11 Reasons Why Your Siamese Cat Follows You Everywhere!

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Welcome, Crazy Cat People!

We are Siamese If you please! The Siamese cat is a beautiful intelligent breed but they are also known for being super affectionate, intelligent and they need lots of regular attention!

Why does my Siamese cat follow me around everywhere? Let’s look at some of those reasons below! Keep reading to find out more!

You look tasty so they are hunting you!

Ever come home from work or wake up in the morning to your Siamese kitten or cat following you around, taking a nibble of your ankle and playing with your feet?

Annoying isn’t it! – Did you know that the reason they are doing this is that they are planning on which way is best to stalk you and then eat you for their dinner?

Only joking!

A Siamese cat with a dark face and bright blue eyes, laid low in the grass ready to hunt and pounce.
Yum Yum, my human looks tasty today!

They may well be hunting you though, in a playful way especially if your cat doesn’t have a playmate that can help replicate these instinctual tendencies.

They may follow you around everywhere, pounce on you and by just moving around from room to room you are behaving like their prey. Don’t worry they know the difference between play and kill so you shouldn’t get eaten alive!

You are a surrogate parent for your Siamese

You are your cat’s new parent, when they were young they would follow their mother around everywhere. You are now the one who provides all their needs such as feeding, grooming, affection and play! They also followed their mother around because they felt safe!

Your cat views you like the new daddy or mommy so of course, they will want to follow you around wherever you go!

They are a super social breed and love humans

The Siamese cat is one of the most social breeds of cats you can find. They are highly reliant on human companionship and thrive on it! They are very friendly but can also be protective with their owners and they tend to bond with one person in a household.

So if they have chosen you as their favourite expect to be followed wherever you go!

Following you around everywhere is okay but if it starts to pose a problem and they become a bit too possessive some things can be done about it, read more about this here in one of my other blog posts!

They want to play and be entertained

Your Siamese cat loves to play, the siamese cat is highly active and won’t be happy with a measly 5-minute play session now and again!

This is something you need to consider when taking on board this breed. So it’s important to engage in active playtime regularly, by following you around they may be trying to give you a nudge to get the toys out and that they are bored!

If you want to find out about some really interesting ways you can keep your cat happy, entertained and less bored read my super helpful post “13 ways to keep your cat entertained for hours” if you don’t read it now then at least bookmark it for future use!

It’s also a good idea to create plenty of vertical space for your cat to keep them entertained, cats love to observe their territory and look down on their servants below!

They are the kings and queens of the castle and by being up high they feel safe and empowered.

Something as simple as this 4 in one wall-mounted set will do and it’s super easy to assemble!

They like to patrol their territory

Siamese cats are super territorial as are most cats in general. They are protective of their space and everything that they own, it is just an instinct that most cats have.

Siamese cat laid down on a basket with its paws in front of him observing his territory
I may look like I’m doing nothing but I am watching you wherever you go! Your lucky I let you live in my space, I hope you know that human!

So one of the reasons they may be following you around is to patrol their domain and because you are part of the territory and luckily enough to be allowed to stay inside their humble abode they will follow you to protect you and to make sure no harm comes to you!

How cute is that!

They may be in pain or sick

This one is always something to be mindful of especially if your cat has become overly clingy and their behaviour changes out of the blue.

If your cat is following you around everywhere all of a sudden and is behaving differently it is always a good idea to do a routine check-up at the vets to rule out any health problems. Cats can’t let us know they are suffering and many cats suffer in silence because of this so it’s important to look out for any subtle signs!

Following you around could be one of those signs!

If you suspect your cat is sick or experiencing discomfort then please take a look at this article by battersea.org to find out more about what to look out for.

Separation anxiety after a break away from you

Siamese cats rely heavily on the championship of their humans! So they are suited to someone willing to spend a lot of time with them ideally someone who works from home or has family at home frequently throughout the day.

They are not a breed who will suit well being left in the house for hours at a time with no interaction or stimulation.

If your cat is following you around everywhere since you have returned home then it could be a sign that your cat was distressed while you were away and she missed you dearly, so it’s time to remind her that you still love her.

As well as following you around everywhere it’s quite common for her to be moody at first when you get home. To combat this it’s a good idea for your Siamese to have a companion, I wrote a whole article about Siamese cats and why a companion is a good idea for them, its worth a read and will give you lots to consider before you decide to take on board another pet!

Cats are very routine animals

Have you noticed just how routine your cat is?

Everything is a routine to them, they know when it’s time to be fed when it’s time to play and even when grooming time is.

So following you around is also part of their routine, they will happily follow you from room to room because they have adapted to know when you go about your daily routine too!

Cats need a routine to feel safe and confident in their territory, so don’t be alarmed when they follow you around, it’s just a habit, they are nosey little creatures!

They are hungry and know Its mealtime

If your cat is following you around the home they may be hungry. With mealtimes, it’s important to get cats into a routine so they know when to expect their food, cats thrive on routine and if you stick to a regular schedule then your Siamese will know when dinner is served which should reduce the need to follow you everywhere for snacks all the time.

I really can’t stress the importance of regular mealtimes for your Siamese but sometimes life can throw up situations where we just can’t feed them at their usual time, maybe you need to do some overtime, maybe you need to take a long 24-hour business trip or you may just fancy laying in bed.

This is where an automatic feeder comes in so handy, check out the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, it can feed your cats up to 4 times a day, the cool thing about it is that you can record a voice message for your pet before the machine dispenses food! A must-have for any cat owner with a busy schedule.

A sudden or major change in the home

This relates to the last point we covered about cats and routine. Your Siamese cat is super routined and very territorial and they get used to what is familiar.

Any sudden change of routine such as a new addition to the household such as a partner or introducing a baby into a home with cats can cause your cat to become stressed if the introductions are not done correctly and slowly.

Even swapping around furniture in their territory can cause stress and if you have made any big changes then this may be one of the reasons your Siamese is following you around the home. You are their security blanket and they come to you in times of need and distress.

Re-assure them with lots of cuddles and attention and remember to use pheromone Feliway products for your cats to help reduce feline stress.

Curiosity killed the cat

We have all heard the phrase before and your Siamese is a very curious cat, mix that with their high levels of intelligence and you have one clever kitty cat!

Your cat is ultra curious so they want to know what you are up to at all times.

A lot of cat owners wonder why their cat follows them to the toilet all the time? It’s a room that they never normally go to so it’s normally out of reach which will make them even more curious to find out what you’re doing in there.

With a Siamese cat, you have your own new person shadow and personal bodyguard that will follow you everywhere and this type of behaviour is completely normal!

By the way, If you are interested in training your Siamese cat to do some super cool tricks? Check out my ‘‘Ultimate guide to training your Siamese cat”

As always take care of yourself and your little fur babies!

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