The TRUTH about How Much Siamese Cats Cost in the UK!

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When taking on board a new kitten or cat there is a lot to consider and one of them is affordability.

So exactly how much does a Siamese cat cost in the UK? I did some research on the topic to answer your questions and bring you the real truth!

If you purchase a Siamese cat in the UK from a breeder rather than a shelter, you can pay anywhere from £190 – £900. The average price based on information from pet sale sites was around £474 for a Siamese cat. It’s important to always buy from a responsible breeder and do your background checks.

Later in this post, I go into detail about how I came up with the average price for a Siamese cat, what you need to consider when taking on board a new Siamese such as the cost of food, vet bills etc… and even a handy list of items you will need for your new pet!

Keep reading to find out more!

How much should a Siamese cat cost in the UK?

The price of a Siamese cat in the UK can vary so much depending on where you get your cat from. A lot of people out there will only get their Siamese kitten or cat from a shelter and believe me I am all for giving a neglected or unwanted cat a new home.

In the united states, one of the leading causes of death is cats being euthanized and in the UK the RSPCA said that up to two cats an hour were abandoned in the UK.

Shocking figures!

They go on to say that most cats are dumped in cardboard boxes and bags or just left behind when people move out. Who are these people to do such things! It makes me mad but also upsets me that someone could treat another animal in this way. I think some humans forget that we are also animals, they seem to think that we are superior to the other animals that share this planet with us.

Siamese kitten, white and blue eyes, looking at the camera
How anyone could mistreat, abandon or neglect these beautiful little beings is beyond me!

So the point I am getting at is if you can take on board a rescue animal then please do but at the same time there are a lot of responsible Siamese cat breeders in the UK and if nobody bought the new kittens that these breeders raise then they also wouldn’t have a home.

I know that if you are reading this you are a responsible cat owner and will give your cat all the love they deserve!

Anyway, I am going off point here a little but felt that this was relevant to my post.

How did I work out my results on the average cost?

I did some research by looking through UK based forums and also some reputable breeding sites to find out the cost. The results are based on 29 cost entries. I thought I would put this in a handy table for you to give you an idea.


So as you can see from the above 28% of people paid between £351- £450 from a Siamese breeder closely followed by the previous price bracket of £251- £350 which was 24%, so this should give you an idea of how much you should be looking to pay.

However, because some people were charging the top end price it did bring the average up slightly.

So the Average price for a Siamese cat in the UK ended up being £474.

Just be aware that when you get your Siamese from a breeder like everything else in life you generally get what you pay for and if you pay less don’t expect to get much back in return.

How to choose a responsible cat breeder

When you are on the lookout for a cat breeder you need to do your background checks, please don’t skimp on this one. The right breeder will provide a great level of service for you and you should be able to trust them from day one.

Some things to look out for and question are –

  • Do they have reviews from previous cat owners?
  • Are they willing to answer your questions and also ask you questions to make sure you are a responsible pet owner? Such as finding out if you have other pets, children?
  • Do they screen the kittens for any diseases including inherited ones?
  • Are they registered with a professional cat association?
  • Have the kittens spent enough time with their mother? (8-week minimum ideally 10-12 weeks)
  • Have the kittens been spayed/neutered?
  • Have they had any vaccinations?

How much is a Siamese cat from a shelter?

Adopting a cat is such a rewarding thing to do as we have already discussed in this post. In the UK, there are so many places you can look to adopt a cat such as the RSPCA. You can also adopt a cat from the cat’s protection and many other smaller local shelters.

When you adopt a cat, of course, you will more than likely expect to pay a fee. The shelter where you adopt your cat will have to provide any necessary vaccinations, had the cat neutered, given worming and flea treatments and provide a thorough health check, which all costs money. The shelter wouldn’t be able to provide the care they do for the cats without the money they receive.

The adoption fees tend to range anywhere from £35 – £75 but they can vary a lot depending on where you go.

You will normally meet with the shelter so you can meet the cat and expect the shelter to ask you lots of questions, they want to make sure that your new cat will be looked after and given the life, they deserve in their new forever home.

What do I need for my new kitten?

Whether you buy your kitten from a responsible breeder or whether you adopt your kitten the cost doesn’t end there. There are lots of things that you need to consider such as the start-up costs of owning a cat and the monthly costs of looking after your new Siamese kitten or cat.

I wrote a whole blog post on the cost of owning a cat with detailed information on the annual cost and the average start-up cost, it is worth bookmarking for a read after you have finished this post!

To give you an idea I worked out the average spend of looking after one cat to be £56 per month, so please consider that before thinking of sharing your life with a new Siamese cat.

Below we look at some things that you may need for your new kitten/cat that you may have forgotten. Take a look at these products, I have included links to some well-rated products on amazon to give you an idea and to help you make sure that your new Siamese has the best start in life!

  1. A cave shaped cat bed – These are perfect for cats, cats like to feel like they are safe while they sleep and they prefer a bed with sides and a back where they feel secure -my cats LOVE THESE!
  2. Elevated and tilted feeding bowls – Did you know that a flat bowl is more likely to make your cat sick? These bowls support digestion and lower the chance of you waking up to cat sick in the morning!
  3. Puzzle feeder – Make your cats work for there treats, this will keep them occupied and entertained for hours! Siamese cats are highly inteligent breeds and can get bored easily, so prevent boredom with this cool toy / feeder!
  4. Self cleaning cat litter tray – These are amazing! A massive 13L capacity, it has a night light for your cats and it is completely self cleaning! Check it out and see what you think! They are on the more expensive side so if you are looking to keep cost down then consider this dome shaped litter tray instead!
  5. Cat tree – A cat tree is a must have for any cat owner, cats love to hide inside and jump up to observe their territory especially Siamese cats who naturally love to be in high places!
  6. A cat water fountain – Cats prefer to drink running water, its important for cats to drink plenty of water throughout the day and this fountain encourages them get there daily dose of H20!
  7. Wall mounted cat furntiure – Cat furniture is great, cats love vertical space so why not turn your living room into a haven for your cats as well as yourself!

Conclusion – How much do Siamese cats cost in the UK

I hope this has given you a good idea of how much your new siamese will cost you and given you a greater understanding of the monthly costs involved as well as what items you need to get started.

I would urge you to look in shelters first for your perfect cat but if you don’t find what you are looking for then please don’t let anyone make you feel bad for adopting a cat from a reputable breeder, believe me, lots of people out there feel passionate about adopting over buying a new cat but either way you are still giving a cat a good home.

As a new potential owner of a Siamese cat, I have included some links to other helpful blog posts I have written such as ‘The difference between a male and female Siamese cat” to help you decide which sex of cat you want.

Siamese cats are one of the most friendly, affectionate breeds out there but can they be mean? and do they need a companion?

Please feel free to check out the homepage of my blog where you can look in the menu at cat breeds and view all my posts related to this super cute ancient breed of cat!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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