Are Maine Coons The Biggest Cat? (Big, friendly dog cats)

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

The Maine Coon has a reputation for being large, not only in size but also in personality.

I have spent years studying different cat breeds and one of my all-time favourites has to be the Maine coon; if you have ever shared your life with one, you will know why.

I have used my knowledge of this special and unique cat breed to answer your question.

The Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. The average Maine Coon cat size is about 35-40 inches in length and 10-20 inches tall, but this can vary depending on the cat’s genetics and gender. The most enormous Maine coon on record was a cat called Stewie who grew to 48.5 inches long.

Later in this post, we examine why the Maine coon is so big, what the fattest feline on record is and also how to correctly hold this large cat. As always this post is packed full of info that you don’t want to miss so –

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Are Maine Coons The Biggest House Cat?

The Maine coon is often referred to as the largest domestic cat breed especially the Male of the species.

There is however some debate on this matter because the Savannah cat is also another very large breed and can sometimes grow to the same size as the Maine coon.

The difference is that the Savannah cat is often taller with very long sleek legs and a shorter coat whereas the Maine coon often appears a lot more stocky with a much larger long coat which can make them appear bigger than the Savannah cat.

When it comes to length though the Maine coon wins every time, the longest Maine coon cat even made it to the world records which you will find out about later in this post!

The Maine coon is not only large in size but even larger in personality. They have the largest and kindest hearts too. If you are looking for a large cat with a large personality then the Maine coon may just be the right breed for you!

Size and Length of a Maine Coon

When it comes to the actual size of a Maine coon I thought it would be easier to provide you with a table so you can see the differences yourself.

The male and female Maine coon do vary in size and the female is almost always smaller and more slender but still larger than the ”Average” house cat.

If you would like to find out more about the differences between the male and female Maine coon cats then please click the link to take a look at my full-length article which goes into a lot more depth on the personality differences between male and female cats!

Male Female
Weight (Lbs)12-18 pounds 8-12 pounds
Length (Inches)19-30 Inches 19-30 Inches
Height (Inches)10-16 Inches 8-14 Inches

Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Big?

What makes the Maine coon cat so big? Well, it all comes down to their origins. The Maine coon cat descends from the Norwegian forest cat who also happens to be a very large feline.

Maine coons also grow at a very slow rate but this enables their muscles and bone structure to develop much larger over time making them into the large cat that they are.

I may be big but I am also beautiful and I know it!

Don’t let their size scare you though because the Maine coon also has one of the largest hearts and they make such a placid, happy and playful family pet.

Biggest Maine Coon Cat In The World

Did you know that some Maine coons are famous? Some of them have even made it to the Guinness world book of records and have helped to change the policies regarding record-keeping?

Let’s look at 3 of the most famous Maine coons cats!

Maybe one day your big bundle of Joy could also beat a world record, if any cat is going to do it then it’s the Maine coon!


Mymains Stewart Gilligan aka… Stewie!

Welcome the longest-ever recorded Maine coon cat!

This friendly beast grew to a MASSIVE 48.5 inches long and became the longest cat in the world! Something that his owner Robin Hendrickson was very proud of.

Think about that for a second? That’s longer than the width of an average twin-sized bed!

Stewie even won a place in the Guinness world records and became a therapy animal for vulnerable adults. What an achievement for the world’s longest Maine coon. Sadly Stewie died from cancer at just 8 years old back in 2013 but he still lives on in the hearts of people to this very day!


Sean Coonery

Next up we have Sean Coonery who is a real internet star. He is 39.3 inches and a whopping 22.4 pounds and is the width of a sofa!

Youtube is filled with videos of Sean and his antics, he is a very vocal cat and is known to hold full-on conversations!

See the youtube video below to see how cute this big man is!



Next up we have the lovely lotus whose Instagram account is @Lotus_THE_Mainecoon and he has a whopping 340 thousand followers! Jeez, talk about fame!

Lotus is 39.3 inches long and weighs 22 pounds and is a bundle of cuteness with really big fluffy paws and a gorgeous cute face!

What is The Fattest House Cat on Record?

While we are on the subject of size I thought it may be worth mentioning a record-breaking cat called Himmy.

Who is Himmy the cat?

Himmy was a cat who broke the world records for being the fattest cat to ever exist! He was owned by a guy called Thomas Vyse from Australia and he weighed a whopping 21.3Kg which in pounds is 46lb 15 1/2 oz.

The poor cat needed to be transported in a wheelbarrow until he later died on 12th March 1986 at the age of 10 years and 4 months.

The good thing that came out of Himmy’s life was that the Guinness world record stopped recording the world’s fattest animals to discourage people from fattening their animals up just so they can become famous.

How To Pick Up a Large Maine Coon Cat?

The Maine coon is a large cat that needs extra special care and attention when you pick them up.

All Maine coons enjoy being picked up especially the male whereas the female can often be a little more aloof at times.

You need to support most of their weight with your dominant arm by supporting their backside and allowing their forearms to rest over your other arm. This position will allow them to feel comfortable yet supported. I don’t like to hold my cats under the belly as this area tends to be quite tender in a cat.

Allowing them to become comfortable with your touch will help to build a special bond between you both, the last thing you want is for them to associate you with being held uncomfortably.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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