Do Male Maine Coons Get Along With Each Other?

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When deciding on which sex of Maine Coon you should share your life with, you are bound to have many questions. Do two male Maine Coon cats get along well together? Will two male Maine coons be friendly to each other or will they fight?

I have used my knowledge and experience with the Maine coon breed to answer your question!

As a general rule, two male Maine coon cats will get along just fine. Maine coons regardless of sex, are very laid back, sociable and friendly, and get along well with other cats. Females generally take a little longer to trust strangers, but two males will be perfect together.

Later in this post, we explore the male Maine coons personality in a little more detail and we look at how to introduce them to each other in the correct way to reduce any territorial tension.

So keep reading my fellow crazy cat lovers to learn more!

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Do Male Maine Coons Get Along?

Maine coons are known to be one of the friendliest cat breeds and that is one of the many reasons why they are now so popular!

They are loved all over the world for their sociable and friendly personalities. They are often called the dogs of the cat world because a lot of their characteristics and traits are very similar to loyal dogs.

They will follow you around, they will greet you at the door when you come home, they are intelligent and they love to play with humans and their fellow cats and dogs. They are very loyal to their owners and build a very strong bond with the whole family.

Two male Maine coons should get along like a house on fire as long as the introduction is executed correctly

You can’t just bring home another cat and expect them to get along from the get-go! When they get used to the presence of each other you can expect two male Maine coons to develop a strong bond with each other and they will keep each other company while you are out.

The thing with Maine coons is that they thrive on social interaction so if you are away from home for hours on end they may become bored and lonely. Two Male Maine coons are likely to spend the day chirping and chatting away with each other, playing and watching birds out the window.

Will Two Male Maine Coon Cats Fight?

Generally two male Maine coons should not fight with each other however, this all depends on if you decide to get them neutered.

Un-neutered male cats may fight more especially as they mature. All cats regardless of the breed are territorial animals, cats need their own space that they can claim as theirs.

If they feel like they don’t have space and are forced to share things then you may have a fight on your hands.

I need plenty of my own space otherwise I will get angry!

Un-neutered males express more territorial behaviour so you may see this happening more frequently.

If both cats are neutered then the chances of them fighting aggressively will reduce drastically. You may still see the odd catfight now and again but let’s face it when two humans live together they don’t get along all of the time and cats are no different.

Fortunately, a Maine coons placid temperament means that fighting is normally the last thing on their mind.

The only thing I will say is that Male Maine coons tend to bond strongly with one person whereas a female Maine coon is more prone to bonding with the whole family so if you introduce a new cat into an already established home with a male Maine coon they may get jealous if they feel like you are not spending the same amount of time with them, so just be wary of this!

Do Maine Coons Do Better In Pairs?

Maine coons are perfect in pairs!

Some breeds are more aloof but the Male Maine coon tends to be friendly with everyone. They are less wary of strangers than females so are normally very confident. I would say they do much better in pairs especially if you are out of the house all day working.

If you are a family or work from home then yes it’s fine to have one just the one Maine coon as long as you spend enough time making sure that you engage in regular playtime with them.

A bored cat can easily become a destructive cat and the last thing you want to do is get home from work after a long day to find your sofa has been destroyed or plant pots have been knocked off tables!

How To Introduce Two Male Maine Coons?

Cat introductions are so important and making sure you introduce them correctly is essential!

If you were to just bring home a new cat and place them straight in front of your Maine coon then all hell is likely to break loose.

Your cat will see the new feline as an invader and someone who is coming to take over their territory and there is bound to be hissing, growling and a full-on catfight right in front of you. This is natural as your Maine coon is protecting you, the family and their food source from possible invasion.

Let’s have a look at a quick step by step guide on how to introduce your two Male Maine Coons

Prepare separate space for both cats This part is super important, you must have a room where
both cats can have their own separate space each room
must have its essential items such as litter box, toys,
scratching post and everything your cat needs. You will be
keeping your cats in separate rooms for at least 3 days so
make sure they are as comfortable as possible.
Spend equal time with both cats Make sure that both cats don’t feel left out in any way.
Especially your new cat who will be getting used to its
new environment.
Introduce through scent When introducing your two cats it’s important for them to
get used to each other’s scent so allow them to smell each
other through the closed door and swap toys and blankets
so they can get used to each other’s scent and become familiar
with it.
Be patient with scent introductions Patience is key to introducing your cats to each other.
Don’t rush this part!
Introduce visually This next part can be executed in several ways, you want
your two cats to see each other without being able to get to
each other. You could use a plastic screen that separates
them both and place it on the door or you could use wire
mesh. Be creative and find ways to allow them to see
each other without physical contact.
The introduction Once they have seen each other and got used to each other’s scent then it’s time to introduce SLOWLY! Place one cat in
a cat carrier and bring them into the room with the other cat.
It’s normal for there to be some hissing and growling at first.
Make these introductions short at first and gradually increase
the time they see each other.
Introduce without restraintWhen you feel comfortable that they are seeing each other in
the cat carrier and they are not hissing as much now is the time
to introduce them and allow them to have contact.
Monitor the situation at all times and don’t be afraid to go
back a few steps especially if there is violence or fights.
Again patience is key!
The above table shows how to introduce cats correctly

If you follow the above guidelines with care and patience your two male Maine coons will be friends in no time!

Let them define their new territory and watch their bond grow slowly over time and remember to give both cats the love and attention they deserve.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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