengal cat or are thinking of getting one and it’s natural to wonder if your Bengal needs a mate or are they okay to be alone?

I used my knowledge of this breed and did some research to answer your question!

As a general rule, Bengal cats are well adapted to being solitary creatures however they are also a very energetic, social breed that needs a lot of daily stimulation so if you are frequently away from home it may be a good idea to get another pet to keep your cat company while your away.

Later in this post, we look at what other breeds get along with Bengals, if Bengal cats get along well with dogs and if they can be left alone. There is also some information on how to keep your Bengal cat entertained!

They can make a great pet for first-time owners and I hope this post can help you decide if one or two is better for you!

Keep reading to learn more!

Do Bengal cats do better in pairs?

So even though historically cats are solitary creatures and hunters and it won’t hurt them to be alone it is not always the best choice.

The Bengal cat became domesticated in the 1970’s so they are a fairly new hybrid breed and there is a misconception that because they have a ”Wild” side that they still keep all their wild traits such as being aggressive and being solitary animals.

You need to remember that they are still domesticated animals and most owners keep Bengal cats indoors so over time they have learned to become social, friendly creatures so yes if you are at home all day long and you have the time and commitment to engage in active playtime with your Bengal then maybe having the one cat is perfect for you and there is nothing wrong in this instance.

If you want to see just how friendly Bengals can be, take a look at one of my other blog posts ”Are Bengal cats friendly?

If you are away from home all day and your Bengal is going to be left alone then this is where problems may begin to arise, a Bengal cat does not like to feel alone.

Watch these two little munchkins keeping each other company and playing! Check out the youtube video below by Basil and Parsley!

Bengal cats do require lots of attention so there are benefits to having two Bengal Cats and as you can see from the video above they will play with each other all day long and this will take some of the demand off of you so you can get along with your own life!

Boredom can be a real problem for cats left alone all day not only that they will have less exercise which can eventually lead them to become obese, depressed and even aggressive.

The last thing you want when you get home from work is to be greeted by an angry Bengal. If you notice any changes in behaviour like this then it may well be time to introduce another cat or companion into the home.

If you have read my other blog posts you will know that I like to involve the lovely people on a popular Bengal cat group on Facebook to give you some real data about this breed.

So I asked the group to respond to the poll by choosing one of the options below –

A) My Bengal Cat Lives alone

B) I have a Bengal plus another cat/cats

C) I have a Bengal cat and a dog

I had 55 responses and I have placed the results in the table below for you

My Bengal Lives aloneI have multiple cats My Bengal Lives with a dog

Did those results surprise you?

It seems that most Bengal Cats owners have multiple cats to keep their Bengal happy but also what this data shows us is that Bengal Cats can live happily with dogs. I hope this data gives you an idea of just how sociable they are as pets.

Only 7% of people had one Bengal cat, which surprises me, to be honest, I did think the results would have been slightly higher.

Now let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having a companion for your Bengal!

Two Bengal Cats will learn a lot from each other

Bengal cats are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds and cats in general learn by observation and need to be socialised so they can learn from each other as they mature. Some of the things they will teach each other are how to use the litterbox, how to play fight and they will generally keep each other in check.

You will sleep better with two cats

It is quite common for people with single cats to be awoken in the night or early morning for playtime especially with a breed as active and playful as the Bengal!

I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to be doing at 4 am is dragging the cat’s toys around the room whilst looking and feeling like a zombie and needing caffeine to get me through the remainder of the day!

No thank you!

Also while we’re on the subject of sleep did you know that 74% of people said their Bengals sleep in bed with them at night! Just imagine two of them and the body heat you would get from them in the cold winter!

Two Bengal Cats living together will keep each other clean

Shedding is not so much a problem with Bengals as they are known to be one of the least shedding cats. However, they do still spend a lot of their day cleaning and grooming and how nice would it be to have two cats who can clean each other all day!

Not only is this super cute but it will make sure your Bengals are clean when they wander around their territory!

We keep each other clean all day long! Because were little cuties!

What to take into consideration when getting two Bengal cats

So as you can see there are definite advantages to sharing your life with more than one Bengal cat but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

What I would say is please make sure you are aware of the cost of owning more than one cat.

Believe it or not, there is a lot to take into consideration, I wrote a whole article on the subject of how much a cat costs, so it may be worth having a look.

Another thing you may also need to take into consideration is making sure there is enough space for each cat within the home. This is so important!

Bengals are very territorial so they will need to have space that they can claim as their own or you may very well run into trouble. They are exceptionally good jumpers and they need lots of verticle space to observe their territory, they also need space they can scent mark and claim as their own, this will help to prevent jealousy amongst your Bengal cats

4 Bengal cats on a cat tree
Bengal cats love to be in high places

You will need two beds, two litter trays, separate feeding dishes etc… also it’s a good idea to ”Catify” your home and make it a feline haven for your Bengals.

There are numerous ways you can do this but I would seriously recommend mounted wall furniture for your babies! – This will ensure they have lots of places they can jump onto when they maybe want a little time out from the other pets.

Check out this super cool wall-mounted furniture on amazon that would be perfect for an active Bengal!

Also, make sure there are plenty of toys they can use and make sure to rotate them regularly so they don’t get too bored. There are other ways you can keep your cat entertained throughout the day, in fact in this post I list 13 fun ways to keep them occupied all day!

Another thing you may wish to consider is getting two Bengal cats when they are kittens as it’s far easier for cats to learn to get along together when they are young than introducing two older cats. That’s not to say you can’t introduce another Bengal when they are both mature but they will be more set in their ways especially if they are not well socialised.

What other breeds get along with Bengal Cats?

As a general rule, Bengal cats get along with other breeds who match their personality and high energy levels such as the Siamese cat, the Bombay and the Savannah rather than more docile lap cat breeds such as the ragamuffin.

It’s important to take careful consideration when adopting two different breeds. As you may already know the Bengal cat is full of energy and imagine how much this could frustrate a cat breed who wants to rest all day and just sit in your lap!

This could potentially be a recipe for disaster so please do your research before taking on board another breed and look for another playful energetic breed.

Do Bengal cats get along with dogs?

In general, a dog can be a perfect companion for a Bengal cat. Bengal cats are often described as being dog-like and are very playful with lots of energy; as long as the dog is cat-friendly they can keep each other company while you are out, which will reduce loneliness and boredom in both pets.

It is a common and very outdated misconception that dogs and cats don’t get along with each other. Dogs can make the perfect mate for your Bengal.

Bengal cats are very social animals and even though they can live alone they much prefer to have a companion living with them. The key is finding a dog breed that is cat friendly and will be happy to play with your Bengal.

The dog will love the Bengal cat being around too, dogs are generally pack animals so they will treat the Bengal as one of their own and enjoy the attention.

Bengals can be a dominant breed so sometimes having a dog around can be better than another cat, there will certainly be fewer territorial issues within the home. The Bengal may be less likely to pick on and dominate the dog with them being a different species.

It is still a good idea to introduce the Bengal and the dog when they are both young, that is not to say that you cannot introduce a dog to an adult Bengal but allowing them to mature together from a young age will give them time to develop a lasting strong bond.

In my poll, 42% of Bengal owners also had a dog so this proves that they get along with dogs just fine! Forget the misconceptions around canines and felines being enemies. It couldn’t be further from the truth!

What breeds of dogs get along with Bengal cats?

When choosing which breed of dog to live with your Bengal there are some careful considerations to take into account.

Certain breeds are not always cat friendly. This isn’t to say that you can’t own one of these breeds when you have a Bengal as I believe all breeds can adapt to sharing their life with a cat especially if they have been together since they are young but generally you don’t want to have a dog who has natural hunting instincts such as a terror or a hound.

These dogs were traditionally bred for speed, hunting and herding and because of this, they may end up chasing your cat around the home too much.

Bengal cats like to feel like they are the dominant pet and if they are Constantly being chased this could result in your cat becoming stressed and fearful.

I think the most important thing when introducing a dog to a cat is to make sure that they are well trained and can follow basic commands so if they do start misbehaving and won’t leave your cat alone, you can quickly command them to stop.

I can become best friends with a dog! I will play with them all day but I don’t want to be constantly chased.

Some breeds that are known to get along with cats are –

  • Basset hound
  • Pug
  • Papillon
  • Labrador
  • Golden retriever
  • Collie
  • Cavalier king charles
  • Bulldog
  • Beagle
  • Poodle

Remember that these are just stereotypes and like cats dogs do have individual personalities to take into account. Every dog and cat is different!

When introducing your Bengal to a dog remember to do this slowly and in the same way you would introduce two cats.

Remember to do this by smell first, then sight before you allow them to interact and please be patient.

Make sure the dog is well trained and keep the cat and dog in separate rooms to start with and let them smell each other through a closed door for a few days to get used to each other’s scent.

Then you may wish to place a baby gate on the door entrance. This will allow your cat to enter the room with the dog in as and when they choose too and it will allow an escape route!

Keep your dog on a lead at first so the dog gets used to seeing the cat and make sure you supervise at all times. This can be a slow process but with patience, they will eventually become best friends.

You may wish to read this article by to find out more about dog and cat introductions.

Key takeaways : Do Bengal Cats need a companion?

  • Bengal cats can be solitary but they are much more suited to having a companion
  • If you are out of the house all day consider a companion to prevent behavioural issues
  • Bengals generally get along fine with dogs in fact in my poll 42% of Bengal owners also have a dog
  • Introduce Bengals to a companion slowly and in the correct way
  • Think about the sex of your cats and take a read of my blog post that details the differences between male and female Bengal cats
  • Two Bengals together may stop any detructive behaviour. If this has been an issue with you and your Bengals then bookmark this post to read ”Help my Bengal cat is destroying my home”

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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