How Playful Is A Maine Coon? (Their favourite toys)

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If you are thinking of sharing your life with a Maine coon you are bound to have lots of questions such as ”How playful is a Maine coon?” and What toys do Maine Coons like to play with?

I have studied cats for most of my life and their unique behaviour fascinates and astounds me to this day. I have used my extensive knowledge of this breed to answer your question.

As a general rule, the Maine Coon is a very playful breed of cat. Being naturally intelligent and curious means that they love to play, jump and climb throughout their day and without enough stimulation in their environment, they can easily get bored or depressed.

Now we know that Maine coons love to play let’s take a look in a bit more detail at their inquisitive and playful nature and answer some related questions and discuss how long they like to play for and more importantly what toys they adore!

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Do Maine Coons Like to Play?

Some breeds of cats are very aloof and they like to do their own thing and if this is what you are looking for from a pet then maybe the Maine coon is not for you.

The Maine coons personality is very much like a dog, they are super friendly, loyal and loving but they also need regular playtime, especially the boy cats. The female loves to play also but the Male is said to demand slightly more attention.

Maine coons love to play several different games such as learning tricks, playing with feather wand toys and they love chasing and playing with laser toys. There are so many ways you can ensure that your Maine coon is entertained and we will look at some of those ways later in this post so stay tuned for that!

Maine coons often stay playful throughout their entire lives, even when elderly it’s common for your Maine coon to still be active and want regular play.

They retain their kitten or should I say puppy-like tendencies until they reach a ripe old age!

Their need to hunt is also strong so in your play sessions with them, it’s important to replicate this behaviour. The Maine coon is an excellent mouser and they need to stalk, play and hunt their prey just like they would in the wild!

They are very friendly with other pets such as fellow cats and dogs which means that when you are not around they will spend a lot of their day playing with other animals within the home.

Do you have children? Well if you do then your Maine coon will spend hours playing with your children too and don’t worry Maine coons are patient, gentle giants and are intelligent enough to know not to play too rough with a child as long as the child isn’t teasing them.

When it comes to strangers they may be a little wary of them at first but will soon want to be the centre of attention and come out to play!

So I think you get the picture now! Maine coons LOVE to play!

How Much Playtime Does A Maine Coon Need?

Maine coons need a slightly above average amount of time to play so it’s important to schedule playtime accordingly.

You will learn to know your cats and when they need stimulation so you should be aiming for 2 or 3 interactive play sessions a day. I like to incorporate play sessions into my cat’s routine so they know when to expect them.

One of my cats jumps onto his cat tree and starts dancing around and that’s my signal then to get the toys out, he knows to expect the toys about 10 minutes after dinner time. When I try to play with him just before dinnertime as advised by some cat experts I find that he doesn’t want to interact for too long as he is too focused on wanting food.

Your Maine coon may be different so work out a time that’s good for you both and stick to it.

Check out the video below on Youtube that shows how patient, playful and loving this breed is! (Super cute)

A play session could involve you being active with your cats and allowing them to stalk and chase a wand toy or it could involve you laying on the sofa watching Netflix and using a laser pen toy.

However you choose to play with your Maine coon keep the play sessions to around 5-15 minutes a time, I find this ample time to use up some of the play energy.

If I don’t dedicate some time to my cats they start to play fight with each other or run around like crazy and end up knocking things off my table! The last thing you want is that special vase your family member bought you to be in pieces on the floor.

Are Maine Coons More Playful Than Dogs?

I would say the Maine coon is just as playful as a dog. If you are a fan of canines then you will be a fan of the Maine coon.

The female does tend to act a little more cat-like and can be a bit more aloof especially when she first gets to know you. She doesn’t give her trust away so easily but the male Maine coon will want lots of attention.

If you don’t give him the play he requires he will let you know about it. The Male loves to be the centre of attention.

The female will be playful but it is on her terms. When she gets comfortable around you she can be just as playful as the male.

How Do I Keep My Maine Coon Entertained?

There are numerous ways we can keep our Maine coon cats entertained. There is interactive play and non-interactive play.

Some ideas for non-interactive play are –

  • Attaching a bird feeder to your window to attract wildlife
  • Switching on youtube and searching ”Cat TV” (Thank me later)
  • Getting a fishtank (Please make sure the lid is secure)
  • Hiding treats around the home so your cat needs to search for them
  • Getting a food puzzle for your Maine coon
  • Buying wall mounted cat furniture to encourage climbing

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Next up we have interactive toys!

These come in a wide variety of different shape sizes and features. Interactive toys are great for exercise and stimulation.

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Final words: Are Maine Coon Cats Playful?

Maine coon cats are super playful and now you know what some of their favourite toys are too! I hope this post has played a part in helping you decide if the Maine coon is the right breed for you and your family.

It’s important that when deciding to share your life with a cat they are the right fit for you. I have lots of articles on my site about the Maine coon and also other popular breeds of cat and my article count is growing by the day.

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Happy researching crazy cat people!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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