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The Siamese is one of the most loving breeds of cats and you may be wondering if Siamese cats get attached to their owners?

I did a little research and used my knowledge of this breed to answer your questions.

As a general rule, Siamese cats get very attached to their owners. This breed of cat thrives on human companionship and requires a lot more attention than other breeds, so are perfect for someone who spends a lot of time at home. They are great pets and can develop a really close bond with the family.

Below I also answer some other common questions on the subject such as ”Do Siamese cats love their owners?” and we also look at why your cat will become your new shadow and follow you around everywhere you go.

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Do Siamese cats get attached to one person?

This is a common trait of many cats and yes the Siamese is no exception. It’s quite normal for your Siamese to develop an attachment to one person in the household.

When your Siamese pick their favourite person they will show extreme levels of dedication to them. This breed is not only very affectionate but they are also protective too and they will want to love you and protect you just as much as you do for them.

This is not true in all cases as cats do have individual personalities and you may get a cat who bonds with the whole household but generally, they do pick a favourite.

When a Siamese picks you, you will know about it. They are far from the aloof and distant stereotypical cat who is independent and wants to be alone. They will demand a lot from you and want lots of cuddles, play and just lots of attention in general.

When doing my research for this topic I came across numerous forums where people were frustrated that they had chosen to share their life with a Siamese cat, one person, in particular, became very jealous and quite upset when the Siamese cat favoured her partner more than her.

” She started favoring my partner and follows her around the house like a puppy! She kneads my partners head at night and purrs then lays across her neck to go to sleep. I lay there watching this and can’t help but feel crushed about it and a bit jealous”

Why do cats get attached to one person?

The above example should give you an indication that Siamese cats don’t always choose the person who provides for them the most in the household.

You can do all you want to try to gain the favour of your Siamese cat and be their favourite. You can provide for them, clean their litter box and give them all the treats in the world and they may still pick your child or your partner over you. When they pick you they may come across as possessive but in truth, they just have a lot of love to give!

Cats will be cats!

I Love my human and she is all mine!

I suppose we can never truly answer this question but by dedicating time to bond with your cat by playing with them regularly and being at home frequently throughout the day you defiantly stand more of a chance of them picking you above anyone else.

If you want to find out some cool ways you can build that bond with your cat then you may want to take a look at this blog post I made which contains 13 ways you can win the trust of your cat.

If your Siamese does bond with someone else over you they may just prefer the scent and smell of that person so make sure you bathe regular 🙂 (Only Joking!)

What to do if your Siamese is too clingy?

It’s nice to share your life with an affectionate feline, we all love cuddles and affection and with a Siamese, this will be a daily part of your life but what if your cat becomes too clingy? Is there a reason why and what can you do about it?

Siamese cats are generally more clingy than other cats but when they become too clingy there may be a reason for it.

Some common reasons for clinginess in cats can be –

  • Boredom
  • Attention seeking
  • Feeling insecure
  • Needing to play

One of the main ways you can reduce clinginess is by making your home a haven for your cats. What I mean by this is providing lots of entertainment around the home for them. Firstly it’s important to have a wide variety of toys that they can play with. Variation is key when it comes to your cat’s toys, so it’s important to cycle the toys that are available to them every couple of days so they don’t get bored.

You can also put up some cat shelves around your home to keep your cat entertained and happy. Cats LOVE vertical space especially the Siamese cat who loves to jump and be up high to observe their territory.

You want something that looks great with your current furniture and something that can keep them entertained.

Check out this super cool set on amazon it is a wall-mounted cat shelf that leads to a hammock that your cat can sleep and play in.

If your cat has more space to explore and plenty of toys this should help reduce their constant need for attention! Even something as simple as making sure they can look out the window at what is going on outside can reduce their constant clinginess and what better way to do that than a hammock that sticks to your window for your cat to lay in!

Clinginess often stems from insecurity so one of the worse things you can do is to make them feel insecure by shouting and screaming at them or even worse punishing them as you may find that by doing this the clinginess increases even more.

Instead, give them a short amount of attention and give in to them. Often cats just need a little reassurance that you are still there for them and they are still your baby.

If they then begin to engage in anything destructive, never reward this behaviour with more attention as the last thing you want to do is learn them to associate this behaviour with getting the attention they crave.

”Ignore behaviors you want to discourage, while rewarding behaviors you want to encourage”

Do Siamese cats love their owners?

Some breeds of cats are aloof and independent but not the Siamese as you can probably already gather from previous sections of this post the Siamese cat has a massive amount of love to give back to their owners.

They have the biggest hearts and if you love them they will give so much love back in return for your time and companionship.

Here’s how to tell if your Siamese cat loves you –

  • He/She will follow you around everywhere (More on that later)
  • He/She will be very vocal towards you with a variety of chirps, meows and yowls. Siamese cats will talk all day long.
  • He/She will give you a slow blink which is often called a ‘Kitty kiss”
  • He/She will cuddle up next to you, they love cuddles and it’s a sure sign that they love you
  • He/She will lick you in the same way they would other members of their pack
  • He/She will not only want to play but will demand playtime from you
  • He/She will bring you little gifts which could be anything from a mouse or a frog from outdoors!

So if your Siamese shows you any of the above signs then you know she loves you and congratulations for winning their heart and building up a strong bond!

While we’re on the subject of love and cuddles you can read more here in my blog post about just how much Siamese cats love to cuddle!

Do Siamese cat miss their owners?

Siamese cats are people-orientated cats, so in general, they will miss you when you are not around. They become very attached and dependent on their owners and can experience separation anxiety if left alone for too long, which can cause them to feel lonely and even depressed.

It is never a good idea to leave any breed of cat alone for too long without human interaction. You should never leave them for more than 24 hours without someone coming in to check on them.

With a Siamese, even half a day may be too long so this breed is not suited for someone who may be travelling a lot and away from home all the time.

To find out more about separation anxiety and how this can affect your cat you may want to do some more research and also check out this post by the PDSA. According to this post, some signs to watch out for are urinating outside the litter box, being aggressive towards members of the household and over-grooming.

There are things you can do to enrich a cats environment such as providing lots of toys and wall-mounted shelves that they can jump onto while you are away. Getting a companion for your Siamese such as another cat or dog is also a good idea, siamese cats are super social animals and need companionship!

Do Siamese Cats follow you around?

The Siamese cat tends to follow its owner around wherever they go. This breed of cat is highly dependant on human interaction and affection. It is common for them to observe their owner wherever they go while still respecting their personal space.

Your cat loves you! They have chosen you so they will become your new shadow. They are naturally curious animals and they want a bit of the action wherever they go.

A picture of a light blue cats eye
Wherever you go I shall have my eye on you!

Being naturally protective is another reason your Siamese may follow you from room to room, they want to make sure you are safe in their domain. They may not want to be constantly on your lap but you may get that feeling someone is watching you and find your Siamese cat just staring at you.

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Key takeaways: Do Siamese cats get attached to their owners?

  • Siamese cats rely heavily on companionship so they will get attached to the people they live with.
  • It is common for your cat to choose one person in the household as their favourite and it may not be you!
  • If your Siamese is overly clingy then don’t punish this behaviour with shouting, it will make them more insecure.
  • Your Siamese cat will follow you around the home so be prepared to never use the bathroom in peace or be able to close a door on your cat.
  • Take a read at my post to discover 11 Guaranteed things Siamese cats love!

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies! 🙂

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