Do Maine Coons Get Attached To Their Owners? (Explained)

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

Maine Coon Cats! If you are a big fan like me or just thinking of getting one of these stunningly beautiful breeds then you undoubtedly have several questions. Such has ”Do Maine Coons get attached to their owners?”

I have used my knowledge of these big friendly giants to answer your question!

As a general rule, Maine Coon Cats do get very attached to their owners. They are frequently referred to as the dogs of the cat world and express very similar personality traits. It is very common for a Maine coon to imprint on one person, but generally, they are loyal to the whole family.

Now let’s get into a bit more detail and answer some of your related questions!

Why do cats get attached to a specific person? and How to know if a Maine coon chose you! I also look at how you can win the affection of your Maine Coon Cat.

So keep reading to learn more!

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Do Maine Coons Choose Their Owners?

This is a question that I find asked very often in the crazy cat lovers community!

Do Maine Coons and other cats choose their owners or do you choose them?

In my personal opinion, I believe that a cat chooses their owner regardless of breed.

Unlike a dog, a cat won’t stick around in a home unless they have close bonds with people and they are getting their needs met. They are quite capable of surviving outside the home and can hunt and provide for themselves if they need to.

However, out of all the cat breeds the Maine coon does show strong dog-like tendencies in terms of loyalty and forming strong bonds with its owners.

If a Maine coon chooses you and your family to be their forever home they will love spending time with you and the loyalty will start from the moment they begin to develop a bond.

They will make it obvious quite early on that they are not interested in finding a replacement family unit!

Maine coons can become very attached to their owners!

Are Maine Coons One Person Cats?

So we know that Maine coons do get attached to their owners and that they can often choose their owners but are they one person cats or does the bond extend to the whole family?

This can all depend on several factors however Maine coons are known to be extremely loyal cats to the whole family unit.

Maine Coons often develop strong bonds!

Some Maine coons will pick a favourite person and if they are going to this they will often decide early on in their kitty lives who their favourite person is and they will make it quite well known by following you around from room to room, being distraught if you leave the house and they will choose to spend the majority of their time with you to the exclusion of others.

One look on Reddit and other forums made me realize that this can be a common trait with a Maine coon but several owners said that these characteristics shone through to include the whole family and that their Main Coon was often shy and wary around strangers especially the females!

They are certainly not the only cat breed that is known for developing one person attachment to their owners.

Other common breeds that do this are –

  • Siberians
  • Russian Blues
  • Bengals
  • Siamese
  • Norwegian Forest cats

Why do Cats Choose a Favourite Person?

There are many reasons why your Maine coon may choose you over another person in the family.

One of the main reasons can be due to the cat’s breed and overall personality.

Docile and laid back breeds can often be attracted to a calm person who they feel safe and secure around whereas a playful and energetic breed may be attracted to children or adults who will engage and play with them.

Also when kittens are separated from their mother at a young age they may then decide to bond with the person who then cares for them, they are looking for the same level of comfort and security that was provided to them by their mother and as you now provide all their essential needs they see you as their new mommy or daddy!

A lot of people find that kittens who are exposed to only one person from a young age may imprint on just the one person however a kitten who is surrounded by a variety of people and several other pets may grow up to be more aloof and independent.

How do you know your Maine Coon Cat Chose you?

There are several different behaviours to look out for to see if your Maine coon cat chose you as their new mommy or daddy!

Some of these behaviours are obvious and some are more subtle but if your cat does any of these behaviours around you then well done, you may have just got yourself a friend and companion for life.

Look out for these behaviours

  • They treat you like a fellow feline
  • They rub their body against yours
  • They follow you around wherever you go in the home
  • They decide to sleep next to you
  • They give you a kitty kiss or a slow blink while looking at you
  • They knead their paws on you
  • They meow around you in a content way
  • They roll onto their back and expose their belly to you
  • They give you a soft and playful love bite
  • They touch your face with their paw

How do I win my Maine Coons affection so they get Attached to me?

There are several ways in which you can win the affection of your Maine coon cat!

You want to first make sure that you are the one feeding them.

I have heard people say to me before that cats know where their bread is buttered and to an extent this is true. If you are the one providing their nourishment then you are certainly going to win their affection.

Also, you want to spend time grooming your cat.

Grooming time is bonding time!

Grooming time is bonding time with my little fur babies and they love it. Keeping up appearances is very important to cats and if you can assist with that then you will win their little heart.

Overall though it’s important to spend time with your cat.

Spend time playing with them, training them and just relaxing with them and petting them and make sure you nourish that lifelong bond.

Key Takeaways: Do Maine coons get attached to their owners?

  • Maine coons are big friendly giants and can get very attached to their owners
  • Generally, they are loyal to the whole family but can imprint on one person
  • Early socialisation can play a big part in how attached your Maine coon gets to you and your family
  • Nurture the bond you have with your cat

As always take care of yourself and your little furbabies!

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