Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle or Do They HATE It?

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Picture of a Siamese cat with blue eyes looking at the camera while her owner cuddles her

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Siamese cats have the most amazing personalities and they are an extremely popular breed for several reasons but do Siamese cats like to cuddle with their owners?

I used my knowledge and expertise of this particular breed to answer your questions.

As a general rule Siamese cats love to cuddle. They are very affectionate and are known to be one of the most lovable breeds around. They love constant attention from their owners and will happily cuddle up next to you on the sofa or in bed and remind you that they love you.

Later in this post, we find out how Siamese cats show their affection to their owners and if they are a clingy breed to help you decide if this breed of cat is right for you.

So keep reading to learn more!

Do Siamese cats like to cuddle? – Let’s find out more!

There is a reason why Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds around. Not only do they have the most fantastic and intelligent personalities but they love to show their owners affection and they often do this with a loving cuddle.

They always want to be the star of the show and the centre of attention and how better to do this than curling up with you on the sofa or in bed. They are also very social animals so will want to interact with their humans in any way they can.

Not everyone wants a cat who demands attention and loves to be affectionate but with a Siamese expect them to want to be next to you frequently, not only to get warm from your body heat but to also let you know that they love you.

I did some of my own independent research to find out just how friendly and affectionate the siamese actually is because you can’t beat actual data from real cat owners.

More details can be found in the link below but I found out that 90% of Siamese owners said their cat was friendly and affectionate.

They adore physical touch from their humans and to find out just how friendly they are take a look at my related post ‘‘Are Siamese cats friendly?”

Are Siamese Cats lap cats?

Siamese cats do love to be on their owner’s laps and they love attention but they are also a very active breed who likes to play so they will not generally want to just stay stationary on your lap all day long.

Some other breeds such as the ragdoll cat are more of a lap cat because even though they love to play they are not generally as active as the Siamese.

The Siamese cat will be on your lap one minute and then the next minute they will be chasing toys around, playing with other household pets and using their intelligent nature to get inside every nook and cranny in the home!

How do Siamese Cats show affection?

Your Siamese cat will show their love and affection towards you in a number of ways. Some of the ways they show affection are subtle whereas others are obvious and it’s so cute! Generally, though being a confident breed they are not afraid to remind you just how much they value you.

Picture of a Siamese cats face, this Siamese has a black face with big blue eyes
Siamese cats are not afraid to show affection.

Rubbing up against you and headbutting you

This is one way of showing you love and you will get lots of this from your cat. When cats rub against you they are leaving a scent behind called pheromones. These are hormones that your Siamese will release to mark their territory.

They are letting the world and other cats know that you are theirs! They own you and no other cat is to go anywhere near or they will not be very happy!

How cute! Just remember cats don’t have owners they have staff! 🙂

Showing you their belly

When your siamese rolls over to expose their belly this is a true sign that they feel comfortable around you and at ease. In the wild, a cat would never expose their belly because this is a sensitive area that could be attacked easily by a predator so if a cat decides to show your her belly it is a sign that they trust you.

It doesn’t always mean that you should go in with a belly rub though, not all cats like belly rubs, you can read more on that subject in another post I wrote if you so wish.

They become your shadow

Sat on the toilet? Your Siamese is watching!

Making out with your significant other? If you don’t close the door you will be being watched.

Reading a book and minding your own business? Peek a boo, your cat is watching you!

So you get the idea? Siamese cats love to follow you around everywhere, they are so inquisitive and will happily follow you from room to room and watch your every move.

They won’t always want to be on your lap but just knowing you are there and following you around makes them happy and it means they love you. Just one of the ways this loving cat will show you affection!

Talk, talk and more talk!

If you don’t know already Siamese cats love to talk and talk and talk….. They are amongst the most vocal cats and can hold a full conversation with you.

They can vocalise how they are feeling regardless of the mood they are in, they will tell you if they’re happy with what they have been fed and they will tell you if you are stroking them right and giving the affection they require.

Talking to you is just another way your Siamese is telling you that they love you!

Biting you! Wait a minute! Does my cat biting mean she loves me?

There is a difference between a nasty bite and a play bite. A play bite is often a sign that your Siamese loves you. She will give you a very small nip on the hand which won’t hurt and it will be to either get your attention or just to let you know that you are hers and you better remember it!


The Siamese cat is a very energetic cat with so much play energy to use up! Playtime is bonding time with your cat and she will play with you if she trusts you.

Expect them to want to play frequently throughout the day to use up some of that stored energy. We already discussed how much they like the attention of humans and playtime is one of their favourite times of the day so enjoy it as much as they do. Siamese cats can be so funny at times especially when engaging in play!

Check out this heartwarming super cute video on youtube of Siamese cats and kittens playing!

How can you make your siamese happy and show her the affection back that she deserves? Take a look at this blog post with 11 ways in which you can make your Siamese cat super happy!

Are Siamese Cats Clingy?

As a general rule Siamese cats can be clingy to their owners. They are much more attention-seeking than some other breeds, their affectionate and demanding nature means they like to be by their owner’s side, which may be interpreted as being clingy.

If you are looking for a cat that is not so dependant on its owner then maybe the Siamese is not for you. They will need a lot more care and love than some other breeds so think carefully and make sure you have the time and dedication to meet this cats needs.

They get very attached to their owners and they tend to pick a human as their favourite!

Why does my Siamese Cat lick me?

If you have ever been licked by a cat you will know that they have such a rough tongue this is because your cat tongue is filled with papillae or rough spines to help her groom.

If your Siamese cat is licking you then she sees you as part of her pack after all according to PetMD they spend up to 50% of their waking life grooming so because your Siamese sees you as a big cat why wouldn’t she want to groom you to?

Not only is she grooming in the same way she would with other pets in the home but she is showing her love and affection towards you in the same way her mother did when she was a kitten.

Key takeaways – Do Siamese cats like to cuddle?

  • Siamese cats are super affectionate and will happily cuddle you all day long!
  • They will follow you around wherever you go even when your doing ”your business”.
  • Playtime is bonding time!
  • Only get a Siamese if you have the time and love to give this attention-seeking breed!

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As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies! 🙂

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