Do all Maine Coon Cats Have An ”M” On Their Forehead?

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The Maine coon cat comes in a variety of different colours and markings and you may have seen them with the distinctive letter M on their forehead but do all Maine coons carry this marking?

My name is Mark and I am a big lover of cats especially the Maine coon and have used my knowledge of this breed to answer your question!

The Maine coon comes in many different patterns and colours but not all Maine coons have the ”M” Marking on their forehead. This marking is a trait that is found in all tabby cats; a tabby is a cat with specific markings such as ticks, strips and spots and can be found in many domestic cat breeds.

Later in this post, I go into a little more detail about tabby cats and the personality of a tabby Maine coon. We also will explore some seriously weird and whacky legends as to why some cats carry the ”M” marking on their forehead!

So keep reading my fellow crazy cat lovers to learn more!

Do All Cats Have M’s On Their Forehead?

Not all cats have the M on their forehead, The M marking is normally only present if the cat is what we call a tabby.

There is often a lot of confusion as to what a tabby is and some people think that the tabby is a particular breed of cat but this is not the case. A lot of breeds can be tabby and this refers to the stripped, swirls and spot markings the cat carries in its coat.

The term tabby originates from the middle east in Baghdad and is used to describe a certain type of silk with a striped pattern on it.

Fun Fact: Did you know that it is virtually impossible for two tabby cats to have the same markings and each one is very unique?

One characteristic that all tabby cats will have is the classic M on their forehead which distinguishes them from other types of cats.

Why do they have an M on their forehead though?

Well, keep reading because later in this post we go back in time and delve into some of the legends and myths surrounding the magic ”M”.

Do All Maine Coons Have an M On Their Forehead?

As we have already discussed the M on a cat’s forehead is a trait that is found amongst the tabby variety of felines which as we know can be any domestic cat breed.

So no not all Maine coons have the classic tabby M on their forehead but for the ones that do it is super cute!

I am quite biased when it comes to the Maine coon though because in my opinion regardless of the colour and the way they look they are amazing pets to have around! – Big friendly giants with big personalities.

The perfect cat for a family home.

What Are The Different Types of Tabby Cats?

There are so many different types of Tabby cats! They come in a variety of different colours and patterns and I have put together a list below of some of the different types you may see!

  • Silver tabby
  • Black tabby
  • Grey tabby (Sometimes referred to as a blue)
  • Diluted tabby (Presents with a paler or lighter coat compared to the prominent tabby markings)
  • Classic tabby (Sometimes called blotched or marbled) This is the most common tabby!
  • Mackerel tabby
  • Spotted tabby
  • Ticked coat tabby

Fun, random fact: Did you know that 80% of ginger tabbies are male! This is because a female must inherit two orange genes whereas a male will only need to inherit one.

The Personality of a Maine Coon Tabby Cat

Okay, so we know that tabby is not a specific breed and is only a pattern of a domestic cat breed but some owners do say there is a distinct difference in terms of personality!

One quick look on a popular online cat forum leads me to three words that tabby owners use to describe their tabby cats – cute, cuddly and intelligent.

I couldn’t find one account of an owner describing their tabby as aloof or moody! So if this is true then just imagine the personality of a Miane coon tabby?

How could anyone not fall in love with that face!

Maine coons are known to be one of the most friendly and affable cat breeds you can choose to share your life with!

Maine coon’s are often referred to as the dogs of the cat world because a lot of their traits are very similar to a puppy. They are a great family pet, they love to play, they are patient with other animals and children and they are loyal to the core!

They truly are beautiful pets to have around the home.

How Did The Maine Coon Tabby Cat Get The M on Their Forehead?

What is even more interesting is the legends and myths that surround the tabby cat and exactly how they got the M on their forehead!

Now I am sure there is a scientific explanation as to why they have the M but a little bit of fantasy now and again is fun and I am all about having fun!

Egyptian theory

If you have ever studied the Egyptians you will know that the Egyptians worshipped cats!

According to the Egyptians, the M stands for ”Mau” which means light or seeing. As you may know, a cat’s eyes reflect the light and at nighttime look like the moon and the Egyptians believed the M on their forehead signified the relationship with the moon and Mau!

Mother Mary

Another legend is that Mother mary was trying to get baby Jesus to sleep after a restless night and suddenly a ginger tabby cat appeared out of nowhere and purred next to baby Jesus which got him to go back to sleep. Mary then kissed the tabby cat on its head and an M appeared on its forehead.

Legend has it that the tabby cat was blessed by Mary and still keeps the M on their forehead to show just how holy they are!

Holy smokes!

I knew cats were special but I didn’t realise they were blessed by Mother Mary herself lol

Islamic legend

So it appears that the tabby has a history in Islam too.

According to legend the prophet, Muhammad named a tabby cat Muezza which when translated into Arabic means cherished. Muhammed blessed the cat after the cat saved his life from a snake that crept up his sleeve.

Does the tabby have the M because Muhammed blessed the cat?

The plot thickens and the mind twists my fellow crazy cat-loving friends!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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