7 Reasons Why Cats are so Funny: (Fancy a Laugh?)

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

Cats can be so funny at times, they can literally keep us humans entertained and amused for hours!

If you already own a cat then you will know just how humorous they can be. Some people think cats are all serious and moody but this couldn’t be far enough from the truth! Some of their behaviours are almost guaranteed to cause a serious belly laugh in even the most serious of humans!

Below we examine some reasons your cat is GUARANTEED to make you laugh out loud!

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1) Cats are funny because they pull weird faces

Cats are known for pulling some strange faces at times. They can be very expressive and you can learn to read their body language so well.

Have you ever seen your cat smell something and then pull that hilariously funny face where they have a look of disgust with the mouth partially open and upper lip pulled up?

Surely you know the one I mean!

My little girl Isis pulled that face a few days ago when she had a sniff of Lenny’s bottom and I was screaming with laughter! She looked absolutely appalled!

It’s actually pretty normal and is called the Flehmen response. They have something called a Jacobson organ which is located on the roof of their mouth and when they pull this face they are drawing more of the scent in so they can better analyse the smell and any pheromones they detect!

It doesn’t take away the fact that this face is hilarious to most humans!

They can also pull some other strange faces and it’s always good to catch them on camera too!

Look at my big yawn!

2) Cats are funny because they run around like crazy

Ever seen your cat run from room to room like a possessed animal?

Sometimes I’m sat here and they will literally run into the bedroom, run back out, go under the bed and then jump right next to me on the sofa, scare the living daylights out of me and almost cause a coronary!

This can be for several reasons, mainly they are using up play energy but they are so funny when they do this! They’re so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them!

While we’re on the subject of play energy, I made a whole blog post with 13 interesting ways to keep your cat entertained for hours! It is worth a read especially if you are out most of the day!

Check out the hilarious youtube video below!

3) Cats like to hide in the most craziest of places

Ever spent a long time looking for your little furry feline friend and you just can’t find them anywhere?

Well, you are certainly not alone, it can cause panic but when we find them in the strangest of places it is more or less guaranteed to cause some serious belly laughs!

My little girl Isis is the worse for this!

I once woke up one morning with my partner at the time and we could hear scratching under the bed. We then realised the offending noise was coming from inside the bed!

To my absolute horror, I opened the divan base and there she was the little rascal! She had been in the divan base draw all night long!

I was relieved to find her but also felt bad that she had been there all night but it still caused some serious laughing afterwards!

It is very common to find cats hiding in wardrobes, cupboards and some of the strangest places!

”She had been hiding in the divan base all night long”

4) Cats fall and then act like nothing happened

We have to admit that we all secretly laugh when someone falls as long as they haven’t seriously hurt themselves! I think it’s just human nature.

Cats are true ladies and gentlemen in the way they act so gracefully after a little stumble!

Sometimes you can be feeding them on a high surface and they might slip, other times they can be on their cat tree minding their own business and they fall!

Our first reaction is to run over and make sure they are okay but 9 times out of 10 they get back up, brush themselves off and pretend that nothing happened!

They might be annoyed with you for laughing at them but like good little girls and boys, they won’t show you straightway until you walk past them later and they give you a little swipe with their claws!

5) Cats run around like crazy after using the litter box

Ever seen your little feline friend give themselves a little shake and run away really fast after using the litter tray?

It can be so funny to watch because it looks like they are so disgusted and deeply appalled by the smell they just produced that they need to get away as fast as possible!

This one has made me laugh way more than it should of!

There are reasons why they do this and according to this article by rover.com, it can be due to the vagus nerve being stimulated causing a drop in heart rate and blood pressure causing a decrease of blood flow to the brain! So your cat gets a little head rush!

This explains it all!

In laymen’s terms, they got a rush from doing a poopie! LOL

6) Cats are predictable and sometimes unpredictable

Cats behaviour can often be predictable, most cats will follow you to the bathroom and enjoy watching you shower and do your ”business”, they will be waiting like clockwork to alert you to their feeding time and they can be so routined in all that they do!

On the other hand, they can be very unpredictable which can take you by surprise sometimes!

You bring home a new toy and to your horror, they are petrified of it, they don’t know if to attack it or to run and hide away until the offending toy stops doing what it is programmed to do!

They may turn over and it may look like they want a belly rub.

When dogs do this you know what they want but when a cat does this you either get that loving look or you get clawed!

Should I claw that silly human or let them tickle me today!

7) Cats love cardboard boxes more than toys

You spend all that hard-earned cash on your little feline friend and you are more excited than them for the arrival of the toy.

Sound familiar?

We have all been there as cats owners but to our horror, they are not in the slightest bit interested and they much prefer the large cardboard box that the toy arrived in!

How very ungrateful!

We still end up cutting holes in the cardboard box for them and converting it into a little cat house that is then used for their bed, hiding place and scratching post!

You then realise you wasted all your money on a cat bed they don’t use!

In the end, though you have to laugh, cats can be so funny! 🙂

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