11 Guaranteed Things That Siamese Cats Like The Most!

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

Siamese cats are a truly special breed and one of my favourites!

They are super intelligent, playful and loving and here we discover what Siamese cats like the most for a happy Kitty household!

#1 They love attention and lots of it

One thing your Siamese cat likes a lot is constant attention and they are also not afraid to let you know when they want it.

If you are looking for an independent breed then the Siamese is most probably not for you. With a Siamese cat, it’s all about them but they do give as good as they get. If you shower your little baby girl or boy with lots of love they will happily give you just as much love in return.

But… Always remember with a Siamese that they are the star of the show and the new ruler of your home! 🙂


Siamese cats love regular playtime

The Siamese cat is a super energetic breed and they love to play. Some breeds of cats maybe a little more laid back and not require as much attention but with a Siamese cat, you will need to play with them a few times daily.

The toys that you choose need to be highly engaging and stimulating. With the toys that you use it’s important to stimulate their hunting instincts so think of predator/prey type games such as fishing pole toys, interactive laser toys and moving mice!

You can also fully enrich your home with cat furniture to make it more exciting for them.

Some really good cat furniture you can buy easily online includes –

Wall-mounted cat bridge

Wall-mounted climbing steps

Wall-mounted hammock (I love this one)

The world is your oyster when it comes to playing with and keeping your Siamese cat entertained! For some more tips and 13 ways you can keep your cat entertained, you have to take a look at this blog post I put together by clicking here!


They love problem solving

Siamese cats are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats so their intelligence will need to be exercised frequently!

They are naturally inquisitive and will want to get into every nook and cranny in the home. My little girl is half Siamese and she has these traits and I have found her in some unusual places such as in the divan base of my bed!

They love a good problem-solving puzzle and one of the best ways you can do that is with a food puzzle toy. These are good because not only do they enjoy the process of hunting the treat but it also keeps them mentally stimulated!

If you don’t have a food puzzle for your problem-solving Siamese then check out this cool, interactive one to keep your Kitty happy for hours!


They like to follow you everywhere you go

Expect the Siamese to follow you wherever you go around the home!

A trip to the toilet? Your cat will be there!

Laying on the sofa watching movies? She will be right by your side!

In bed with your significant other? If you don’t close the door, she will be there.

I will follow you wherever you go because I know you can’t resist looking at my little cute face!

Your cat will be your new shadow, she is very nosey and likes to see what you are up to at all times. You can close the door on her but she won’t be very happy with you and she will let you know about it.


Siamese love to jump and be in high places

Siamese cats are what we call tree dwellers, they like to have high places where they can jump to observe their territory and look at their servants below them!

When your cat is up high and has enough vertical space she will be happy. So it’s a good idea to arrange your home so she can get to where she needs to.

It can be as simple as putting a bookshelf next to a wardrobe so she can easily gain access or removing pots and pans from the top of your kitchen cupboards so she has space to laze around and observe. You can also invest in some cool wall-mounted cat furniture (See #2 above)


They are affectionate and want regular cuddles

They want all the attention and this includes your affection and cuddles. One of the reasons Siamese cats are so popular is their love for cuddles.

They want to snuggle up next to you and they want you to shower them with belly rubs, stroking and showing them that you love them and that they are the centre of your universe!

If you are sitting reading and doing something that doesn’t involve them then they will stare at you to get your attention until you rub your hands over their fur and reassure them that they are loved.


They like to talk with their owners all day long

You will find it very difficult to find a breed that likes to talk as much as the Siamese!

Some owners swear that they can hold a full conversation with their Siamese cat. They will let you know when they want to feed, they will let you know when they want cuddles and when they want to play and you will learn to understand what their meows mean as you get to know your pet.

They are a lot more interactive and demanding than some breeds but they are super cute at the same time. The video below might give you an idea of just how vocal they are, they love to chat!


Siamese cats like being groomed and brushed

She will love to be brushed and groomed and this can help to build a loving bond between you and your cat.

Siamese cats are naturally short-haired and don’t require as much grooming as some other breeds but it is good to give them a brush about once a week or maybe more, not only will they enjoy it but it will keep their coat super shiny and in good condition.


Siamese cats love being around other pets

The Siamese is a super social pet I would go as far as to say that they need and crave social contact from humans as well as other pets. If they are left alone for too long on their own you will know about it because they will become very unhappy and can even get depressed.

So it’s always good to have another pet around such as another cat or dog. I wrote a very informative blog post that goes into detail about finding a suitable companion for your cat and also how to introduce them in the correct way to stop any confrontation and fights, take a look here!


They love children and all the family

Siamese cats love everyone in the home including young children. They are an active, intelligent and emotional breed of cat and a young child will enjoy playing with your Siamese for hours and develop a close bond with the cat.

To read more about just how friendly Siamese cats are and to find out more about their amazing personalities take a read of this blog post when you get the time!

Siamese cats are very mischievous and so are young children so just imagine the fun they will have together!

We are Siamese if you please!

It is a good idea to make sure that your child knows how to behave with a cat, your child must know that they cant pull the cats tail or tease the cat in any way. Even though Siamese cats and kittens are patient and playful they may retaliate if they are teased.


These cats love to be trained and to do tricks

We already know just how intelligent Siamese cats are and this means that they love to learn tricks and can be easily trained.

It will still require some patience to train your Siamese but once you have spent the time it takes to train them they can learn how to play fetch, open doors, sit and even give you a high five! For best results, it is always recommended to train your Siamese from a young age.

They love to perform because it means they will be the centre of attention.

Take a look at my ”Ultimate guide to training your Siamese cat”

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As always take care of yourself and your little cute fur babies! 🙂

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