Are Female Maine Coons Playful? : (Favourite toys)

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When deciding on which sex of Maine coon to get you are likely to have lots of questions. If you are deciding on a female you may want to know if the female Maine coon is playful?

I have studied the behaviour of cats for a long time and got to know the subtle differences between males and females. So let’s answer your question!

As a general rule, female Maine coons are playful and highly intelligent. The female can be more aloof and a little warier of playtime with strangers and may take a while to warm up to them, whereas the Male Maine coon is often confident and very outgoing from the start.

Later in this post, I’ll let you know exactly how playful Maine coons are and what toys your female Maine coon likes to play with. We also examine just how intelligent these clever cats are!

So keep reading fellow crazy cat people to learn more!

I made an Ultimate guide on the differences between Male and Female Maine coons! Check it out by clicking here or bookmark it for a later read!

Do Female Maine Coons Like To Play?

There is a reason they call the Maine coon the ”dogs of the cat world”!

Regardless of sex Maine coons behave very much like a puppy! They are famous for being loyal, affectionate and incredibly playful.

Your Maine coon will love to climb, they will love to chase and play with other cats and because they are a very intelligent breed they can easily learn tricks such as playing fetch, opening doors and giving a high 5!

You will have hours of fun with your Maine coon, they can at times make you laugh really hard especially when they act docile from time to time which is another common Maine coon trait. There are slight differences in the traits of males vs females but generally, these differences are minute.

A Maine coon will happily play all day!

The female Maine coon is playful however they don’t give away their trust as easily as the male of the species. So with a female, she is more prone to be wary of strangers that come into the home. She likes to observe at first and to make sure that this stranger is not going to be a threat to her domain and her family.

Once she learns that the stranger is okay then she will come out to play and will enjoy the extra attention. Female Maine coons are playful and affectionate but the Male is much more in your face, needing slightly more attention and can sometimes be more outgoing and confident than the female.

These are just general stereotypical traits of the Maine coon, behaviour can depend on socialisation when young and also any bad experiences in the past all shape how your Maine coon will view the world.

Your Maine coon may just be contrary and not fit into any box.

Are Female Maine Coons Intelligent?

Maine coons are very intelligent, okay so they are not the smartest breed but they are still very clever.

There is some debate on whether the Siamese or the Abyssinian breeds are the most intelligent but from my experience with Maine coons they are super intelligent.

Are female Maine coons smarter than males?

I would say they are both equally as smart as each other but in what ways are Maine coons smart?

  • They can be trained to walk on a leash
  • Maine coons feel your emotions, they learn to know when you are upset and when you are happy
  • They are exceptionally good hunters! Sailers used them on ships to catch mice!
  • They can learn to do many tricks such as high 5 and playing fetch

Why not observe your Maine coons behaviour and then do this intelligence test by chewy! – Click here to take a look (Dont worry you won’t lose this post, the site will open in a new window)

What Do Female Maine Coons Like To Play With?

Your little girl will enjoy playing with a wide range of toys! You don’t have to spend a fortune either to keep your cat entertained!

Remember when playing with cats keep the sessions short and frequent, anywhere up to 15 minutes a time will do. It’s best to build it into a routine so she knows when to expect her playtime.

You could attach a piece of yarn to the end of a wooden cane and attach some bird feathers on the end of the yarn to make a fishing rod type toy.

You could get some felt and make a mouse stuffed with catnip!

Instead of placing feathers on a DIY fishing-pole toy, you could make a fish out of felt and again stuff it with catnip and watch your Maine coon go absolutely crazy for it!

The world is your oyster when it comes to cat toys, be as creative as you possibly can be!

The best cat toy I have found is a standard cardboard box. Just cut holes in the box so your cat can climb in and out of it. Often when I buy cat toys my cats are just as interested in the box as the actual toy!

The Best Toys For Female Maine Coons?

We all like to spoil our cats and your little Maine coon is no exception!

Fortunately, cat toys are not expensive at all and here are some cat toys that I personally recommend that will keep your female Maine coon engaged and playful for hours!

Check them out!

1) Automatic Lazer and Feather Toy! Your cat’s two favourite things in one! Watch them play for hours with this super cool toy! – Check out the low price here on Amazon!

2) The Ultimate teaser! Catnip filled mouse with tail handing out and teasing your cat! Catch me if you can! Click here to check out this super cool teaser toy (WARNING: Serious fun Guaranteed!)

3) Every Maine coon needs a food puzzle! What better way to keep your intelligent cat happy than with a food puzzle. Make them work for their treats while keeping them physically and mentally stimulated. Click here to take a look!

4) Not made a cat superhighway yet? Do you even know what a superhighway is for your cats? – If not then Check out these Sisal steps with Hammock

Or these steps which lead up to the wall-mounted shelves! – When you are designing your superhighway there is so much to choose from! Have fun!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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