11 Reasons Why Ragdoll Cats Make Good House Pets

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Welcome crazy cat people

The ragdoll cat is one of my personal favourite breeds, they are super beautiful and have the most amazing and funny personalities.

They make amazing house pets for the whole family and below we will look at the reasons why.

1) Ragdoll cats are super friendly cats

Ragdoll cats are well known for being a super friendly breed of cat compared to some other breeds. They are very laid back and very gentle.

They are perfect for families due to their submissive loving nature, it is easy to form a long-lasting bond with a ragdoll cat and they really do fall in love with their owners.

Aggression in a cat is definitely not something you need to worry about when you share your home with a ragdoll!

If your ragdoll does happen to act aggressively then there is definitely a reason for this and you can read more about how to deal with this on my blog post here.

2) Ragdolls love to be around people

Ragdolls are a very sociable breed and they absolutely love human company.

Sometimes you can get certain breeds of cats that are very much independent and like to be left alone apart from when they need food and for the occasional cuddle. They just appear to not need much human interaction and like their own space.

If this is what you are looking for in a cat then a ragdoll maybe not be the breed for you.

The ragdoll cat demands attention frequently and this is because they love people. They will follow you around the home wherever you go, even to the bathroom.

No, they are not stalking you, they just want to be in your company 24/7 because they love you.

3) Ragdoll cats are very good with children

Ragdoll cats have a naturally laid back and friendly personality so they are generally very good with children.

They are a patient breed of cat who do very well in a family home and are great pets for first-time cat owners. They are big love bugs and enjoy cuddles and thrive on the attention that a child will give to them.

You must make sure that your child knows how to treat a cat before introducing your ragdoll to them because you need to make sure that your cat is not abused in any way by a child who is not old enough to know how to treat them properly.

Ragdolls are a submissive breed of cat but as with any animal if your child pulls their tail and bullies them they may react with a scratch or a bite.

It is a good idea at first to always supervise your child with your cat while they get to know each other to make sure that they respect each other.

The first-ever post that I made for this blog goes into detail about how to safely introduce a cat to a new baby as this can sometimes be a worry for some pet owners, you shouldn’t have much to worry about with a ragdoll but this post contains simple steps to make the transition and change of routine easy for all of you.

A child with a ragdoll cat – video from flower baby ragdolls on Youtube

4) Ragdoll cats love to play

Ragdoll cats LOVE to play.

They are a large breed of cat but will rarely scratch or bite during play and this makes them perfect for children to play with compared to other breeds.

Ragdolls are very much kitten-like when they engage in play and some owners on various forums have said that their ragdolls even play fetch with them just like a puppy.

How cute!

Their natural curiosity and their love of humans means that they will engage in play with you any time of day!

If you are out of the house regularly then it’s important to make sure they can keep themselves entertained. I wrote a whole article with 13 fun ways to keep your cat entertained while you are out with some super cool tips! Take a read of my blog post here!

5) Ragdoll cats are beautiful and have bright blue eyes

If you want a beautiful and handsome looking cat then you will find it hard to find a breed as beautiful as a ragdoll!

They are semi long-haired and the traditional pure breed ragdoll cat will have a lighter body and darker face, ears, tail and legs.

A ragdoll with the pointed breed characteristics.

Pure breed ragdolls will also have bright blue eyes but mixed breed ragdoll eyes will vary in colour. They really are a super beautiful breed of cat as pictured above.

6) Ragdoll cats get along easily with other cats

Ragdolls are a very easy-going breed of cat whether that be humans or other animals. So unlike some other independent breeds, they rely on regular contact to make them feel happy and fulfilled.

So it is a good idea if you are not home all the time to get another cat so they can develop a close companionship and keep each other company while you are away.

One thing you need to make sure is if you are introducing a new ragdoll to a house with an already established cat is to do this slowly.

It is normal for your cat to feel threatened at first when you introduce a new cat regardless of breed.

So this needs to be done very slowly and if you do this correctly then all should be okay especially with a ragdoll who generally has a laid back and less territorial personality than other breeds.

You may wish to read this blog article by ragdolllove.com to find out more about correctly introducing your ragdoll!

7) Ragdoll cats are less territorial than other breeds

As you can imagine with ragdolls they are a lot less territorial than other breeds.

This does not mean that they are not territorial at all because that is not true but their laid back, gentle nature means they will avoid confrontation if they can.

This depends on if they have been spayed/neutered especially in male cats, so if your cat is not spayed then you may wish to consider this if they are not going to be mating.

Generally, though this breed is not as territorial as other breeds which makes them again another easier option for a first-time cat owner and for someone who wants to eventually introduce other cats into the household.

8) Ragdoll cats get along with dogs

I think if you have read the previous points then you will already know now just how easy-going the ragdoll is.

Of course, they get along with dogs, I looked through some forums online and most people said that their ragdolls got along just fine with cats.

When I do my research for my posts I always like to look at real examples rather than just copying other peoples work as it gives a true reflection of real-life circumstances.

One lady said that her ragdoll and jack Russel got along just fine, the jack Russel thought the ragdoll was his toy at first and started to play a little rough until the ragdoll gave him a swipe across the nose.

Cats and dogs will work out their pecking order but generally, ragdolls will accept a dog just fine and will often be seen playing together in harmony. Again we need to ask ourselves the question, Will my dog be okay with my ragdoll? Is the breed of the dog the type who will get along with cats?

I just had to insert this cuteness right here – a Youtube video by Rex and Sky in the city!

9) Ragdoll cats are a very affectionate breed

One thing that makes the ragdoll cat stand out more than anything is how affectionate they are! They demand attention and affection and would be really suited to an owner who can give them the affection they deserve.

They enjoy being carried and will often follow you around the house everywhere you go!

So if you’re looking for a cat who will enjoy cuddles, will let you pick them up and will want to curl up next to you on the bed at night time then a ragdoll cat is a breed you want to go for!

They truly are one of the cuddliest cats!

10) Ragdoll cats go limp when you pick them up

Where do you think their name comes from?

Ragdoll by name, ragdoll by nature!

When you pick a ragdoll up they will often go very floppy and limp with all their muscles relaxing. A true reflection of just how laid back, gentle and happy this cat can be!

The flippy floppy cat!

11) Ragdoll cats tend to form a close bond with one person

The ragdoll is very friendly with anyone but they will often pick one person who plays with them the most and who tends to their individual needs.

They may like your voice or the way you stroke them but they will pick you and once they have picked you then they will follow you everywhere.

A super loyal and loving breed to the core!

They do need more attention than the average domestic cat and if they pick you they will want you to be a big part of their life and they will certainly let it known. They can be very clingy!

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