Ragdoll Cats: 21 Interesting Questions People ask

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Welcome crazy cat people

The ragdoll cat, a beautiful friendly breed and a very popular one at that!

They are popular for several reasons and it’s normal for a new ragdoll owner to have several questions related to this super cute breed!

So this post is designed to answer some questions which are not always answered on the web but they are questions that some owners may ask and so they need answering by someone out there

Please navigate this post easily by using the table of contents seen below. It is designed to allow you to skip to the answers you need to know.

Do Ragdoll cats sleep a lot?

Ragdoll cats tend to sleep on average between 13 and 16 hours a day, kittens and elderly cats may require more sleep, sometimes up to 20 hours a day. Cats do the majority of their sleeping in the daytime and are generally more active at night.

That is a hell of a long time asleep! So if you spot your ragdoll cat being lazy then don’t worry it’s perfectly normal for them to sleep the day away!

How lucky are they, I’ve always said that if I am reincarnated I want to come back as a pampered housecat! Ideally a ragdoll.

Are Ragdoll cats cuddly?

In general ragdoll cats are very cuddly pets if not one of the most cuddly breeds of cats. Their laid back, attention-demanding personality means they love cuddles. As their name suggests when they are handled they often go floppy, limp and completely relaxed.

Ragdoll by name, ragdoll by nature!

Do Ragdoll cats get bored?

Ragdoll cats can get very bored if left alone for long periods of time. They are very loving pets and rely on regular interaction from humans and/or other pets. A bored ragdoll may appear lazy, so encouraging your cat to play frequently is very important for their health and wellbeing.

All cats love to play and if your cat is an indoor cat then they need even more stimulation to replicate their natural hunting instincts and to get much-needed exercise.

I wrote a whole blog post called 13 ways to keep your cat happy and entertained with some super cool tips and tricks, you have to give it a read!

Are male ragdolls more affectionate?

In general, all ragdoll cats are affectionate regardless of sex. Male ragdolls tend to seek more attention so can be more demanding. They can also be quite stubborn so may be very vocal until given the attention they crave. Whereas the female can be more independent but again equally affectionate.

We must bear in mind that these are general characteristics and your cat could be completely different but yes the male ragdoll cat can be more demanding for your affection than the female.

Some say that the male shows more of a friendly and easy-going character but regardless of whether you have a male or female ragdoll I am sure you will get a lot of affection and fun with this super cool breed!

When do ragdoll cats shed?

Ragdoll cats tend to shed seasonally, which tends to happen in spring when they let go of their winter coat to prepare for the warmer summer months ahead. They don’t have much of an undercoat so may shed less than other long-haired breeds.

It is still advisable to groom your cat frequently, in fact in my blog article ”Are ragdoll cats easy to take care of?” I dedicated a whole section to grooming tips for this breed.

So springtime is the time when you will see more hair on your carpets and clothes but this is part and parcel of being a cat owner!

If you don’t like cat hairs then consider a hairless breed of cat such as the Sphynx!

When do ragdoll cats go into heat?

Female Ragdoll cats tend to come into heat every 3 to 7 weeks from the end of January to November and can conceive anytime while they are in heat. The first reproductive cycle in cats can begin as early as 6 months old when they reach puberty.

What is the best age to get a Ragdoll kitten?

In general, a ragdoll kitten should be adopted after the age of 12 weeks old. Taking a kitten from its mother too early may lead to stress and separation anxiety. A kitten must also be weened properly from the queen and learn to socialise with other kittens before being adopted.

Some people fear that if their kitten is not adopted early enough that they may not bond with them but this is simply not true.

Look at how many stray cats are taken in and end up forming a super-strong bond with their owners.

Please make sure your kitten is kept with the queen for the full twelve weeks or longer to avoid any problems further down the line.

Why do ragdoll cats meow so much?

Ragdoll cats tend to be a very intelligent breed and they will meow to get their owners attention. Ragdolls will meow to signal hunger, to say hello to their owners and when they are scared or in pain. You will learn over time what your cat’s vocalisations mean as you begin to understand them more.

Again we must remember that ragdolls cats can be needy and attention-seeking with their owner and because of this they may at times be more vocal and chatty than other breeds.

Being vocal is normal for some cats but if there is a sudden change to their behaviour or they meow excessively then it is always a good idea to see a vet so you can rule out any health problems.

A cat’s meow is a way of communicating with humans, kittens will meow to their mother but as they mature will only meow to humans and not other cats.

It is their way of letting us know they want something!

Are ragdoll cats easy to train?

In general, ragdoll cats are super intelligent breeds very similar to dogs in terms of their personality. Most owners find it easy to train ragdolls to use the litter tray, to perform tricks and play fetch. Just remember it is always easier to train a kitten than an adult cat.

Some people say that ragdolls are too independent and are not easy to train but this seems to be a rare opinion.

However, we have to remember that all cats are individual and their personalities can be so different.

How do I keep my ragdoll cat happy?

  • Make sure you have the time to give them lots of attention.
  • Make sure they get lots of cuddles, they will demand cuddles whether you like it or not.
  • Buy a variety of toys especially if your ragdoll is a kitten. They will have a lot of energy and can get bored easily if they don’t have enough toys to keep them stimulated.
  • Consider getting another pet, ragdolls get along easily with other cats and also friendly dog breeds.
  • Make sure to groom them at least a couple of times a week to get rid of excess hair.
  • Visit the vets for checkups, ragdolls can be prone to breed-specific ailments such as kidney and bladder issues.
  • Some say to keep ragdolls indoors as they are not very streetwise cats and are not very defensive so may be easily attacked by other animals.

Can ragdoll cats be left alone?

Ragdoll Cats can be left alone if needed but make sure this is no longer than 24 hours. Make sure when you go away that they are left indoors due to their vulnerable nature. Ragdoll cats are very social and often clingy and rely on the companionship of other pets and humans more than some other breeds.

When it comes to independence ragdolls are less independent than other breeds and they need a lot of attention so it really is not a good idea for them to spend a lot of time alone while you are away.

I spent some time reading through some forums online to find out what other owners said and most owners said that their cats were okay for a normal workday but they could tell their cats missed them when they returned home.

Imagine how they would feel if you were gone for days at a time?

You may wish to get another cat so your ragdoll is not alone but first of all, make sure you consider the cost of owning another cat and make sure this is something you can afford before adopting another furbaby!

I did some research and found out the average monthly and annual cost of owning a cat, you can read my article here. A very good article that contains all the things you need to consider before adopting more cats.

Are ragdoll cats friendly with other cats?

In general, ragdoll cats get along really well with other cats and having a companion for your ragdoll is a very good idea to prevent loneliness. Ragdolls rarely scratch, bite or hiss and are less confrontational than some breeds so make a perfect companion for another cat with a similar temperament.

They are a lot less territorial than other cats and are so laid back so if you want a breed that is easy to introduce to other cats then a ragdoll is your breed!

Do ragdolls like to be held?

In general, ragdoll cats enjoy being held and this is where their name originates. They are known for becoming that relaxed when they are held that their body becomes limp and floppy just like a ragdoll. They are super friendly and tolerant so the whole family can enjoy cuddling the ragdoll cat or kitten.

Do ragdoll cats need a lot of attention?

Ragdoll cats need a lot of attention, some say that male ragdolls crave even more attention than females. They are very dependant on humans for companionship and don’t like to be left alone, they are gentle and loving and just enjoy lots of care and cuddles making them a perfect family pet.

So make sure you give them all the attention they deserve and expect them to want to be cuddled up next to you on the sofa and even on your pillow at night.

Are ragdoll cats easy to take care of?

In general ragdoll cats need an average level of care. They do require grooming but have no undercoat so shed less than other long-haired breeds. They demand attention so need regular play and companionship and dislike being alone. They may also require more food due to their large body size.

I would say that if you have lots of free time to spend with a ragdoll to give them the love they crave and deserve then they may be the right breed for you.

They get along with children and other pets and because of this, they are easy to take care of as long as you don’t mind them following you everywhere.

One more thing, they hate closed doors too! So make sure you are comfortable with them laying in bed with you at night!

Why are ragdoll cats so popular?

Ragdoll cats are one of the most popular breeds due to their gentle, affectionate personality, beautiful looks, their semi long-haired coat and intense blue eyes. Their laid back nature makes them great family pets. Statistically, they were the most popular breed in the USA in 2019 and 2020.

The ragdoll cat wins time and time again as one of the most popular breeds for families and also for single people who seek companionship from these loving chirpy breeds!

Do ragdolls need haircuts?

Ragdoll cats do have a semi long-haired coat but do not require hair cuts. However, some owners do decide to visit the groomers for a regular cut but this really isn’t needed. As long as you brush their hair twice weekly to remove any tangles and to prevent matting you shouldn’t need to pay for a haircut.

So I would say to just invest in a good brush to reduce the hair build-up, the main reason you want to do this is to prevent excessive grooming in your ragdoll which can lead to hairballs.

We all know where hairballs then end up, on the carpet!

Some owners I know do shave their ragdoll cats at the groomers but I think this takes away the natural beauty of the breed.

They really do suit a long luscious coat.

Just make sure that you start grooming your cat early on in their life to make sure they get used to it and learn to enjoy the experience. A grooming session can be a great bonding time between you and your cat.

Why does my ragdoll cat follow me everywhere?

In general ragdoll cats tend to follow their owners around a lot. They are a breed that is known for showing dog-like behaviour. They are also very affectionate and heavily rely on human companionship. Excessive clinginess may be a sign that they are bored or you are not spending enough time with them.

It is just in their nature to do this, when owning a ragdoll you will have to get used to them being under your feet as you walk, on your pillow at night and demanding regular attention especially when you are reading a book or laying on the sofa to watch TV.

They tend to follow their owners around a lot because they genuinely love you, they seek so much attention at times and they just love being around humans especially if they have developed a bond with you.

If this becomes too much then you need to make sure that they are not bored, although they love toys and play they seek human attention more and this is something you need to consider before bringing home a ragdoll.

Even though they are very laid back and placid in nature they are also protective of their domain and owners which may be another reason they follow you around everywhere.

They need to know you are safe, how cute!

I wrote a post called ”Can cats become obsessed with their owners”. In the post, I go into detail about how to know if a cat loves you, some reasons why they may get too clingy and ways to deal with this behaviour if it becomes a problem.

Why does my ragdoll cat bite?

It is very rare for a ragdoll cat to bite for no reason. There may often be underlying behavioural or physical health problems with a ragdoll that bites, so seeking veterinary advice is always recommended. The cat could be in pain, but they may have just had enough attention and need some time alone.

As we already know the ragdoll is one of the most placid cats you can get, so when they do bite this can be alarming for the owner and rightly so.

We need to make sure the cat is not ill and is not in pain. Cats have the ability to hide their pain well and if you stroke over an area that is painful they may retaliate and this should always signal a trip to the vets to find the underlying cause.

One thing you must make sure you do not do is to teach your cat from a young age that the hand is something to play with and what I mean by this is never running your hand over the sofa or any other surface and allowing them to chase it and bite as this behaviour may be carried over into adulthood.

It is then very hard to teach an old cat new tricks! Teach them from a kitten that biting the hand in play is not acceptable!

Another common reason for hand biting when stroking is that your cat may have simply had enough attention for one day. I used to live in a house with a cat called missy and boy was she a little Miss!

She would regularly let you know when she had enough attention for one day with a warning bite on the hand!

Another reason for a soft bite that doesn’t hurt is it could just be a little love bite and cats will sometimes do this to let you know that they like you, so if this is the case don’t misinterpret this behaviour and end up telling your cat off.

My ragdoll cat is always hungry

Ragdoll cats are a large breed with male adults sometimes weighing 20+ pounds so they eat a lot more than other smaller breeds. If your ragdoll is a kitten they may appear to be hungry all day as they go through their natural growth phase but overeating can sometimes signal boredom or even pregnancy.

Be prepared to buy a lot of food when you own a Ragdoll cat.

It is natural for bigger breeds to need more nutrients to sustain their larger frame so this is normal. They may also just have a naturally fast metabolism.

Always monitor your cat for weight gain though and reduce the amount of food depending on the cat’s size.

In some cases, it can signal pregnancy but also parasites in the gut so always make sure you de-worm your cat especially if they go outdoors.

I wrote a fantastic resource on cat food in my blog article where I go into detail on the best type of food for cats, the three different feeding methods with a poll to find out which method most cat owners use. Check my post out to find out more!

Are ragdoll cats rare?

Ragdoll cats can be rare to find, this is due to the high demand for this popular and family-friendly breed because of the rarity of this breed they can be quite expensive to buy from breeders. They are popular due to their laid back, placid and friendly nature. In the USA they are the most popular cat breed.

It all depends on the area of the world you live in as to whether you will find it easy to get a ragdoll.

You may find it easier to get a mixed breed ragdoll but some people do seek out the pedigree show cats. They can be found so you must be patient.

Owning a ragdoll is worth the patience if you have the time and dedication to caring for them and giving them all the attention they need.

So I hope my post has answered all your questions and you learned something new today.

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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