Do cats Kill Spiders? (Are Creepy Crawlies Good for Them?)

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Spiders, you either love them or hate them! Cat owners often have questions about spiders and cats, if they eat them and if spiders are nutritionally good for them.

I did some research and took a look on forums to find out just how common spider eating is in cats.

In general, if a cat sees a spider in the home it will stalk, hunt and kill the spider. Most indoor cats don’t get the chance to hunt how they would in the wild so they will hunt and kill any small intruders in the home including most spiders, flies and bugs.

You may be scared of spiders but at least your little fur-baby isn’t scared of them, cats to the rescue!

Later in this post, I answer some more of your common questions around spiders and cats such as which bugs are harmful to cats and we look into more detail regarding if it’s okay for cats to eat spiders.

Keep reading to find out more!

Is it okay for cats to eat spiders?

In general, it is okay for cats to eat spiders. Cats have a very strong stomach acid that will neutralise any venom that is found within the spider. However, it is a good idea to monitor your cat if it’s the first time they have eaten a spider to make such they don’t show any allergy symptoms.

Cats will be cats and there really is not much we can do to prevent them from eating any bugs or spiders that come into the home.

My two cats love to chase a spider, they will often stalk it first, give it a little sniff and sometimes they jump back in absolute horror when the spiders move and riggle around before enjoying a tasty little snack!

Oh God, it’s moving! It looks like a tasty little snack though!

I just hate it when they then try to come over to kiss me afterwards!

Spider breath alert!

Generally, though this behaviour is okay and perfectly normal and as stated above most spiders will be harmless for your cat. Spiders are also rich in protein, zinc and folic acid!

I can’t imagine they will give much nutrition due to their size but every little bit helps.

Although most spiders can bite, your cat will probably have eaten the spider before it gets the chance and as already stated the cat’s digestive process will likely destroy and deactivate any venom the spider may contain!

I did a poll on a popular cat forum and asked the question

‘Does your cat eat spiders”

I was curious to know what people said, 31 people responded and the results are below.

My Cat Loves Spiders My Cat Hates Spiders

84% said their cats enjoyed a crunchy spider treat every now and again!

I wonder if the 16% who said their cat didn’t enjoy spiders had just never seen their pets tuck into the tasty little snacks?

Talking of tasty snacks, one lady even said.

Oh yes, She comes to my rescue everytime, they are tasty apparently


Will a cat keep spiders away?

Having a cat around the home is great for so many reasons. They can be loving, relaxing and they can be hilariously funny too!

While we’re on the subject of funny, check out this laughable post I wrote ”7 reasons why cats are so funny”

They are also great hunters so with a cat around the home there is no chance of a mouse, rat or any other rodent surviving for long.

They are also great for catching bugs, I personally let nature take its course and allow my cats to eat any bugs they come across. Let’s face it most people get creeped out by the sight of a spider and any other flying insects that invade your territory.

Cats are not scared in any way and will come straight to the rescue!

Mine even tend to eat house flies, I mean surely they cant taste nice but cats are very territorial so any invaders who act like prey will not last long at all.

Your own personal insect and bug destroyers.

At least you will save money on the fly spray and fly swatters!

How will I know if my cat got bit by a spider?

So even though most cats will not get bitten by a spider that doesn’t mean to say that it never happens because it does.

Cats tend to have very thick skin which makes it hard for a small spider to penetrate but still some species of spider may bite your cat so below we look at some of the symptoms you need to look out for when it comes to spiders bites.

It can be quite tricky to see where a cat has been bitten due to the amount of fur so it’s a good idea to regularly inspect your cat’s skin by pulling back their fur to make sure their skin is healthy

  • A high fever – A bite may cause a increase in temperature for your cat, if there temperature is high then always see a vet.
  • Swelling – This can be the first sign of a bite which can occur anywhere and if you notice this then take action and get your cat checked out.
  • Lack of appetite – Not eating when they normally eat can be a sign of many illnesses but its good to check for the other symptoms of a bite if your cat suddenly stops eating.
  • Lethargy – It’s common for cats to laze around most of the day but check if the other symptoms are present along with the lethargy.

If you notice any of the above symptoms and suspect a spider bite then please get to a vet to get your cat checked out and to get any necessary treatment that they may need for the bite.

What bugs make cats sick?

Cats are curious animals and with such a big hunting instinct they will chase and kill any prey that moves even if it means getting a sting or feeling sick.

As cat owners there is not much we can do about this.

As outdoor cats will hunt in the wild we cannot see what they are ingesting throughout there day to day life outdoors.

Even with indoor cats, it can be hard to keep an eye on them all day long as we often have work commitments and different spiders, wasps and other insects will often come into the home through windows, under doors and anywhere they get the chance to enter and then take up residence in your home.

Some insects though can cause your cat to be poorly and sometimes this is unavoidable. Below are some to watch out for.

  • Cockroach, beetles, grasshopers – These are generally harmless, they have hard bodies but their exoskeletons can cause gastro upset especially if they eat a large quantity of them.
  • Ants – Fire ants can be very dangerous to cats and can cause anaphylaxis or allergic reaction, so be sure to watch out for any signs and act fast if your cat displays any symptoms.
  • Wasps and bees – The sting of a bee can be painful and your cat will more than likely keep licking at the area, occasionally they may experience an allergy to a sting but this is uncommon.
  • Scorpion – A scorpion can deliver a nasty bite and more than likely will be very painful for your cat. As always if you suspect a scorpion bite, please act on any allergy symptoms quickly.

The list above is by no means full, it is just to give you an idea of some of the insects that may be a potential risk to your little Kitty cat!

Can brown recluse spiders kill cats

They are about the size of a US quarter and are light to medium brown in colour, They prefer warm climates and are often found in central and southern parts of America.

They are generally reclusive and non-aggressive as the name suggests but they may bite when provoked if your cat decides to investigate their nest.

The bite can be nasty and if you live in an area where there is a high population of these spiders then go to the vets as soon as possible to get the bite checked out.

See this article by WebMD to find out more about this spider and how your vet may treat any bites.

Can huntsman spiders kill cats?

These spiders are quite large and fast-moving, they prefer woody places so are often called woody spiders.

These spiders come with low risk and are generally safe for cats to eat. They are generally not aggressive but even if they do try to bite your cat most areas of their body is quite thick but again always be aware of any of the symptoms we discussed above.

Key takeways – Do cats kill spiders?

  • Cats are natural hunters and will chase and stalk spiders and eat them if they come across them.
  • Some bugs may cause allergic reactions so be on the lookout for symptoms and act fast.
  • Hard-bodied bugs can cause gastro upset if too many are digested.

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