Maine Coon Personality Traits – What YOU NEED to know!

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

When deciding on what breed of cat to get personality is key! It’s important to get a cat with the right temperament for you and your family.

I have spent my life studying cats and their behaviour and have been lucky enough to share my life with a few felines over the years and build up some really close bonds.

It is my aim to share my knowledge of this stunningly beautiful breed to answer all your questions! When deciding on what breed of cat to get personality is key! It’s important to get a cat with the right temperament for you and your family. So what are the personality traits of the Maine coon?

The Maine coon cat has a very gregarious and loving personality. This breed is often referred to as the dog of the cat world due to its puppy-like temperament. They are very playful and adaptable, making them a perfect fit for a loving family as they get along well with most people and other pets.

Later in this post, we will examine the Maine coons personality in a little more detail!

In this post, I aim to help you discover just exactly what makes this breed one of the most popular breeds on the planet and what makes the Maine coon different. I don’t know any cat lover who would not fall in love with these big friendly giants.

So keep reading my fellow crazy cat lovers to learn more!

Maine Coons Are Friendly

The first thing I am going to say about Maine coon cats is that they are SUPER FRIENDLY!

They have the most laidback and loving personalities you could ever wish for in a cat.

You can almost guarantee with a Maine coon that they are not going to want to harm you in any way. It is soo rare for a Maine coon cat to be mean or aggressive to their fellow humans.

Don’t get me wrong even though the Maine coon often behaves like a puppy they are still cats and they still have natural feline tendencies such as being very territorial. So if they feel someone or something is invading their territory or they feel threatened they may not be so nice.

Generally though with a Maine coon you can expect to get lots of cuddles, a strong bond that is built over time and you can expect a chirpy happy pet!

They are gentle with children and also get along well with other pets as long as they are introduced slowly and correctly.

I did a poll not so long ago to find out just how friendly Maine coon’s are! The results are below!

My Maine coon is friendly to everyone they meet My Maine coon is friendly but they are a one-person cat My Maine coon can sometimes be mean and aggressive
The table above shows how friendly Maine coon cats are

I would just like to add that even though 23% of Maine coons are one-person cats this doesn’t mean they are aggressive in any way to other people, it just means that they prefer spending the majority of the time with one person!

If we look at the results 94% of owners said their Maine coon was friendly and only 6% said their Maine coon was occasionally mean. This could be for several reasons such as illness or not being socialised correctly as a kitten but generally most Maine coons are affable and gregarious by nature.

I made a full blog post called ”Are Maine Coons a friendly breed” which goes into much more detail on just how affectionate and friendly they are! Click the link to take a look.

Maine Coons Are Vocal But Not Loud

The Maine coon cat makes a whole host of little cute noises such as chirps, chirrups and trills!

The Maine coon is a vocal pet but I would say they have a perfect balance because they do not tend to meow or cry constantly to get your attention. Their vocalisations are not as loud as a Siamese cat for example who will let you know they are around at all times.

They are truly gentle giants and this trait shines through in the way they talk!

”We like to chirp all night and chirp all day, we like to chirp even when we play! Mark didn’t know it but he is a goddam poet!”

Don’t get me wrong even though they are generally quiet when they vocalise they will chirp and trill at you all day long and chatter away but this is often a sign that your Maine coon cat is content and happy in their environment however they also chirp when they are hungry, thirsty or just to get your attention.

So if your looking for a talkative cat that is not too loud then the Miane coon may just be the breed for you!

To read more about Maine coons and their vocalisations then read my blog post ”Are Maine Coons Vocal?” to learn all about their different vocalisations and what they mean!

Maine coons get along so well with children

This has to be the one question I get asked the most about different cat breeds!

Maine coons get along really well with children!

The Maine coon is not only friendly and patient but they are extremely playful and will love the attention they receive from your kids.

Being intelligent felines they know that your child is a little person so they won’t be too rough with them and you can safely leave them alone playing with each other and watch their magical bond grow and get stronger as each day passes by!

Just make sure you teach your child how to behave around pets because even a very tolerant breed like the Maine coon may get angry if their tail is being pulled or the child is being nasty towards them in any way.

Maine Coons are generally not lap cats

You would think that because the Maine coon is so friendly and affectionate that it would be the perfect lap cat!


That’s not to say that all Maine coons are not lap cats because each cat’s personality will vary slightly but generally the Maine coon prefers to either sit next to you on the sofa or they prefer you to be playing with them and keeping them entertained.

Some say the male tends to be more of a lap cat whereas the female is a lot more catty and aloof!

So if you are looking for a cat who is affectionate but at the same time not too clingy then the Maine coon is maybe a good choice for you.

Check out my post ”Are Maine coons lap cats (The Proof and Research)” to learn more!

Maine Coons Are Loyal To The Core

One of the Maine coons personality traits is that they are loyal to the core!

This is another one of the reasons why people often refer to them as being just like a dog. A puppy is extremely loyal to its owner and will follow them around from room to room, they will wait for them at the door when they arrive home from work after a long day and they will shower their owners with affection.

Well, guess what the Maine coon is the same!

They do have a tendency to pick their one favourite person, especially the male cats which means that you will be the centre of their universe. They won’t be unpleasant to other people but you will be their favourite and will mean everything to them.

Thye will spend their little kitty life devoted to you and this is truly magical, especially for a human who is seeking a companion. Maine coons often make good pets to someone who is alone or even an elderly person who has lost their spouse.

Maine coons are amazing hunters

Maine coon cats are exceptionally good at hunting.

All cats are made for the hunt, their body is large and their senses are super strong. The Maine coon came number 2 in the best hunting breeds in America.

They also have a high level of intelligence which means they never miss a trick. If there is a mouse in the house your Maine coon will sniff it out straight away and enjoy a tasty dinner, keeping your home rodent-free.

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!

The Maine coon descends from the Norweigian forest cat and some believe these cats were used on the Viking’s ships to keep the mouse population down and to protect the Viking’s food source from these rodents.

Maine coons love to learn tricks

If you are seeking a cat who is playful and enjoys being active then look no further than the Maine coon.

They love to play all day and are not shy to demand playtime from you if they get bored.

Not only do they love to play with a variety of different toys but it is also possible to teach your Maine coon to play tricks too such as learning to walk on a leash, sitting down and playing fetch.

Yes, you read that write!

They love to play fetch just like a dog hence why they call the Maine coon the dog of the cat world. Their intelligent nature also means they respond well to training and learn fast!

It’s not only fun for your cat but training is fun for us humans too! (Believe me your Maine coon will give you so many laughs)

Don’t miss my ultimate guide on how to train your Maine coon cat! – This post contains everything you need to know to begin training your Maine coon today!

Maine coons are obsessed with water!

This personality trait of the Maine coon makes them unique.

Most cat breeds hate water but Maine coons are an exception and a running tap can keep these inquisitive friendly giants amused for hours!

The Maine coon has a semi water-resistant coat which will help to keep them warm and dry but sometimes they like to be fully submerged in the water and will enjoy either swimming or taking a good bath.

It is quite common to see Maine coons –

  • Drinking from the shower tray
  • Drinking from your water bowl
  • Drinking water from a leaky tap
  • Splashing around in ponds, rivers and lakes

Just be very careful that your toilet bowl or kitchen sink doesn’t contain any harmful cleaning agents that could be dangerous to your Maine coon cat!

Male vs Female Maine coon personality!

So there are some obvious differences between the Male and female Maine coon and the biggest difference is the size!

Male Maine coons are bigger, taller and weigh more than the female. Although both sexes are still on the large side for a domestic cat breed.

The Male is larger than life in several different ways. He demands more attention than the female whereas the female can be a little more aloof and cat-like.

Both sexes are super friendly but the male tends to form a close bond with one person in the home whereas the female generally bonds closely with the whole family.

Strangely enough, the Male will adapt to strangers who come into the home faster than the female. However, once she gets to know the new guest she will be all over them like a rash! She just takes a little longer to warm up to people.

There are other subtle differences in personality between the sexes and if you would like to find out more then you need to read my Ultimate guide to the differences between male and female Maine coons.

Maine coons have a dog-like personality!

Yes I know I have mentioned this before in this post but I can’t stress how much the Maine coon has earned the title of being ”The dog of the cat world” or the cat-dog!

So let us have a look at the reasons why they are like dogs and why getting a Maine coon is just like getting a puppy.

One of the main (No pun intended) reasons why they are like dogs is because they are HUGE!

The Male can grow to a whopping 15-25 lbs (6.8 – 11.3 kg) in weight!

Another reason they are like dogs is their love of human company, they will follow you around like a puppy from room to room, some owners say their Maine coon will even wait at the door to greet them once they arrive home from a long day at work.

These cats are also known to enjoy being walked outdoors on a leash and they quickly learn how to play fetch just like a dog!

Conclusion: Maine coon cat personality traits

I hope this post has given you an insight into the Maine coon breed and helped you decide if they are the right breed for you.

Maine coons are a perfect family pet, their laid back and non-aggressive personality is the right fit for many people hence why they are so popular.

My blog contains hundreds of posts on the Maine coon and many other cat breeds so feel free to navigate to my main menu on my homepage and have fun learning about our little furry friends.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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