Do Male and Female Maine Coons Look Different?

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Often when people are deciding on which sex of Maine coon they should share their life with there are several questions. Maybe you already have a cat you think is a Maine coon and you’re trying to identify them as being a Maine coon?

Do Male and Female Maine coons look different? This is a very common question asked by people interested in this breed.

Maine coon females look very similar to males, but they tend to have a much smaller frame. Males can weigh anywhere from 15-25 lbs, whereas a female generally weighs between 8-12 lbs in weight. Regardless of sex, the Maine coon is still one of the largest domestic breeds with a very distinct look.

In the rest of this post, we look at ways to identify a Maine coon if you are curious as to what breed you currently have but we also look at the distinct differences between both males and females.

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How Can You Tell If You Have A Maine Coon Cat?

Before we get onto the “Maine” topic I thought it would be a good idea to give you an overview of what the Maine coon looks like regardless of sex.

If you have got your Maine coon from a breeder then you will know for sure that they are a Maine coon but what about if you have decided to adopt your cat from a shelter?

It can be easy to mistake another one of the long-haired breeds for a Maine coon so how do you identify them?

Maine coons have long and shaggy fur

Their coat is very long and shaggy without being too bushy. Their whole body is covered in long fur but it should get longer towards the back of the cat and shorter towards the front.

The Maine coon has long luscious fur in an array of colours! 75 different colour combinations to be exact!

Their coat will change depending on the seasons but one thing you should notice with a Maine coon is that they shed lots of hair especially in the summer. I mean all cats shed right? Yes, they do but Maine coons will leave hair everywhere so expect to find clumps on your sofa, on the carpet and anywhere they go.

Large cat coming through, make way!

The easiest way to spot a Maine coon is its size! They can grow to be big, so if you notice your cat is bigger than normal they may just be a Maine coon.

The largest Maine coon on record was a cat called Stewie who grew to a whopping 48.5 inches in length and made it into the Guinness book of world records.

They are one of the largest domesticated breeds and it’s such a good job that most coons are not your typical lap cat because that would be a very heavy weight on your lap!

Furry Neck, Furry tail!

The Maine coon is very hairy but in particular, you will notice lots of hair around their neck which is called their mane and also their tail will be very bushy.

Notice these features in the picture below?

A bushy neck and tail like this is a good way to identify a Maine coon

Tufty bits on top of their ears

Most Maine coons have very large ears very similar to a lynx cat. You will notice on a Maine coon that they have little tufty hairy bits right on top of their ears!

Check out the picture below and compare it to your Cat!

Large Eyes, all the better to see you with!

Maine coons are known for their unusually large eyes!

Their eyes may even look large when they are kittens and they need big eyes because they are very curious and nosey and need to see what you are up to at all times!

Just in case they miss something like a treat being given to another cat!

What Does a Male Maine Coon Look Like?

The male Maine coon looks very similar to the female, the size the Maine coon will grow to is quite large.

In weight, they can grow anywhere up to 15-25 pounds, in height they can be 10-16 inches and the length of them can be anywhere from 19-40 inches!

That’s a very large cat with a very muscular build.

Maine coon males are not only large in size but very large in personality too. They can be a little more demanding, a little needier and they are quite active so will require lots of play.

They do tend to bond closely with one person however this is not always the case.

What Does a Female Maine Coon Look Like?

The female has all the traits of the male main coon and looks very similar, she will still be hairy, she will still have the tufty bits on her ears and will still have those huge big Maine coon eyes!

Guess which one the Male is?

Are Female Maine Coons Small?

The female looks very similar to the male but you will notice that she is slightly smaller and a lot more slender with a much less muscular build.

Females can be 8-12 lbs in weight, 8-14 inches in height and around 19-40 inches in length.

So if you compare that to the stats above for Males you will see that they weigh more and are not as tall but generally, their length is around the same.

Female Maine coon personalities are similar to the male but they can be more reserved and are wary of strangers. Rather than being needy, they give their affection on their terms.

Are Maine Coon Cats Always Big?

Regardless of sex Maine coon cats are always large cats.

They are said to descend from the Norweigan forest cat however you may not realise that the Maine coons history is full of legends about where they originate.

People have said that the animal is part racoon because they are roughly the same size and look very similar but scientists ruled this out as being physically impossible!

There is also a myth that they descend from the Vikings who used Norweigan forest cats to help them onboard their ships to keep the mouse population at bay and they say this is also where the Maine coon originated!

There may be some truth to this because they do look very similar to the Norwegian forest cat, see the picture below and see what you think!

Both breeds are also quite large!

Spot the similarities?

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