Are Maine Coons Vocal Cats? (Poll and research)

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When deciding if the Maine coon is the right pet for you and your family one common question I often get asked is if Maine coon cats are vocal? Do they meow a lot? and what type of vocalisations do they make?

I have studied feline behaviour for several years and have spent extensive time learning about the Maine coon and have used my knowledge with this breed to answer your question.

As a general rule, Maine coon cats are a very vocal breed who make a variety of different high-pitched and short sounds such as trills, chirps and chatters. They may meow from time to time especially if they want to get your attention or there is something wrong, but this behaviour is not common.

Later in this post, I give you some real poll results from the cat experts! You guys!

I also look at why Maine coons are so talkative, what noises they make and their meanings and I’ll also give you some tips on helping calm down any excessive noise.

So keep reading my fellow crazy Maine coon lovers to learn more!

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Are Maine Coon Cats Vocal? – (Including poll results)

There is no doubt about it, Maine coons are a vocal breed. Now when I say they are vocal most people associate a cat with the common Meow sound or even the yowling or caterwauling we hear outside at night!

God that caterwauling sound haunts me to this day! I remember back to when I was young and I would spend the night thinking that it was a baby crying outside.

Maine coons are not vocal in the same way that some breeds are such as the Siamese. Maine coons tend to be quite high pitched and quiet with their vocalisations. It is really hard to not fall in love with how cute they sound at times.

Some breeds can be annoying especially with loud long meows constantly all day, this shouldn’t be an issue with your Maine coon at all.

It’s quite funny to watch two or more Maine coons together, they say that cats don’t communicate with language but I am sure that when Maine coons get together they are trilling, chirping and chattering in their unique language.

Let’s now have a look at the Facebook poll I made, I have put this into a handy graph for you to see!

I don’t know about you but I always like to get some real data from people who know what they are talking about. It’s better than believing what you read in blind faith!

Maine coon is vocal when they want something My Maine coon is vocal most of the dayMy Maine coon is quiet
The above poll asks if Maine coon cats are vocal

As you can see from looking at the above poll most Maine coons are vocal when they need something whether that be food, attention or playtime.

24% of Maine coons are vocal most of the day so this just goes to show that they are far from silent. It’s a good job that their vocalisations are generally quiet because with nearly a quarter of all Maine coons chatting all day you would get fed up of hearing them talk!

Surprisingly 7% said that their Maine coon was quiet most of the time. Such a small percentage of people!

Here’s what one of the owners said

”Two of my cats are vocal at feed time, all three are vocal when playing. One of them is vocal when he can’t find me”


Why Are Maine Coons So Talkative?

To discover why Maine coons are so talkative let’s have a look at their personality. Maine coons are famous for being known as the dogs of the cat world.

In what ways are they like dogs?

They are very gentle, soft loving pets and they are also very sociable too. A Maine coon who is looked after well and has all its essential needs met will grow to be a great family pet. They get excited easily and they love to play. I believe this is why they are so talkative, vocalisations are a way for your Maine coon to express their emotions of curiosity, excitement and intrigue.

Maine coons make amazing family pets

Most vocalisations are a sign of happiness and contentment in your Maine coon and nothing to worry about and this is why they are so talkative, they are happy chappies!

Some of their vocalisations will mean they want to get your attention such as when they want to feed or just when they want a bit of attention and love.

It’s common for Maine coons to talk all day long and they use their little soft voices to communicate with you. You may find them chirping and trilling when new pets or people come around to the home or to greet you when you come back from work.

So as you can see they act just like a puppy!

What Noises Do Maine Coons Make?

As we have already discussed Maine coons can be chatterboxes!

Some of the noises they make can be the occasional meow. They trill, chirp and chatter! They may yowl at times and they may squeak.

They may also hiss and growl especially if they feel their territory is being invaded!

Listen to ”Sean Coonery” below to get familiar with the sounds a Maine coon makes!

Wait but what the hell is a chirp, trill and chatter? How do I tell the difference between these vocalisations and what do they mean?

What do Maine Coon Noises Mean?

Chirp, Trill and Chirup!

This is one of the most common noises your Maine coon will make. It’s that high pitched rolling ”R” sound that cats make.

A chirp, trill and chirrup is the same group of noises and is used as a greeting, to get your attention and sometimes to let you know they want something.

This is the primary vocalisation of a Maine coon and it means that they are happy and content (Why wouldn’t they be with an owner like you who spoils them with love?)

To learn more about chirping and chirrups then take a look at this post I made which covers the subject in more detail! – Click the link to take a look!


The first time I heard chattering I wondered what the hell was going on!

You will often see your Maine coon chattering when they are observing birds outside the window. It’s almost like a quiet cackle! It’s quieter than a trill or chirp with no rising intonation and their jaw vibrates and shakes.

According to Wikipedia, it can be an imitation of when they lock their teeth into a prey’s neck to paralyse them. Whoever thought our big friendly Maine coons could have such thoughts! Remember they are friendly but they are still hunters!

Some say they are imitating the sound of their prey and that chattering can be the excitement and frustration of not being able to get to or reach their prey.

The classic meow!

Maine coons are not cats that meow all day. Meow is a form of communication reserved just for humans.

Unless your cat is a kitten still they generally don’t meow at each other.

A kitten will meow at their mother to let her know they are cold or they want to feed. They often carry this behaviour through to adulthood and learn quickly that when they want our attention, all they need to do is do a cute meow and we will respond to their needs.

Meowing can mean they want food, they want attention, they want to be let in or out of the home and sometimes they can meow at you when they have had enough of you petting them.

Meowing frequently is not as common in Maine coons as other breeds.


Warning! I am not happy! Angry cat alert!

When your Maine coon hisses they are often in a state of fear and feel intimidated by a person or another cat.

It’s a good idea to listen to their warning and back off for a while until they calm down. They may hiss due to pain, to being overstimulated when they have had enough of you petting them and to warn off other cats.

With a friendly Maine coon it’s not common for them to hiss frequently unless they feel their territory is in danger!

There are other reasons why your Maine coon may hiss at you and some of them are surprising! Take a look at another post in this series called ”Do Maine Coons Hiss?” to learn more!

Howling / Yowling /Caterwauling!

That dreaded sound! Often heard at night!

Is it a baby crying? Is it a demon wandering around waiting to possess someone?

No, it’s your Maine coon just being a cat!

This is what I look like at night time when I yowl!

This sound can be quite distressing to listen to but what does it mean?

It is common with cats that are in heat and trying to find a potential mate. It is also common with cats that are in pain and can also be an indication of dementia in your cat, especially if they are elderly.

To find out more about why your cat howls at night and what you can do to help curb this behaviour check out another cool post I made as part of this series ” Why does my cat howl at night”

Let us not forget the Purr!

The Purr is the best noise your cat can make and most of the time it can mean your cat is happy and content.

It is the sign of utter peace and tranquillity in your Maine coon hence why they tend to purr when you are petting them.

Occasionally a purr can be a nervous or anxious one but this is rare and the best way to tell if it’s a pleasure or a ”Worry Purr” is to check your cat’s body language. Are their ears pinned back and does their body seem tense?

When you get to know your Maine coon you will be able to sense their mood from looking into their eyes. The eyes truly are the windows to the soul.

Why Do Maine Coons Meow So Much? What can I do about it?

Meowing constantly shouldn’t be part of your Maine coons day to day life.

Yeah, it is normal for them to vocalise with trills and chirrups for a big portion of the day and we can’t explain why some cats are more vocal than others. We, humans, are the same, some are generally quiet and some just won’t shut the hell up! (We all know those people right?)

What about when your Maine coon is constantly meowing to the point where it is making you feel stressed and worried? Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why they over-vocalise in a bit more detail.

Is your Maine coon a mixed breed?

Some breeds are just more vocal than others. Oriental cat breeds such as the Siamese are super vocal? Is there a chance that your cat may be mixed with one of these breeds?

If so then this could be the reason.

Is your Maine coon old?

I have touched on this a little earlier in this post but cognitive illness can happen in cats and is quite common. If your Maine coon is suddenly meowing a lot then this could be the reason why, so always get this checked with a vet. There are a growing number of treatments and medications that can help with cognitive disease in cats.

Never give in to attention-seeking

I know it’s easier said than done but if your cat is constantly meowing then please do not give in by petting them or by giving them treats because you may not realise but you are rewarding this behaviour.

You are training them that every time they meow you are going to get the treats out. Instead, reward them when they are quiet. Reward good behaviour at all times and ignore bad behaviour.

Visit the vets because your Maine coon may be in pain

If the meowing is sudden and not usual behaviour for your cat then they may be in discomfort or pain.

Cats are good at hiding pain up to a certain point and eventually, they will let you know so don’t miss the warning signs.

Help I need a mate!

If your Maine coon is intact then they will have a need and sexual urge to reproduce. Females will cry, yowl and meow to attract a potential mate and so will males. So the simple solution is to get them neutered/spayed especially if you don’t want kittens!

Changes to the environment

Maine coons like all breeds of feline are creatures of habit.

Any change in routines such as the arrival of a new baby, a new home or a new partner moving in could all cause your cat to over-vocalise.

To combat this make sure that they have all their familiar toys, more litterboxes and that they have enough territory of their own. Cats don’t like to share with other cats or people, they sometimes need their own space and make sure with any new changes that you introduce these changes slowly and over time.

I am bored so I will meow to let you know about it!

When cats spend a lot of time indoors they can get bored so make sure that you play with your cat frequently.

Maine coons are a very playful and intelligent breed and need regular stimulation throughout the day. To help your cats keep to a tight routine, schedule playtime at the same time each day for 10-15 minutes a time.

Never forget the importance of playtime!

Make sure they have plenty of toys in between play sessions and also remember that cats can hunt and play in their mind so check out the numerous Cat T.V videos on youtube! (Thank me later). It’s also a good idea to attach a bird feeder onto your window and make sure that cats can get to and see out the windows to observe life outdoors.

Food puzzles are another way to keep your inquisitive Maine coon happy and to stimulate them mentally and physically in between interactive play sessions.

The Best Cat Products to Help Keep Chatty Cats Quiet!

So we have established that boredom and stress can play a big part in why your Maine coon may be over-vocalising. So let us have a look at some recommended products that may help!

Check out this toy/puzzle feeder all in one! I recommend this one for your Maine coon to prevent boredom and to give them hours of fun! – Check it out on Amazon by clicking here!

Ever heard of pheromones? They are cat hormones that signal calm, peace and relaxation in your Maine coon and these plugins give off synthetic cat hormones that signal to your cat its time to chill out! – Check the price on Amazon here!

Final words: Are Maine Coon Cats Vocal?

I hope this post has helped you understand more about Maine coons and played a part in helping you decide if this breed is the right one for you and your family.

They can be vocal but are not over the top with it. They are truly an amazing feline and I must admit one of my favourite breeds.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Maine coon or some of the other popular cat breeds then please navigate to my menu from my homepage. I have 100’s of articles about cats in general and also plenty of breed-specific posts for you to read.

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As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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