Do Male Maine Coons Spray? (What you NEED to know)

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Spraying can be stressful for not only your cat but also for you as a cat owner. A common question you may have is ”Do Male Maine Coons Spray?” and is this behaviour common?

I have studied cats and their behaviour for several years so I thought I would pass on my knowledge by answering your question.

Male Maine coons may spray inside the home, especially if they have not been neutered. They may spray to communicate with other felines and to mark their territory. They may also spray due to changes in routine which can cause stress and sometimes due to a medical condition.

I think it’s important to look at not only the reasons why cats spray in a bit more detail but also how neutering can help prevent this behaviour and if your male Maine coon has already started to spray, how you can deal with this behaviour before it escalates into a regular habit!

So keep reading fellow crazy cat people to learn more!

I made an Ultimate guide on the differences between Male and Female Maine coons! Check it out by clicking here or bookmark it for a later read!

Why Do Male Maine Coons Spray?

Knowledge is power, my fellow feline lovers!

The more you understand your Male Maine coons behaviour the better!

So why exactly do Maine coon cats spray? It can be so frustrating to see or smell your cat’s urine wherever you go in the home. Believe me, I’ve been there! Understanding exactly why they do the things they do can go a long way in rectifying the problem.

How to tell if your Maine coon cat is urinating or spraying?

Urinating and spraying are two different functions within the cat. When a cat urinates they will often just bend and crouch over similar to when they are in the litter tray whereas spraying looks completely different.

A cat that is spraying will lift their tail and back up onto a vertical surface. They will often have their eyes closed and their tail will often shake slightly and quiver and they will direct a very potent smelling fine mist all over the target object. The smell is often potent and can carry for a long distance due to the amount of cats hormones or pheromones contained in the urine.

Territory marking

Your Male Maine coon may be spraying to mark their territory.

This is the main reason why they spray. Cats are very territorial and they leave their scent on everything they claim as their own. You will often spot this when a cat rubs their scent glands all over objects in the home. Their scent glands are found in their cheeks, their forehead, their paws and their flanks.

This is why your Maine coon will rub up against you sometimes, they are leaving their scent to let other felines know that you belong to them.

They have claimed you as theirs!

You are my HUMAN, all mine! I refuse to share you with the cat down the road!

By Marking their territory it is a communication to other cats to keep away, they are letting them know that this area is theirs.

That’s why if you have neighbouring cats outside the home, your cat may decide to spray around the entrance to doors and windows. Even gentle giants like Maine coons are protectors of their domain.

They may not have enough territory of their own in the home

Cats need their own space in the home, for your Maine coon to feel confident he will need places that are just for him.

If he feels like he doesn’t have enough space and is constantly fighting with other cats in the home over beds, scratching posts, litter trays etc… He may very well be spraying objects and furniture to ward off other cats in the home.

This type of spraying is telling you that he feels insecure in the home and it’s time for you to act!

Changes in routine

Maine coons like all cats are creatures of habit. They can feel very unsettled, scared and frustrated when their routine is changed.

This can include feeding times, playtimes and even when furniture is moved frequently in the home. Changes in routine can lead to cats fighting, anxiety and you guessed it, spraying to mark territory!

Some changes in routines are unavoidable but there are ways you can make the changes slowly which I will go into a bit later in this post.

Relocation to a different home

Moving home is stressful for all involved. I don’t know about you but I hate it! Moving all those big bags, packing things away and then having to unpack it all again.

If you think it’s stressful then imagine how your territorial Maine coon will feel! Most cats will mark their new territory with their scent glands but sometimes they may decide to mark the new space with urine especially if they feel under stress in the new home.

That’s why anything you can do to make the process easier on your cat and less stressful will help to prevent them from spraying. The last thing you want in a brand new home is the stench of cat urine!

Medical issues

A cat who is spraying may have medical issues especially if the behaviour suddenly developed with no previous track record of urine marking.

According to PetMD some of those medical issues can be cystitis, UTI, crystals in the urine, bladder stones, sterile cystitis all of which can cause discomfort and cause your Maine coon to eliminate outside the box.

It is always important to get your cat checked out by a vet regularly. Finding the root cause of the issue at the vets will make sure they receive the correct treatment if the problem is a medical issue.

Your Male Maine Coon has not been neutered

Male cats are much more likely to spray if they have not been neutered.

Not only will neutering your cat prevent them from going outdoors and creating kittens with the cat down the road but it will also prevent them from wandering around for days on end and not coming home.

A male Maine main coon with its bits intact is full of male hormones that course through their body which can make them more territorial and more likely to spray in the home.

Do Female Cats Spray?

We normally associate urine marking behaviour with male cats but female cats do also spray.

It is more common in Male cats but a female Maine coon may spray for similar reasons to a male. Again this is likely due to stress, territorial issues with cats in the home, cats outside or a medical issue.

When a female cat is spayed it should reduce this behaviour although some sources say that 5% of female cats may still spray after they have been fixed.

When Should a Male Maine Coon Cat Be Neutered?

A Male Maine Coon cat should be neutered when they reach sexual maturity. It is a good idea to get them neutered before they begin to spray which can start around 8-10 months old.

Take a break from reading to appreciate how cute this little kitten is

So best to get them done around 4-6 months old which will help curb bad behaviour, wondering and spraying!

That’s unless you want to get them intact but beware they will want to start seeking a mate as soon as they reach maturity.

How To Stop a Maine Coon Spraying In The House?

So now we know why cats spray in the home it may have already got you thinking about possible solutions to these problems.

In case you need a little bit more advice I decided to put together a list of things you can do to help curb this behaviour.

Create an enriching environment for your Maine coon

This is one of the most important parts of curbing bad behaviour in cats including spraying.

The Maine coon is a playful and intelligent cat who requires daily stimulation to prevent boredom and stress, both of which can be contributing factors to spraying. This is achieved by making sure their environment allows them to live out all their basic instincts.

Cats love to climb so making sure your cat has plenty of vertical spaces to jump up onto not only gives them exercise but it creates more space especially if you live in an apartment with your cats.

I bought this set off Amazon and my cats love it, you have a wall-mounted sisal scratch post, a platform and a bridge! Check out the price on amazon by clicking here!

You can even get creative and make a full runway that goes all around your room with plenty of entry and exit points for your cats.

This will give each cat plenty of choices to choose their territory! Also, lots of toys and windows that they can watch the outdoors on will help provide enrichment for your cats.

Provide scent soakers all around the home

But what are scent soakers Mark? Well, Scent soakers are area’s your cat can leave its scent on such as beds, scratching posts, sofas etc…

Cats rely heavily on scent and when a cat leaves their scent on areas they claim as their own they will feel secure and happy in their environment. When a cat doesn’t have enough space to claim and mark with its scent it may begin to feel stressed and become territorial and this is where it may begin to spray.

I have enough places to leave my scent so I don’t need to spray!

Making sure they have enough resources to leave their scent on can go a long way in preventing spraying. The litter tray is another big scent soaker and a lot of cats do not like to share so remember the rule.

At least one litterbox per cat and another for good measure!

Stability and routine are super important!

I have mentioned this previously but I will say it again. Routine, routine, routine.

Make sure your cat knows when to expect food when to expect play and try to keep to a tight routine, especially with a cat who is spraying. This will help reduce stress which in turn may reduce any unwanted behaviours in your Maine coon.

Make sure areas where your cat sprays are cleaned straight away with this magic cleaner!

When your cat sprays in a certain spot they will be more likely to spray again in that spot next time. This is due to cat hormones called pheromones in their urine and ammonia which will attract your cat back to the same spot.

That’s why it’s important to neutralise the smell with a good quality cat urine cleaner! I always have a bottle of ‘‘Live pee free” to hand for any accidents or spraying. It’s an essential item for anyone who is dealing with spraying in the home.

It 100% eliminates odour, no enzymes, no detergent or bleach used in this product and it works like a treat – Check them out here before you buy!

Pheromone plugins to reduce stress

These plugins are great and a good tool to have in your arsenal to help reduce cat stress in the home. They may just be the magic bullet to stop your Maine coon from spraying.

I tend to use these plugins when there is cat conflict in the home, territory issues and when moving home. They mimic natural cat pheromones and fill the home with them which signals your cats to calm down and relax.

Check out the reviews and prices of these plugins on amazon!

Implement change slowly

Moving home, inviting new people in the home or the arrival of a new baby are all stressful times for your Maine coon.

Even changing their feeding times can be stressful for them.

That’s why its super important to introduce change slowly rather than big massive changes that can cause unease and anxiety.

For example, let’s say you’re moving a partner in the home. Get them to come into the home regular so your cat can get used to them and build a relationship with them and get them to leave an old used T-shirt with their scent on so the cat can get used to them before the big move.

With a new baby, you could set up the baby room weeks in advance and allow your cat to wander around the room before the baby arrives. All these little steps will help prepare your Maine coon in advance.

Less stress = Less need to spray!

Final thoughts : Do Male Maine Coons Spray?

Spraying can be a very upsetting issue. Your Maine coon is such a friendly gentle giant and all you want is a happy home for you and your pet.

Please don’t shout or scold your cat for spraying as this will make them more fearful and more stressed which will only make the issue worse. Think outside the box, get to know your cat and observe them and their environment and implement the changes above.

You will be surprised what a few tweaks to your cat’s daily life can do!

Please have patience as these behaviours are not cured overnight and please consider getting them neutered at a young age.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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